Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Fuck Yo Captcha!

Ok I'm getting sick and tired of the fucked up Captcha on blogger. Hey I write a quick little post now lets publish, ok well i doesn't matter what I type the first time because it fails the first time no matter what, been that way for a while now. So I try it again, I can barely decipher what it says because unlike some other's that use multiple colors and slashes to confuse computers but help people, google had the bright idea, how about we just squish the fucking letters together so close that no one real or not has more than a wild ass guess as to what the squiggles are. Great fucking plan. then I tried again. And again. Then I got more pissed, then I tried again. I think it was somewhere around the 6th attempt before I happened to get lucky. I wonder how many tries this one will take, I also wonder if it might not be worth moving to a new domain?


Anonymous said...

I hear you.

I always wonder why people don't just migrate to which is not only better looking, but free software and gives nice community features as well

Kilgore Trout said...

Truth be told I have used Wordpress and I did like it. I just don't feel like possibly losing the few readers I have by moving. Also I'm lazy, and I'm not sure which is more effort the stupid shit on blogger, or the move.