Friday, June 30, 2006

this isnt going to be good for anybody

Israel arrests Palistinian leaders
This could easily lead to an all out war. in which we would almost certainly become involved in which would further destablize the area and lead to greater hatred of america in the eyes of the muslim world.
Israel may have very good reasons for the arrests and it could be in their best interst in the short to take such action but an all out war will not be good for anyone, they never are.

legal question

Is it legal to threaten to kill a person? Seriously are you allowed to say "Im going to go shoot Joe Blow in the face with my 357 magnum becuase he used a salad fork with his entree"? I know its illegal to threaten to kill the president, but what if he wasnt really elected?.... but if its illegal to threaten some people then it probably illegal to threaten anyone. Especially if you say how your going to kill them because then it implys that you have a plan. But what If you only wish someone else would kill them. I supose thats probably acceptable. im basicly just curious if all the people saying that we need to kill members of the NYT are within the law or not.

Tale of two pictures

Shakespeare's Sister: Tale of two pictures

Thank you to Shakespeare's Sister for this powerfull article.
Shes says it all, I have nothing to add.

Thursday, June 29, 2006

something with delay and the GOP

Chron: Delay withdrew
ok so the incumbent has to run again, but they dont want delay to run, obviously, so they are trying to get him out of the race. The early indication seems to be that its either Delay or its nobody. But the finally ruling wont be for a little bit. I dont know shit about this issue and I could be totally wrong, if I am misinterstanding the issue someone let me know.

It seems weird to me that the incumbent is forced to run again. what if they want to retire or just move on to something else? but I didnt make the rules and it sounds like there is a chance of getting a freebe in the senate, which would be handy.

Suck My Balls, its the 500th post

Hey its a mile stone for me. so I should write something meaningfull....
um well I got nothing.

Go Fuck Yourself George Walker Bush

AT&T, this can't be good

Computer World: AT&T security or profit?
so any information passed over AT&T's network is now AT&Ts property. so its theirs to sell to the government for security reasons, and its theirs to sell to the highest bidder. of course the company is claiming that this is only in the interest of national security, then again thats what cheney said.

Limits on presidential powers, wha??

The Telegraph: Guantanamo Trials
who knew that the president does have to work within certain limits., well aparently the supreme court still knew. They said he overstepped his bounds when he ordered war crimes trials for the prisoners of guantanamo bay. But the flip side is that the military is saying that its not going to make much difference either way. Im not exactly sure how to take that but ill assume its bad for the prisoners. And if its bad for the prisoners then its bad for our standing in the world community. reuters: ruling to have little impact But at least its a good sign that although the court is now stacked with conservatives it is still going to tell the president that he is wrong when needed.

back to killing the mesenger

Spittle And Ink
yeah so now some tool is calling for the bombing of the New York Times. I started reading throught the comments on "pardon my english" website and as I was notincing that the Wall Street Journal was only mentioned once in all of the banter and my head started to hurt and apparently my computer felt the same as my web browser locked up at that point. so while I was going to call them out for not calling for the bombing of the conservative WSJ but it looks like that might not happen now. oh well it wouldnt have done any good. I was also going to ask if we should have killed bush on september 14th '01 when he said that this was the plan. but then again their isnt much point in proving their hypocracy, becuase they will somehow claim this is all part od the "liberal media bias" thats calling for the destruction of one of the few non-conservative newspapers. fuck em all, but where a condom you dont want to catch whatever disease turns you into a conservative.


Common Dreams
I always find it interesting that whenever politicians propose legislation to help the environment or most issues that dont include killing people they give them a real long lead in. If its for war then its imediate, but saving life as we know it well lets hold off on that till 2010. or alternative energy/ energy independence thats something we should looking into imediatly and implement in 10 years. If it wasnt for half of our government being in the pockets of big oil then we could simply mandate, by january first 2008 all deisel fuel must be 20% bio-blend. I figure we need to give them a year so that they can get farms up and running. then up it to 30% for 09. All cars must be ethanol ready by model year 2008, so bsicly a year. And because Im a car guy there is also the fun part, you can crank up the compression if we're running on ethanol, so sports car could be making considerably more power.... hehe. instead we say were going to cut foriegn oil by 40% by 2020. 2020 what the fuck thats 3 presidents and the rest of bush's time from now. that can be overturned half a dozen times before it even comes into effect. And thats a Progressives plan!!! this is why we need change, the Conservatives should be saying 40% by 2020, the liberals should be saying we want foreign oil cut by 40% before bush leaves, and No foreign energy by 2020. thats a fuckin plan. And really the so called national security fascists should be the ones demanding an end to foriegn energy because clearly if we need to import our ablity to have an army (our army currently would be impotent without oil (and rush would be without viagra, srry )) then clearly it is a national security issue. It should also be a security issue that we have to buy our bullets from indonesia. but back to energy. the liberals love energy independence because it means energy other than oil. we would be forced to look into alternatives and thats how we will reduce global warming. If its not too late.

