Friday, December 30, 2005

Happy New Year

I probably wont have a chance to post tomarrow or tonight so ill say it now. Hope everyone has a wild and crazy time try to avoid getting arrested, I just wish everyone an evening that they dont remeber in the silghtest but tell stories about for years.

most outragous comments of 05

These would be hilarious if they werent real, aw hell some of them are still funny. But some people dont laugh they just nod, and that scares me.
I like media matters, there a pretty good site, my only comlaint is that they spend to much time on Fox, we all know fox or Faux News is crap. I can understand that i could be several peoples full time jobs shoveling the bull shit that Bill O'Reilly spits out. But im more interested in how the "liberal" media is doing you know the rest of the MSM. I still laugh when I hear about the liberal media. when was the last time I heard the media scream for an end to the war or an impeachment or universal health care or a living wage or an end to the saipan disaster or helping AIDS victims in africa or the crushing poverty around the world. these are liberal social agendas, and Ive almost never heard any of them discussed seriously in the MSM. Ive heard plenty about the estate tax and how brutally unfair it is for the 1.3% of people in this country who have multimillion dollar estates they are willing to their children. Thats just cruel why should they pay taxes twice on their million dollar homes just so some poor slob in the city can feed her child, or maybe even give an education to a minority! sorry i got a little ahead of myself with that part about a minority getting a decent public education in this country. Seems to me the only real concerns of the conservatives are Abortion, Taxes and Gay marriage. I would think that if the conservatives were so amped up about "protecting the sanctity of marriage" then they would boycott any tv station that would air who wants to marry a millionaire, they would never listen to Rush "3rd marriage so far" Limbaugh, but the conservatives dont care about protecting marriage they just think that men beingwith men is Icky. they just dont like it. women with women never seems to bother people as much, hmm I wonder why that is... Thats fine your entitled to your opinion, you dont like gays thats fine go and sulk and bitch about the guy who cuts your hair thats fine. But thats not how the government is supposed to work, I hold the government to higher standards than that. Theres more id like to write but i dont have time. peace

Thursday, December 29, 2005

battle for christmas is over... till next year...

I think the whole war on Christmas came about because the Bill O'Reilly's of the world couldn’t come up with a way to put a positive spin on all of the scandals with the administration so they simply took to attacking the left and the ACLU saying that they were going to destroy Christmas. Of course if my goal was to destroy Christmas I’m quite sure I wouldn’t do it be defending freedom of religion, as the ACLU has. No I think if I really wanted to religion in this country I would claim myself as a religious man an then constantly spout off hate speeches about any one different than myself. I would say things about how all natural disasters were gods vengeance against sinners. By completely misconstruing the teaching of Jesus, I believe it was Jesus who said hate the sin love the sinner but maybe Pat Robertson has never read that part of the bible. That's to make religion sound extremely angry and hate filled then I might be able to turn enough people away from religion, Christianity in this case, to destroy Christmas. Yeah if that were my goal I think that’s the way I would try to do it... hate speech in the name of god yeah that would probably piss off enough people that you might start to destroy Christmas. Make Christians look so bad that no one would want to admit to being one. Use a lot of black and white options, you’re for us or against us that works great to divide people, so if you can divide the people into Christians vs. not Christians then make the Christians look evil and hate filled then that would be a great way to try to destroy Christmas. And if you can be ironic and get the people who want to support Christmas to be the soldiers who are actually do the greatest damage to Christmas then you get style points for that.

This was originaly just a comment i was leaving on a site I just found,
but I liked the comment so I thought id post it.

