Thursday, August 25, 2005


I was sent an e-mail about the lack of media coverage for the genocide in Dafur. It was interesting seeing that the murder of several hundred thousand people took a back seat to the runaway bride on every channel except CNN. then i looked into it a little deeper as i kept wondering where is Dafur, ive never even heard of that country . Then i find out its Sudan and they have been in civil war for 40 years of the 50 years the the country has existed. while this is news worthy stuff I can totaly understand why it doesnt get a lot of coverage. Its hard to keep it interesting when its just a war that we are not involved in and has no end in sight. I feel for the people there but i dont know enough about it to have any real commentary on the things going on there. But if the nation is that divided then maybe it just needs to be two countries? I dont like defending the "news" outlets but in this case I can understand their reasoning. But I can say that if we claim we want to be liberators and all that BS then why arent we trying to help end this war? oh thats right theres no money to be made there.

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