Shoot the Messenger

They leaked essential information about a project that bush told us about on september 14th 2001, but they leaked sensitive information to the terrorist agianst the wishes of the government who is supposed to have ultimate control over the media. I think we all know what Fox would have done with this information, yeah they would have burried it and then they'd attack a decorated war hero for being a coward. Cause thats how the media is supposed to work. do the bidding of whom ever is in power. thats how you earn respect. is it any wonder why the newspapers are losing readers? Well because the Wall Street Terrorists have leaked information I think the government should simply nationalize that paper. It would still run pretty much the same. all this leaked information has also been in a report to the UN several years ago, so I guess we have to destroy the UN too, well then again that was the plan anyway. Whats that the WSJ was never asked to censor this article? hmm... only the LA and NY times were told by the government to not run the story? well thats odd. but It doesnt matter they should go down, they should be tried for treason and sent before the fireing squad. I mean seriously dont they know that we're at... uh police action sorta undeclared but approved warish quagmire here??? I mean seriously do they want the other enemys ideas to beat our ideas??

Just to clarify this was sarcasim.
heres a better writen article from Huff Po
Huff: Eat the Press
theres so many reasons why this is just stupid that I feel silly even having to point them out. First off theres that constitution thing that we have, I know we stopped paying attention to it but technically its still here and it is the presidents job to uphold it. yeah remeber that the presidents first priority is to uphold the constitution, security and everything else comes after. Then there is the fact that this wasnt a secret hell Bush told us that he was going to be tracking the funds of terrorists almost 5 years ago, and its been reported in other places. All that has happened is that the media that still does investigation, so the Times, said you know what this is something that the public should know about because its infringing on their rights. there is also the fact that these people who try to claim that this isnt political need a bat to the face, if this isnt political then why is it that the only paper of the three that the republicans are mad at is the same paper that has consistently been on the offensive against this republican administrations illegal actions. the wall street journal which ran almost the same article on the same day is catching no flack at all, and before anyone asks why the democrats dont go after the WSJ, well you havent been reading very carefully, they did nothing wrong. actually they were doing their jobs, they did th american people a service. Not to mention that their are more important things for our elected leaders to be doing than attacking a newspaper. And finally the most critical part for me. If someone in the government gives me classified information I am going to read it and I will imediatly make copies and send them to the Times, the ACLU, and a few of my favorite liberal blogs like Crooks and Liars, buzzflash, DailyKos and of course Id publish them here too. And would I be in the wrong? I dont think so but I could be wrong. My point is simply that I have never signed a confidentiality notice to the government, I have never pledged that I would not disclose national secrets. The person to blame is the leaker not the messenger, and the leaker might be protected by wistleblowers because Im under the impression that this program isnt entirely legal. So if you hear anyone mention that the Times should be tried for treason, well my recomendation would include a ballgag, a tazer super glue and some imagination.....

Monday, June 26, 2006


hahahahahhahahahahahahaha oh oh trying to catch breath... uh uh .. hehe hahaha
Rush Limbaugh busted at the border for having someone elses perscription drugs.
Crooks and Liars: limbaugh
its great,

cause hes an asshole.

bank record theft

Common Dreams (yeah I know im late on getting this one out there)

if it was a private citizen who stole the records it would be theft and they would be facing serious jail time, I see no reason to hold the government to any other standard, other than maybe to claim temporary (about 5and half years now) insanity, and see if that could get the government thrown into a psych center instead of federal-pound-me-in-the-ass-prison.

but they're only using this technology against terrorists, isnt that the exact same line they used about the phone records, untill it was discovered that they were targeting every phone call.

Big Brother aint got shit.

Gore Vidal

Common Dreams: Gore Vidal

praise to the Rudeness

The Rude Pundit; a Plan thats not a plan in republican spinworld
with a health does of swearing Sir Rudes Alot manages to make the republicans look like the idiotic liars they really are. First pointing out that the non-binding resolution that the democrates got attacked for in the usual method of screaming cut and run, cut and run untill people just want to move on to the next scandal, was not much of a resolution. It asked to pull out a few troops and then have a very loose idea of how were going to get the rest out. And asked for congress to be notified about whats going on. So it didnt ask for much it was a pretty lame resolution. and they still got attacked, of course. So then a couple days later a general in Iraq asks for a very similar move to get troops out. Now obviously even the republicans arent stupid enough to critisize a general thats in Iraq. So they say well generals come up with ideas all the time this isnt really a plan calling for withdrawl its just sorta dinner conversation. its nothing really, just ignore it and go back to waiting for us the republicans to give you the plan for how were going to win the war, you know that plan that we said we were going to come up with before the war but were too busy talking to bill o'rielly. yeah well if you wait untill right before the november elections then we'll show you the almighty plan. and we'll probably pull out some troops to just to make those hippy commie liberal types quiet. they had their time to come up with a plan, they blew it lets givesomeone else a shot, i really dont care who at this point. We could go up the road to the prison and just start asigning inmates to posts as senators and they would probably not fuck it up any worse. most of the guys from the jails have probably stolen a lot less money than the people they would be replacing.