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

the onions top ten list
holy shit this is funny, whats bad is this is obviously ment to be very sarcastic and yet its not far off of a conversation ive had before, well ok only the part about forget the doctors i can feel it in my heart.
god damn, this is good stuff


Yippy, another reader.

someone actually read my site! And actually the person was from spain, so I can say I have an international audience, and they left me a comment in spanish, and even came back after I responded to their comment. of course my comment was that I dont speak spanish so i dont know what their comment said. they responded to that in english that clearly was not their first language but hey i figured out what they were saying, and as I said in the comment, their english wasnt great but it was a whole lot better than my spanish. I know Cerveza, amigo, hola, and that if your bartering you just keep saying to much in english and shake your head till they lower the price. your still getting ripped off by their standards but its cheap as hell by our standards so everyone usually wins. It took some of us a while to get used to bartering with people who were clearly far below any level of poverty known to the US, oh this was when I was in gueatemala. so any way it was akward trying to haggle for a lower price withj someone who might make a couple dollars a day to feed their entire family. Padre, another spanish word i know, told us that this was a common feeling for americans there but to haggle with them, its tradition there, and as long as your not in a hurry, its fun. he points out that they arent stupid, they are never going to sell to you without making a profit and they are always going to try to rip you off as we clearly were americans so just go for it try to haggle as best you can. his other point was we were probably all going to spend all the money we brought so if you haggled them down then you spread that same money to more families. and you got more crap to take home, which is something all americans love.
Oh speaking of gueatemala I talked to the minister of my church and asked if they were going down again and he said no the youth group is going to New Orleans to help there but that there are a few people interested in going on their own. so I may join up with that group. ok gtg peace


A perfect example of a first amendment violation. A student at a university who is also an air force veteran stood several feet in front of a recruiting table at a job fair with a sign on chest saying, "Recruiters Lie, Don't Be Deceived." He was told he needed a permit to be at the job fair, he said I’m just standing here as a student at my own university, I don’t need a permit. So he was arrested for exercising his freedom of speech, which is a felony in the United States of Bush. The university is conducting an investigation and may drop the charges. Obviously the ACLU has stood up to defend the student. There was the start of a clash between the anti-war Air Force vet and a Marine that had just gotten back from Iraq. I want to make an insulting comment about the intelligence of the flyboys vs. the jarheads, but that would be rude. And I’m not a big fan of insulting people who are trained to inflict pain without remorse. The battle is not over, the tides are turning. Its like a Rocky movie, we've been getting beatin on by the big russian guy of a few rounds, he seems not even human, when finially the under dog starts wearing him down and the hostile crowd swings cause of the undeniable heart of Rocky. Its been a long fight but were not down yet, and the big russian is starting to wobble, he hasn't hit the mat yet but hes hurting. We still need to land the big right hook to drop him for good, we may need to wait till the 2006 elections to take the congress back before we can get a ten count. I have not yet begun to fight.

