Monday, March 16, 2009

Kids are Great

Marque has a couple of awesome kiddo's. It was finally nice out this weekend so on sunday we took them park hoping, and to a St. Patrick's day parade. Marque and I sipped Guinness while sitting on the curb and the kids gathered up the candy being thrown. Probably the most random thing I've ever seen during a parade was when in with the firetrucks was a bread truck. An Italian Bread truck at that, we made a few jokes and then as it went past there were people handing out loafs of bread... Yup. It was cool, who doesn't need bread. But at the same time WTF? Who gives out loafs of italian bread at a St. Patrick's Day parade? I'd tell you that it was good bread at least except I gave to to the friend who's house we were sitting in front of. His hungover ass had gotten us folding chairs and stuff and it seemed like the nice thing to do.

I must admit that dating a mom, even a MILF, isn't exactly my ideal situation. It does make things far more complicated, it means that she need to take a lot more into account before things get serious. It means that she doesn't have much free time, it means that sometimes she wants to be the big spoon with one of her kids, instead of being my little spoon. Ya know what else it means?

I can go down the slide at the park without people thinking I'm weird. Awesome! I have no idea how long it's been since I've just been on a swing. I'm just a big kid and probably had more fun at the park than I should have. I was disappointed at my old school. While I was there we build a great wooden playground and they've really let it fall apart. One of the cooler things was gone, probably because some kid got hurt. Other stuff needed to be repaired. I guess they thought it was a better move to buy a new plastic playground and put it up on a different part of the school than to do some maintenance on the one that a lot of community member put a lot of effort into. I still have a minor scar from building that playground. Oh well. One thing that was interesting was under the modern playground they had shredded tires instead of stones or wood chips. Makes for a soft landing, does smell a bit though and I bet it's a lot worse when it's hot out.

Anyway we all had a blast. Like I said at the start of this she wants to take things slowly which I totally understand and respect, even if it sucks. But I was happy when she mentioned that one of her daughters referred to me as her boyfriend. So I asked if her daughter was right? "Probably" she said. Yeah I know thats not much to get excited about, but we haven't used that terminology yet and I'm a simple bastard. And I like her a lot. It was a great weekend and I'm looking forward to a summer full of many more weekends like it.

Oh almost forgot, we built a leprechaun trap for her older daughter. It was supposed to be a family project and it had to have at least one moving part, it is a trap after all. So my job was to take care of function and I'd let them worry about aesthetics. I made a very simple little trap and everyone was very excited that it actually worked. I think I also showed a little of my McGuiver when I realized we didn't have a drill, but it was a shitty little craft box so I just "drilled" the wood with a very small screwdriver. Then I realized the wire wasn't stiff enough and so I wanted a tube for it to run through. I took an old ball point pen, clipped off part of the ink tube, cleaned it out and viola! the trap worked. I thought it was pretty resourceful. I also thought it was cool because it was a family project and I was asked to help. I just got a text from her telling me they re-painted it and it looks great. Ugh, now I gotta go do some homework.

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