Disagreement on Global Warming

Think Progress; WSJ vs. Gore
There isnt any, at least not among people whos job it is to study the environment. But thats not what you would think if you read newspapers or watch TV. Theres constant attack against Al Gore in particular because of his movie (which of course didnt come to my po-dunk little town) and because he is right. Now if we lived in a land of rational tought then I would say fine let them attack the people arent stupid they will see through that bullshit. They know that hundred of scientist just got together to discuss global warming and there was obviously debate, because thats what grown-ups do. they might not agree perfectly so the have special conversations called debates where they work through their differences and often are able to come up with a comprimise. Thats a refresher for those who have watched presidential debates where two men talk about absolutely nothing in two minute stints, those are debates in the same way that a coors light compares to a Guinness, its all watered down and leaves sort of an ass flavor in your mouth. (if you dont like Guinness then pick your favorite beer, and if its coors light then get the fuck off my page) So im talking a very long time to say that there is almost no question within the scientific community about global warming. We are responsible, yes the world would probably be getting warmer even if people didnt exsist but not at nearly the same rate. We are speeding up this process dramaticly. We need change on a global scale or millions will die.

fuckin A

DailyKos: Meet the People Powered Movement
awsome article from the land of Kos

I dont think I poses the litererary skills to even review this article. but thats the fun of a blog, I might not be worthy but I can none the less. Its an excellent article about the media finally noticing that there is a liberal base. and we are very different from the conservative base. The conservatives do have an advantage in that they are a top down organization, like a corporation or a dictatorship (really more of an Oligarchy I guess) while the liberal base is more anarchistic. We dont follow a single leader we get those in power to follow us. Sure there are bloggers with more clout than others. Ill be the first to admit that Markos is more infulencal than I am. that might be becuase he can spell.... or maybe its becuase his site which the article in mention is on gets half a million hits a day while mine might get a dozen. But that is also our strenght we might not be perfectly equal but we all have a voice. The conservative base follows the decisions of a few while the liberal base hears millions of different views and the best ones become our plan. and in the end its far more fun to get to throw your opinion into the ring and even if it get shot down to then move on and help hash out the details of the plan that beat yours than it is to sit around watching Fox to see what to be mad about today. or at least it is in my opinion.

hahahahahahah nice shot Biden

Biden vs Cheney brought to you by Atrios
ha cant stop laughing, ribs in pain, but still its funny....

DICK CHENEY, VICE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES: The worst possible thing we could do is what the Democrats are suggesting, and no matter how you carve it, you can call it anything you want, but basically, it is packing it in, going home, persuading and convincing and validating the theory that the Americans don't have the stomach for this fight.

BLITZER: All right. You want to respond to the vice president, Senator Biden?

BIDEN: No, I don't want to respond to him. He's at 20 percent in the polls. No one listens to him. He has no credibility. It's ridiculous.

what more is there to say than that? other than maybe a few more hahahahaha's

feingold video

Crooks and Liars; Feingold doesnt support Lieberman
cant wait to get home so I can watch this one.

Saturday, June 24, 2006

iraq is not hungary

im sure their are starvying people but i ment hungary the country.
heres the article i dont have anything worthwhile to add

Bruce on the offensive

He was asked about music getting political and all of that and he said in his own way well the idiots on cable tv can talk about politics why can't I? then it she asked about a statement he made saying the country would be better off if bush were not the president, and I love his responce he can hardly stop laughing while he gets out, "well thats just common sence, I dont even consider that political" (that might not be word for word but its close, watch the damn video) thanks to Youtube, Atrios, Editor and Publisher; with video and of cousre Buzzflash for finding this article.

one more good line;
As for the Iraq war, he commented, "You don’t take your country into a major war on circumstantial evidence -- you lose your job for that.

swiftboating Jesus

Ostroy Report
The republicans would swift boat jesus if he came out against the war, and he probably would be with all that love thy neighbor stuff. Ostroy pretty much made the point with the title.