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

...and to all a good night

Merry Christmas everybody, Happy Hanukkah to my Jewish friends, Happy Kwansaa to everybody whos ceribrates that, and joyous weekend to the Muslims, Buddists, Hindu, Tao, Atheists and anybody else who didnt have a holiday last weekend. I hope you all had a great weekend wether you were celebrating with family or simply relaxing alone. If you were alone then I feel bad for you because one thing I have always been blessed with was a great family, both sides of the family are actually fun to hang out with. I cannot imagine what it would be like to spend Christmas without multiple family gatherings to go to. Sure the fam can be a pain in the ass at times but usually due to lack of communication, too often being my own damn fault. My big sis got me a cool Andy Warhal print, framed and everything. Its the Marilyn Monroe one that im sure you've seen, Ill be honest and say that I probably never would have picked it in a million years as something I would want, But thats what makes christmas fun. That sounded wrong, I really like it and part of what I like is that it doesnt really fit my style. of course currently nothing at my apartment really fits my style cause its hand-me-downs from all over the family, once again great to have family. The Warhol is somewhat fitting in that I like the Misfits and they were big Monroe fans thats why they are the Misfits, that was the name of her last movie, its also why they dis-like the kennedys, they blame JFK for her death. Its easy to be a grouch about christmas, but I for one am not going to try to be the cool guy, I'll admit it, I like christmas. And honestly my favorite part really is just seeing all of my relatives. I've got a fairly large family, nothing rediculous but probably larger than average, But whats cool is that they all get along and we had every aunt and uncle and all the cousin except for one who had to go to see the soon to be in-laws. On the other side we had everybody but one cousin who lives in South Carolina and an Aunt and Uncle who are in Cali. My Aunt comes home about once a year but usually in the summer, she hates the cold which is part of why she left New York in the first place so why come back in the winter? seems logical enought for me. Oh I read a great book one night this weekend, I had bought a few books with the intention of giving a couple to my cousin ( gift exchange) and which ever I didnt give I would keep. So i figured I give him the new Kurt Vonnegut book, Man Without a Country, but I thought id read a few pages and see if I wanted to buy it for myself. well I ended up reading the entire book in a few hours, its quite short only about 150 pages. It was nothing like his other writings, it was not a novel. Which is why I couldnt find it in the book store, I was looking in with his other books and this one was more accuratly place in the current events section. The book is basicly an Old man telling his feelings about the direction that this country is heading, and by the fact that it is called man without a country should tell you that he's not happy. He may have gone a little far in parts to get his point across, like repeatedly saying that the worlds oil supply is about to run out which isnt quite true. But the important factor is that if we dont change our ways it will, and fairly soon. Im not going to get into a full review of the book because I dont have time and I read it very quickly and very late at night. I will probably buy it again for myself but at least now I can wait a little while before I do.
On a sad note, a friend of mine that I may have mentioned before... or maybe Ive written abut 3 or 4 posts about her, may have called her my dream girl once or twice, had moved to colorado for the winter to be a Ski instructor, she had only been working for about 3 weeks when she had an accident on the slopes and broke her leg. From what I hear broke it quite badly in several places, her father flew out to see her. I havent tried to call yet but I will, i was told buy a friend of hers that they had not been able to reach her and then I had family obligations but I will probably give her a call this afternoon. Im sure she will be ok but my heart goes out to her.
Get well lil' muffin.
Oh well i suppose I can mention other lovely ladies I saw recently. There was an old friend from school who I have probably loved at some level for oh 15 years now. Shes just a sweetheart, gorgous smart funny all of those things to but just the most sincerly nice person that I may have ever known. to be honest I think she would be a better dream girl than the one I call my dream, but of course she lives in boston now, and she introduced me to her boyfriend who came down from boston for christmas so it must be fairly serious. oh well another beautiful woman lost.
One more, the cousins went out to the bar after the family christmas party and this cute girl walks in and I instantly recognize her but cant figure out who she is for the life of me. finially i figure out that i was the photographer from my friends wedding. I had her number in my phone so i was able to get her name, I had gotten her number from my friend and not form her so i never called her. But we chated for a while and she seems like a really sweet girl. Has an increadible smile, so of course she then introduces me to her boyfriend. Damn.
Ok I did see one guy who had a sister that I was friends with when I was really little, the last time I saw her she was lookin pretty damn good and shes Irish which is always a plus in my book. I should have gotten her digits off of her brother, ive known the family long enough that there probably woulnd be anything odd about that. She lives in town and so there is at least some chance at that one. who knows...
Well Merry Christmas to all, christian or not.

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

from the Rude One

This comes from the Rude pundit who asked that this be sent around so Im posting it.
The Rude Pundit
Thats the link because when I pasted it here the bullet points didnt really follow.