What is the course?

he always tells us to "stay the course", I want to know where the fuck the course leads to. Its a pretty straight forward question I think. Reapeating three words over and over doesnt make it a policy it makes you a parrot. I just want to know where the heading we are stuck to is taking us, where exactly are we going to end? is there an end involved with this journey or is he really planning an unending war?

why is trust in the media is so low

Could it be because of shite like this? Editor and Publisher
The majority of americans want the troops out of Iraq, or at least a timetable to get them out. Most want it by the end of the year. 54% said they would be more likely to support a canidate that favors withdrawl and only 35% would less likely. This is an issue that should be a third rail for anyone who favors this blind faith "stay the course" bullshit. and yet there are only a handful of politicians that are willing to actually stand up and oppose this. they are probably nervous because if two decorated combat vets can be attacked with such viciousness then obviously no one is safe from the republican/fox/msm hate machine.

The people prefer the democrats for the next election but right now the anti-war crime crowd isnt being given much reasurance that they will actually put a stop to this madness if they do take the majority.

When will it end?

Baghdad in state of emergency More fighting, more death more pain more misery more unnessasary angst. and still no plan for..... anything, no plan at all.

Friday, June 23, 2006

distribution of wealth

um just posting this so i can read it later. but drop me a comment if you find it interesting, I got the link from FDL which is in the links section anyway.
Emlab Berkley

Highschool Inc.

Thomas Paines Corner
The fact that this even needs to be mentioned is a sign of the sad state that this nation is in. Do you really want to trust the education of our childern, the future of this nation to corporations? The simple fact of the matter is that corporations have but a single function, to make money. now there may be a few corporate schools which decide they will make money by being the best school possible and then more people will send their children there. thats pretty much the way the exsisting private schools work. but there will inevitably be those who say well we have a captive audience and im sure that people would pay good money to advertise to this audience. I bet we could make a lot of money doing that, and hey we'll also be pulling in money from the government which is going to have to foot the bill for my profit margin.

Of course there are problems with our schools, but if a school is failing you dont cut its funding. you send it more teachers and administrators. I ca only think of a few things which could be worse to privatize than schools. Dont get me wrong Im sure many of the traditional private schools offer excellent educations, but those cost as much as many colleges the vast vast majority of people in this country cannot afford such schools. do you really want your childs education to be determined by profitablity?

Holy Shit

Cheney admits that Iraq is a no-win situation. no matter what we do Iraq will be a safe haven for terrorists. I know its true, many of us have been screaming this for 4 years now, but its incredible to see the sith lord admitting it. Daily Kos, pickin' up me jaw

"And it will continue -- whether we complete the job or not in Iraq -- only
it'll get worse. Iraq will become a safe haven for terrorists. They'll use it in
order to launch attacks against our friends and allies in that part of the

-quote from CNN
So my question is this, if Iraq is going to be a safe haven, and already is a haven although I don't think Id call it safe by any stretch. Then why does it matter if we pull out? He said it himself whether we complete the job or not - it will only get worse. I guess Iraq become a haven no matter what and this is a global war. So his thought is that if we just keep killing people in Iraq then they wont attack anywhere else, right? Allow our troops to be killed rather than the possibility of another terrorist attack against the US. The only problem is that if 20 people decide that they are bored with shooting troops and they want to attack the great satan on its home turf, well now we far less able to defend our selves because our army is streched across the globe. And that is the problem with guerrilla warfare, and that's all that terrorism is. We have declared war so therefore they aren't terrorists they are guerilla fighters. They want to destroy US because we are perceived as a threat to their way of life. Hmm now doesn't that sound fermiliar from somewhere? And just to reiterate my point. Sure you can contain much of the violence by picking a front line far from home. But the whole point of guerrilla warfare is to ignore lines, their front line is strong so you attack at their rear where they aren't expecting it. Then you poke at their flanks sure you keep the fire on their front line but that's just so that you keep them right where you want them. If they are stationary and you are mobile then eventually you will wear them down. They have us set up perfectly. And before anyone gets angry about guerilla warfare remember that we won our independence from an militarily occupation by the exact same methods. Any time a nation is in the grasp of a far more powerful military force they resort to guerilla warfare its the only option. That is why our elite soldiers like the seals green berets and the rangers (their maybe more I'm not a military buff) all use guerilla tactics.
So if we stay then Iraq becomes a safe haven for terrorists and the majority of terrorist activity will take place over there but we will be less able to defend ourselves if they care to attack us here. Or we pull out and don't leave my friends as a diversion, and we probably risk more attacks, but we will be better able to stop those attacks. So its sorts six to one half-dozen to the other as far as attacks over here, but one plan includes using my friends as a human shield.....

If stupidity was illegal, he'd be in for life

Geraldo Rivera on fox on C&L
He claims hes seen a lot more combat than John Kerry. the only difference being that Kerry is actually a decorated combat veteran and revera is a journalist, and hes not even very good at that. actually hes quite bad. I wish I had used a word other than journalist becuase it insults the few real journalists we still have in this country.

Fuck Intelligent Design

World Scientists Unite to Attack Creationism
Thats what the scientists wanted to say but instead they worded it a bit softer, they are scientists after all.