The Loyal Citizen's Contract With the American Government:Considering the responses of Bill Kristol, the Wall Street Journal, and others to President Bush’s affirmation of warrantless domestic spying by the NSA, perhaps it’s time to separate the wheat from the chaff in this America. The Rude Pundit believes a new "contract" of sorts is needed between the government and the American people. Howzabout this:"I (the undersigned) believe President George W. Bush when he says that the United States of America is fighting a 'new kind of enemy' that requires 'new thinking' about how to wage war. Therefore, as a loyal citizen of President Bush’s United States, my signature below indicates my agreement to the following:"1. I believe wholeheartedly in the Patriot Act as initially passed by Congress in 2001, as well as the provisions of the Domestic Security Enhancement Act. Therefore, I grant the FBI access to:"a. my library records, so it may determine if I am reading material that might designate me an enemy of the nation;"b. my financial records, including credit reports, so it may determine if I am contributing monetarily to any governmentally proscribed activities or organizations;"c. my medical records, so it may determine if my prescriptions, injuries, or other conditions are indicative of terrorist activity on my part;"d. any and all other personal records including, but not limited to, my store purchases, my school records, my web browsing history, and anything else determined as a 'tangible thing' necessary to engage in a secret investigation of me."I agree that I do not need to be notified if my records have come under scrutiny by the FBI, and, furthermore, I agree that no warrant is needed for the FBI to engage in this examination of my personal records. Additionally, I agree that the FBI should be allowed to monitor any groups it believes may be linked to what it determines to be terrorist activity."2. I believe that the President of the United States has the power to mitigate any and all laws passed by the Congress and that he has such power granted to him by his status as Commander-in-Chief in the Constitution as well as the 2001 Authorization of Military Force, passed by the Congress, which states that the President can use 'all necessary and appropriate force' in prosecution of the war. Therefore, I grant the United States government the following powers:"a. that the National Security Agency, under the direction of the President, may tap my phone lines and intercept my e-mail without warrant or FISA oversight;"b. that the President may hold me or other detainees without access to the legal system for a period of time determined by the President or his agents;"c. that the President may authorize physical force against me or other individual detainees in order to gain intelligence and that he may define whether such physical force may be called 'torture':"d. that the President may set aside any and all laws he sees as hindering the gathering of intelligence and prevention of terrorist acts for a period as time determined by the President, including, but not limited to, rights to political protest."I agree that the Judicial and Legislative branch should be allowed no oversight of these activities, and that such oversight merely emboldens the terrorists. I also agree that virtually all of these activities may be conducted in complete secrecy and that revelation of these activities amount to treasonous behavior on the part of those who reveal these activities to the press and the citizenry."3. Finally, this document is my statement that I believe the President of the United States and the entire executive branch, as well as all departments and agencies involved, as well as all of its personnel, will treat these powers I have granted them with utmost respect. I believe that these powers will not be abused, nor will any of the information I have given them permission to examine be misinterpreted. However, should such abuse or misinterpretation occur, I agree that such actions are mere errors and no one should be subject to investigation, arrest, or employment action as a result."My consent freely given,"(Your signature)"C'mon, Michelle Malkin, Byron York, John Hinderaker, and all the rest of you good Bush lovers. Sign on up. Send it in to the White House. Let 'em know that you have nothing to hide. Or nothing you don't care about sharing.

yes this amuses me

I have nothing to add, id just like to thank who ever made this. I have a new found admiration for photoshop.

more raondom photos

I may have posted this before, but it is one of my favorites. the picture is made up of pictures of soldiers who have died in Iraq. I think its a pretty powerfull image myself. Id like to thank whoever made this, I only wish I knew who it was.


Call me simple but thats funny.
in case you cant see it the guy in the background is showing off his shirt that says fuck this shit. just sorta random obsenity. id prefer it if you knew what it was in reference to or if it had an actual measage to say but random obsenity is fun too.

Friday, December 16, 2005

books and bumperstickers
Cool site, have some good books and bumperstickers for sale. Not exactly subtle of tactful but maybe thats why I like it. Oh and once you see the site, youll be none to shcoked to find out that I found it off a link from The Rude Pundit. I like the rude one, real cool guy... I guess i mean guy as in person not male, cause to tell you the truth I dont remeber if the Rude One is a man or a woman. I was getting emails from t-shirt hell for a while before I realised that the main author is a woman.none of this matters im rambling.

I saw something the otherday that combined these two, it was a book of favorite bumperstickers. something like a bumpersticker never changed the world. Im pretty sure it was on buzzflash in there sale section. It looked interesting. there was only one I can remeber now it was,"of course it hurts, youre being fucked by an elephant" and theres the classic GOP elephant in the background.

I should also point out that see sharp press is into anarchy and music theory. Its just a funny combination, or at least its funny to me.

inteligent mice
they really are quite cleaver pan-dimensional beings

Injustice Index
just read it.