So they got together to say see there is unity in this, there is almost no question within people who actually study this shit about where we came from. The people who oppose us like to make it sound like there is a great rift in the scientific realm and that intelligent design/ creationism is almost as common a theory when in fact it is not. there are of course a few scientists who do believe in this stuff but then again how often is anything unanimous? Id like to say that you to the scientific community, which faux news will probably be attacking, for standing up and saying stop trying to teach religion as science. god is an untestable hypothosis therefore it cannot be science.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

15year old girl with huge balls

eww... thats wrong on several levels.... and not what I ment at all, get your head out of the gutter.
There's a girl with an impressive website, ive mentioned her before, who has no problems with going straight to the throat of this administration. and this a link to a link to her latest. Comin at ya straight outta C&L The title is "Their Lives Are More Than Just a Number" that pretty much sums it up. and yet some how we are the ones who dont support the troops?
Fuckin republicans, gotta give their press corp credit they can steer the media in any direction they want. It like those dog compititions, not the stupid show dog ones where someone feels up an overpriced mut in the middle of an arena, no Im talking about the sheep dog comps, where it has to lead a bunch of sheep around a course and then puts them into a pen, after which the sheep are shaved naked and then slaughtered and served for dinner. and thats where the only differences lie, the press corp only gets shaved and slaughtered if they ask the wrong question.

We cause gobal warming?

and not only that but almost all scientists agree on this fact? but thats not what those ads partially sponsored by exxonmobile said. they told me that carbondioxide is necessary for life. so these scientists are trying to kill us right? we need to launch a preemtive attack against scientists. someone even told me that some have already infiltrated our country. and if magic glowing box tells me so then it must be true.

Damn, I write that as a joke but there probably are those who will fall in line. Come on even fox admits that we are the cause of global warming. fox allowing devil science

Im all for freedom, but your freedom ends where mine begins right? so your freedom to believe what you wants ends when it places otheres in risk of death. i think thats an acceptable argument. the old freedom of speech does not allow you to yell fire in a crowd to try to create a stampede. so your belief that we are not causing global warming is going to keep us from acting in an apropriate manner to the situation. this lack of action is going to kill people. possibly millions of people. and if inaction continues for much longer it is fully possible that it will kill billions of people and end civilization as we know it. therefore your belief that we are not the cause of global warming is illegal. (and you should go to jail for it, maybe guantanimo....)

Friday, June 16, 2006

Hillary Clinton

Its easy to be a centrist when you dont stand for anything.

house talks about the war

About Fucking Time!!!!
Common Dreams
from what Ive gathered this "debate" has boiled down to exactly what you would have expected. The Republicans say that anyone who isnt supporting this indeffinate mission isnt supporting the troops and are therefore supporting the terrorists. ie the same tired line they have been using since Al Qeada, NOT Iraq, attacked us. So the Repubs attack and the majority of Dems cower in the corner quivering begging not to be hurt, crying Uncle as soon as anyone comes close. Then of course there was Murtha who I mentioned in an earlier post as being the one person with balls. And the final paragraph from this Common Dreams article says it all, at least for me.

The resolution relies on the Bush administration tactic of falsely equating
the quagmire in Iraq with the greater "war on terrorism," emphasizing that
terrorists "have called Iraq the central front in their war." It fails to say
that the U.S. invasion and subsequent occupation of Iraq are the primary reasons
the country has become a breeding ground for terrorism

This is what our ignorant Fox watching public never can grasp. Bin Laden hated Saddam. He hated the fact that women had rights in Iraq the held jobs even in the government. Bin Laden wants a fundamentalist islamic nation that encompasses a stripe across the globe from morocco and all of sahara africa, the middle east, and across much of south east asia. Saddam wanted nothing of the sort. He had at one point absolute control over a nation with massive oil reserves. He had become friends with one of the worlds superpowers (thats us, albiet back when there were two) So to make himself look better in the worlds view he gave women rights. He was very strick on seperation of chur.. er Mosque and State. He knew that he was a nation of many different religions (or at least very oppositional sects of the same religion) and so it was logical that he would keep religion seperate so the competing religions could not fight for political power. This is very similar to the rules we have that no one pays much attention to anymore. The point of this is that Saddam was able to keep Iraq free of terrorists, with the exception of a small area I believe in the north east of the country. He was brutal but brutality against terrorists is hardly some thing we can be mad at him about. Under Saddam Iraq was basicly off limits to the terrorits, now under american rule it is probably the number one site for terrorist actvity.