Wednesday, December 14, 2005


Holy Shit! NAMBLA is real! I thought they made that up on south park. In case you dont watch south park NAMBLA is the North American Man Boy Love Association. yup. More than slightly disturbing. I found out it was real two minutes ago when I saw an article about the ACLU defending NAMBLA in a lawsuit. My conservative buddy was bad mouthing the ACLU one day and I asked him if he even knew what it was. I simply described it as a group that will fight for the rights of anyone who has had their constitutional rights violated. They are second only to the government for most lawsuits filed every year. He of course had more of the O'Rielly view point but he just sorta said oh and left it at that. Im not sure why I brought that up but the ACLU is pretty cool. they really will defend anyone anywhere anytime, it seems. They are defending NAMBLA. now Im at work so I didnt even go to the homepage of nambla but there were a few related links so I assumed it wasnt a joke. And there was the ACLU site about deffending them. I have been sick and Im a little out of it maybe I missed some satire in there. heres the link
oh yeah also about the ACLU sorta, Bullshit O'Reilly did a little parody of 'twas the night before christmas' of course its about how the his right to put to a manger in his front yard is being attacked by the ACLU and crap, oh well i gotta go

Monday, December 12, 2005

new sites

Ok the first one here looks like an interesting/ funny look at the weird news that happens every week.
Theres a list of murders with the middle name of wayne. Its a surprisingly long list.

The second one is for a radio show that an old college buddy told me about. called coast to coast am. He had told me a while back about some government plan to switch all radio over to digital, not to big a deal other than that unless you own a new car you need to buy a converter if you want to listen to the radio. maybe this was ment to help boost sales of satelite radio, who knows. That part is a little annoying but really not that big a deal and ive heard other sources say is probably going to happen. Its theis next part that concerns me. Supposedly they then were going to broadcast white noise on all analog frequencies, to make it impossible to use any analog radio devices. so throw out your walkis talkies. Ok theres far more important things than the walkie talkies, even though they are fun. Frist off theres the Ham Radio guys, now this could make all of there rather expensive equipment worthless. But there is another issue with that. The Ham raidos are one of the last failsafes in the case of a major national emergency. For many years now the Ham radios have been ready in the case of a total communications failure (like phones going down, not the washinton type where no one listens). Now I havent been able to find anything else to be able to substanciate this and so I am far from calling it fact, but I am curious.
oh so heres the site already.

Friday, December 09, 2005


As much as I love vast stretches of nothing follow by inescrutable boredom I think I’m going to avoid Kansas. As much as I love a state the teaches religion in public schools and calls it science, this latest attack against diversity is pretty sad. A student in Kansas City was suspended for a day and a half for committing one hell of a crime, he was speaking in tongues about anarchy and murder, er wait no. A friend asked him for a dollar in Spanish and so he replied with "no problema." Now obviously you wouldn’t want to corrupt the minds of the other students with heresy like that. The school claimed it had warned him before not to speak Spanish in school. I bet their foreign language department sucks. They warned him not to speak Spanish in school, ok I can see being angry if he was talking during class, but then the fact that it was Spanish is mute, because it would still be a problem if it were English. Gotta love it when dead nuts center of the “great melting pot� is so afraid of diversity than they shun a student for speaking in the second most common language in the US. Ok after news of this got out in the area the school rescinded the punishment, but that doesn’t change the fact that they punished him in the first place.

I’d love to see Bill O’Reilly’s take on this one. He’d probably be made that they didn’t suspend him for longer. Although he’d only really go off the deep end if he found out that after they kicked the kid out they said happy holidays instead of merry Christmas.

Happy Holidays everybody!

I bet bill hates that happy christmahanakwansaka commercial, which personally I think is hilarious.

Thursday, December 08, 2005

more ID that isnt intelligent or well designed

Knees, they wear out, ask my dad.
Sinuses, they suck. ask anyone with allergies, including me. or my boss who just had his sinuses surgically removed.
Now here’s a big one.
The Birth Canal. Ok I don’t have one of these but I am probably more intimately aware of their shortcomings than most 23 year old guys. this is due to my job which deals with pregnancy and things of that nature. Ok so the big obvious downsides of the human birth canal. Ask any mother; it’s not large enough of the human skull to pass through easily. Our ass is too small and our head is too big. There was one person pointing out that there is a scale that can be used to figure the gestation period of any mammal but a human based on the size of the brain. Based on that the human should be pregnant for 11 months but then the head would be even larger and wouldn’t pass through the pelvis of the mother.
Another compelling argument is that if god created everything then he created cancer and AIDS smallpox and anthrax. So basically if you believe in intelligent design then you think god is a dick. And I personally wont sit around and let them bad mouth a god that I don’t believe in anyway. I may need to explain that a little better if god designed us 6000 years ago and gave us all these nice fun diseases to die from then he is a rather cruel and twisted individual. If you need more proof look at what smallpox does to a person, all I have to say there is as your skin falls off in sheets and a tube sock looking thing falls out of your ass which is the liner of your small intestine. That’s a pretty sick individual who designed that shit. If god designed this place then why did he make up the way he did? Is he just an asshole? Maybe god created life in the primordial swamps billions of years ago and just let it go to see what would happen. If there is a god then I think this was his intent. I'm going to use the term he for god cause’… well just cause. I think god was bored being omnipotent and alone so he made some friends one day the fundamentalist like to make you believe that he build GI Joes to play with, I think he built himself an ant farm. He created a world and threw a bunch of resources on it and then sparked life, then he just sat back and watched to see what would happen. I think he has a few different ant farms around the universe that he watches cause while there’s a lot going on, no one wants to watch the same channel all the time. So personally I don’t really think there’s a god but I there is one, then I think that’s how he did things. Maybe from time to time he shakes the ant farm just to fuck with ‘em, and maybe occasionally he reaches in and plays with one of the ants but basically I think he just sits back and takes it all in. just wondering what those crazy ants will do next. Playing with GI Joes you always know who’s going to win, but if you just let the ants go and do there own thing you never know what could happen, although usually they just dig tunnels and run around like mad all the time. So theres my take on the universe, am I right? Probably not. So it goes.

inteligent design, or not

one of my favorite arguments against intelligent design is that if we were designed then god would have failed out of any engineering school. We are not well designed creatures and this is apparent in everything from a twisted spine which is inherently weak, to an airway that crosses a food duct, which can be a fatal flaw in our design. Theres the number of teeth that done fit into our heads, which may be because we take care of our teeth so they dont fall out anymore, so I dont stress this one because it might be our own fault. This is a fun argument to fight about because to fight against it is to say that god has less of an understanding of basic engineering than we do. Stuff like that really seems to piss off the religous folks out there. heres a little joke that goes along with this line of thinking.

Three engineering students were sitting around talking between classes,
when one brought up the question of who designed the human body.One of the
students insisted that the human body must have been designed by an Electrical
Engineer because of the perfection of the nerves and synapses.Another disagreed,
and exclaimed that it had to have been a Mechanical Engineer who designed the
human body. The system of levers and pullies is ingeniuos."No," the third
student said "you're both wrong. The human body was designed by a Civil
Engineer. Who else but a Civil Engineer would have put a toxic waste line
through a recreation area?"

Ive heard it before but i just copied it from a comment on Daily Kos, posted by Tamman2000, just want to give credit where credit is due. and actually i just found another great post from the same person.

The real problem (none
/ 0
Has nothing to do with people believing there is a designer.
The problem is trying to get inteligent design into the science class
room. Even if it turns out that we were designed, I would have to object
to the way ID is being pushed. You see, there is no science in ID. ID, as
it exists now, predicts nothing. There is no hypothesis to be tested.
As soon as somebody says "The theory of ID predicts this will
happen/should be observed under these circumstances" I will drop my objection. I
am quite sceptical that this will happen though, I don't see any testable
predictions that could concievably come from ID...
"That blood was already on
the flag; we just made it visible." - Clare Grady
by tamman2000 on Thu Dec 08,
2005 at 12:37:29 PM PDT