I cannot believe that the republican guard is still getting away with simply questioning peoples loyalty and that is what passes for political debate. I know this is nothing new but it was to be expected five years ago imediatly after the worse terrorist attack ever. But five years later when we have launched two wars one against an innocent country based on evidence proven to be false, and without capturing the one target that was responsible for that attack. I say anytime time someone says im not supporting the troops (including friends of mine) then we simply ask wheres Bin Laden? If this war is about terrorism why havent we captured Bin Laden? they claim well he's one man with connections he is excellent at hiding. I believe Saddam had lots of help and a great deal of money to but we found him. you think he didnt have people trying to protect him? so that argument is bullshit. If we honestly wanted to capture Osama then we would have. But as Bush said hes only one man, I dont think about him that much.... maybe you should have. had he actually acomplished a single goal from this war on terrorism mess then maybe he could have an approval above 30%.

Best Daily E-mail (or Newsletter)

Common Dreams, sure I get other emails from groups about various issues but this one is there once a day every day, filled with about a dozen articles about various issue that effect progressives and america. So this is my thank you to Common Dreams.

Murtha is my hero

Times Record News

This pretty much says it all.

"You know who wants us to stay in Iraq right now?" Murtha said. "Al Qaeda wants us there because it recruits people for them. China wants us there. North Korea wants us there. Russia wants us there. Stay and we'll pay, not only pay in dollars. . . . I figure it took us through the Reagan administration to pay for the Vietnam War."

And thats why hes my hero, not that it matters because one man with balls stuck in a minority party of which the majority has no balls isnt going to acoplish much.

Legality of illegal wiretaps

yeah I know that title only works in bazaro world, or in this case in america under Bush, which are quite similar anyway, although I dont think Bazaro world is as violent.

Yes today is the first day of an increadibly important trial that the media will probably try to avoid covering. To be honest I really shouldnt bust on the media because Im am uninformed as to the vast majority of their doings, as I dont have TV. But anyway I sincerly hope that this blatently illegal operation is declared illegal and Unconsitutional.


Crooks and Liars, Colbert

Havent watched it yet, looks like it'll be funny. Westmoreland on Colbert Report. I feel stupid right now cause I always thought his name was Wes Moreland I didnt realize that was just his last name, im an idiot. oh and as co-sponsor of the Ten Commandments bill Colbert aparently asks him a rather straight forward question, what are the Ten Commandments? Wes, as Ill still think of him, didnt know. He got about three and didnt phrase them right. So he thinks they are so important that everone should live their lives by them, but how can you live your life by codes if you dont know what they are? Im honestly a bit supprised that he didnt know at least half.

This changes directions hard.

havent posted since tuesday, srry.
Lets start of with this one.

.Joe Lieberman You know your in trouble when your a Democrat and Bill O'Reilly is supporting you. Thats pretty much instant DINO (Dem In Name Only) status there. I do like the fact that Bill is making it sound like the Blogsphere is this massively powerful and wealthy machine that is simply going to steamroll over anyone who opposes us. How are my dreams coming out of O'Reilly's mouth? Of course he calls us the far left fringe after half-ass deffending Ann Coulter. thats all I will say about that we do not speak of. because as it has been pointed out if we simply ignore her then we marginalize her. if we keep making a big deal then she will keep getting on talk shows and writing hate books. Its like Marilyn Manson, He wasnt a great musician but he was a amazing at marketing. He knew that theres an audience for music simply to piss off people. So thats what he did he made rather offensive music along with highly offensive concerts and the right wing freaked out they had boycotts and protests and every time they bitched about him he sold a few more albums. some kid heard his parents saying how he was pure evil and the kid said, "really? I gotta check this out" next day he asked his mom for 20 bucks to go buy a Creed CD and then bought the newest Manson album. Mom come how and hears "the beautiful people" blasting from the kids room. ah the irony. Then after a few years they just automaticly slapped an advisory sticker on his albums people got used to him and pretty soon no one was talking about him, album sales dropped and now when was the last time you heard about him?
So seeing as AC is basicly the literary version of Manson we need to follow this advice. I know its hard to ignore a "person" that vile but if we do then she will become nothing. This is the last time Ill ever mention Those we do not speak of... (oh and I realized that needs to be plural cause this applys to both AC and that other little wannabe AC name starts with an M I think, and any others like them)

Tuesday, June 13, 2006


Ok I dont want to admit this but I find it amusing from time to time to look around at the conservative sites. still not going to say which but it led me to this. they person said its stuff like this that makes me glad i didnt go to college.(ok he worded it different im not going to bother doing exact quotes) with a link to this.

On the Effectiveness of Aluminium Foil Helmets:
An Empirical Study

Now Its to bad this guy didnt go to college cause he might have learned about these things called jokes. they can really be amusing. Now you need to be a bit of a dork/nerd to find this amusing but as I easily fit into that category I do find it pretty funny.
I guess im glad he missed the joke or else I would never have seen it. the guy probably saw that the author was or brown skin and his sence of humor imediatly turned off. too bad for him.


Popular Science

its just silly.