This is an excelent point, the idea of a theory is that it can tell you what direction things are heading, or at least try to. what exactly does ID predict will happen to us? ID is fine, its just not science. its just the leading edge of a sword cutting thru our education system. I am starting to truely believe that the religious right is trying to create a new dark ages. I understand that ignorance is bliss but this is rediculus. And its odd how much the bible and specificly jesus talked about the meek and helping the poor and that now our big religious figures are premoting intolerance and hatered from their mansions. jesus didnt ask money of his deciples so that he could live a life of oppulence. I might not be a religious scolar but i know that much. these televangalist preachers who wish the wrath of god on dover PA because the town booted every official off the school board who voted for ID. These preachers are making millions of dollars every year. this is not the simple life of prayer that they seem to talk about in the bible, so im not sure why any christian whould lisen to them on religious matters. oh well fuck pat robertson.

Wednesday, December 07, 2005


someone actually read a post of mine! Ok so a couple of my friends and family have seen this site, and there were a few conservatives who used to post back and forth in a discusion. I got sick of the conservatives because one of them kept simply insulting me and never had any proof to back up his claims. I couldnt convince them that the Iraq war is creating terrorists, which was odd because the simplest proof was there own reaction to 911. we were attacked and they then imediatly wanted to bomb someone. but they couldnt understand that the Iraqi people could have a similar reaction and want to blow someone up. none of this matters its all old news. but someone read my crap!! yeah

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

the war on christmas

What fucking war? if theres a war on christmas is being run almost as ineptly as the one in Iraq. Im hearing christmas music from half a dozen radio stations, im seeing christmas sales going on all the time theres constant advetising about every possibly peice of crap that could possibly be a gift. and yet aparently the liberals are ruthlessly attacking christmas. pretty soon O'Rielly will have to sneak to the church on christmas eve and hope that he isnt picked up by the cops on the way casue obviously thats what the liberals want, and obviously we have total control over the government. WTF seriously where is this war? really john gibson is this a war because some companys use the word holiday instead of christmas, is it a war becuase some companies chose to be tolerant of others, they embrace other religions particularly judism becuase they might be buying gifts as well. Has anyone ever seen anything wether a law or other wise to try to prevent people from celebrating christmas? yes many people beleive in freedom of religion and therefore separation of church and state so they believe that govenrment buildings should not allow religious decorations. saying that the government should not push any particular religion is not an attack on chrisianity its upholding freedom of religion.
Oh and semi-related, Ann Coulter supposedly released the e-mail adress and personal phone number of a blogger who criticized her. thats the same prank that some of the fromer Jackass guys did to each other on Viva La Bam. Ann Coulter, guys from Jackass yeah i can see why they might pull similar pranks. similar maturity levels. I wonder if Ann can skateboard...

Friday, December 02, 2005

1000th gone

the 1000th prisoner has been killed in the US since the death penalty was reinvoked in 1977.
I dont have time to add anything to this. its raher self explanitory. 1000 people executed.

the rude one is at it again

I really like this person’s blog. They are very cynical and go into some rather impressive rants which is a turn of to some but I find it mildly informative and rather amusing.
The Rude Pundit
Has an interesting point in their latest rant, points out that as G W made his speech in front of the ugly ass propaganda double speak backdrop his wife Laura was thirty miles away at the white house showing off their Christmas decorations. Its a bit disturbing really. I mean it is the white house so of course its going to have incredibly expensive decorations and food but its the fact that this husband and wife team were speaking of such opposites at the exact same time that really makes this stand out. One speaks of morals and courage honor and sacrifice of a nation while the other talks about extravagance and decadence its really quite interesting.The juxtaposition is exquisite, I would love the irony if it weren’t for the people dying.
And I want to repeat this less anyone ever forget, Iraq has never attacked us. 16 of the 19 highjackers were from Saudi Arabia, a fundamentalist nation which has committed unknown numbers of crimes against its own people. Has anyone ever considered attacking Saudi Arabia for its hand in the crime? I hate to always sound Orwellian but this war had nothing to do with 911 and only a little about the Oil. This war like many was about power and money. ok i gotta go.