Ever go to any of the conservative sites?

im not going to name any here, that would ruin my sanctity. But, Damn theres some scary crap people are saying. Its cruelly ironic when you hear ppl talking about how all muslims are terrorists and how we need to stop the Jihadists. followed imediatly with how we need to kill them all off. sorry the persons wording was something like this. "Its time for an extermination, who wants to be the termites?" thats a pretty clear call for an extermination of a people. in other words they want the exact same thing as Bin Laden, only reversed. they are preaching the exact same thing as the terrorist only luckily they dont have the balls to actually do it. sure a few of them will go out in the safety of their own towns and beat up or possibly kill a muslim, who is probably guilty of no crime what-so-ever. This is cowardace. these people are scared and angry and they think killing is the only solution. They dont have the strength to actually try to hunt down actual terrorists so instead they take it out on any one different from themselves. Its because of thoughts like those that we may never again be seen as a moral leader in the world. Im far more scared of the people trying to destroy this country from the inside than those who seek to destroy it from afar. Those within the nation have been far more successful.

If I Ran The Zoo

thats where I heard about flickr blogging. so go there if your confused. And It apears that I used the wrong number now that I really matters. ok so flickr blogging consists of going to a site called flickr that is just a picture storage place. so alot of ppl dont change the names of their pics so if you punch in a random number a bunch of pic will show up, then you just pic your favorite and write about it. Im planing on doing this where I pretend its a real story for a while. seams like a reasonable way to waste time.

I Have No Idea Whats Going On

Yeah I got no clue. This is a random Flickr post. As soon as I figure out where I first heard about Flickr blogging ill let you know. Its a funny concept and Ill give them credit as soon as I figure it out. srry.

Monday, June 12, 2006

Aparently im a socialist

Im not exactly shocked. although im impressed with how dead center socialist I turned out. damn good think Mcarthy isnt reading this.
You are a

Social Liberal
(80% permissive)

and an...

Economic Liberal
(8% permissive)

You are best described as a:


Link: The Politics Test on OkCupid Free Online Dating
Also: The OkCupid Dating Persona Test

Friday, June 09, 2006

Worst Law Ever?

No but its still pretty shitty. They want me to pay to take a CD I bought and put the songs onto my own computer. then If I want to put it onto an Ipod Im expected to pay again. Well Fuck all that. then again the music I listen to isnt on major label so I probably would be one of the later ppl to get sued.

less polution = better environment

Shocking. It would seems that some of those tree hugger laws might actually be doing some good. a lake in the Adirondacks is now able to support fish again. There are still questions of if they will servive long term but so far thing are looking good, or at least as good as can be expected for a lake that became so acidic that I couldnt support fish life anymore. Thank you to Thomas Paine's Corner for this article that hits pretty close to home for me.

Is The Bitch a plagarist too?

See watch what Im going to do here. First off im not the person who noticed this, I have never touched a copy of any book ever written by Coulter and so I am not going to be the one to claim I noticed the possible plagarism. So what Im going to Do is to give a link to where I first say this information, who very well might not be the original source either but its there duty to link back to that. Im just letting you know where I heard it from. Theres also the fact that the originals the Ann copied are older than I am so I didnt read those the first time around either. So any way here is the article that I saw about how the bitch might be a plagarist. Thank you to The Rude Pundit, see its not that hard to give credit where its due.

Left Behind Video Game

Ok theres a minor buzz in the blogsphere about some game thats not even out yet where you play as a christian trying to convert non-belivers, and killing those who dont fall in line. Many people are angry because it gives the view that anyone who isnt a certain sect of christian needs to be "cured" oh same for gays. Ok yeah thats lame but then again its a game aimed at people who already have that beleif. To be honest I kind of want to play the game, albiet for the fact that you also have the option of playing as the Anti-Christ going around slaughtering preachy christians, which sounds like a good time. Particularly because I drove past about 4 people in a little protest (it is a small town) with signs about how jesus died for our sins and shit. When ever I see those folk I just want to make my own poster that says "Jesus Died Two Thousand Years Ago; Get Over It" or something like that, not cause I have any issue with Jesus, but mostly cause I like pissing off religious people. Im an Atheist and while I am convinced that there is no God, I do think Jesus exsited and I like his teachings, even if he was a little insane, thinking his Mom was a virgin and all. While Im on the subject of No-God I want to point out a little something that a great author Douglas Adams said before he passed. He said he was an Atheist although its funny that theirs even a word for it, I mean theres no word for someone who doesnt beleive in astrology theres no name for a person who doesnt beleive the moon is made of cheese, so why do we even need a word to describe a person who doesnt believe that their is some mysterious being out there that cant be found knows all and has the power to do anything and yet refuses to help people. Even if it turns out I am wrong and their is a god, theres no way that I would worship such a cruel comander. And truth be told Im not sure there was ever a time, even when I was a young child where I actually believed, it just never followed logic, and if god is all powerfull I would assume he/she/it would at least be somewhat logical.

Its a damn good thing no-one reads this crap I write cause this one would probably get my ass mauled to death by the folks with signs down the road. Oh well thats my view, I dont push it on others I dont tell them that they are wrong to believe in god or the flying spagetti monster of whatever and I simple ask for the same respect back.

Oh shit back to the game, now I remeber the one bit I did have issue with. The Anti-Christ is using the U.N. as its own personal army against the fun loving christians with machine guns. Now why the UN of all the military groups they could have picked, why would the Anti-Christ pick the UN Peacekeepers as its demon soldiers? why not the US army or marines? that and the logical issue of the UN headquarters are in NY but they dont have a standing army there. I think its just another rightwing ploy against the UN, because for some reason I havent been able to figure out the Right hates the UN. Like I said im not sure why they would be anti-un but its quite obvious that they are. Oh well thats my point even if I didnt get here by way of any sensical path.

the Heinous crimes

Confined Space; what really matters
Thank you to Crooks and Liars for pointing this one out. its a Nice article.
The premise is simple which is a greater crime Killing employees by way of negligence or showing an almost exposed nipple for a quarter of a second? Well if you go based on the punishment for each crime then the nipple is almost 50% worse than killing people. And why shouldnt it be I mean think of those children who's lives were shattered by sorta getting a glimse of a not-as- well-covered-as-it-should-have-been breast. Think of the innocence lost because I know when I saw it I looked around the room and meet other suprised faces all trying to figure out if they really just saw what they thought they had. You can't get much more traumatic than that. Your going to try to compare that level of angst to a few men being killing in a mine, I mean I'm sure that some of them were fathers and their kids will probably miss them or something but its nothing like the pain of seeing a barely covered nipple for a fraction of a second, thats serious harm and thats why indeceny will get you $325,000 in fines as opposed to the $220,000 for mine safety violations.
Anyone who didnt pick up on the sarcasim should try chewing on lead shot for a few hours everyday it helps to stimulate the mind.

Lions 1 God 0

So guy decides to put god to the test. He lowers himself into a lion cage at a zoo saying, If god exists he will save me. Well the lions literally ripped his throat out severing a major artery killing the guy. These are lions after all thats what they do. to which god looked down after coming back from the bathroom, checks up on his neurotic buddy and says aw crap I bet hes going to blame this on me. Then god throws back another shot and says oh well stupid bastard thats why you dont fuck with lions, I made Lions to be bad ass, and I thought I made people smarter than them.

Prisons Don't Work

Common Dreams
No Shit. and they're very expensive.

Bio of a Terrorist

BBC News Profile: Abu Musab al-Zarqawi
An interesting article for the days after his death.

Another Corupt Politician

Toledo Blade
Ok I dont have much to say about this. Just another politician guilty of stealing millions of dollars and voting for whatever those dollars wanted him to vote for. This should piss me off, especially as it happened in a swing state that was part of how bush was able to steal the 04 election. Im just becoming numb to government coruption.

Estate Tax

Estate Tax Pyramid Scheme
It amazes me the guliblity of people. There are middle class people that I know that think the estate tax is a vile and unamerican thing. They think that it destoys family businesses and family farms because it prevents people from passing on inheritence to their children. They part that they seem to miss is that this Tax only effects you if your trying to pass more than two million dollars on to your next of kin. The reason so many people are against is because there has been a big media push about how terrible this tax is. what they dont know is that its in the media because a few families realizad that they could save themselves billions of dollars if they spend a few million on advertizing against this tax. This is a tax on the very very wealthy, and if your going to live in this country and have all the advantages of living here then they can pay their fair share. I have no pitty for the billionaire who pays more taxes than I do because Im slightly above the poverty line.

Officer Refuses to fight in Illegal War

After Downing Street
First Id like to say that I prefer to link to more traditional media rather than to the actual liberal media. This is simply because society put more weight behind an argument from say the Washington Post than Daily Kos. But this is no different than giving more crediblity to CNN than Fox or any other right wing media. with the exception of Fox the News agencys still claim to be neutral and while they are not , they are still closer to the middle than blogsphere or news outlets dedicated to a particular side of the political spectrum. Why am I talking about media in a post about the first officer with the balls to say I have the legal right to refuse orders to Iraq because those orders are Illegal and I am allowed to refuse illegal orders. I bring up the media because while I didnt spend much time looking, the best information I could find on this particular event was of course from the liberal world. The rest of the media will simply portray him as a coward and a disserter instead of the dissenter that he is. The fact that as the officer says, he is doing this because he feels that he can protect the troops better by speaking out against the war than he can as an officer in Iraq. And its a valid point, although many will disagree. This officer will probably face a court martial, but while I know nothing about military justice i will assume that a court martial involves a court? I hope thats the case, because then he will have the chance to show that this war is illegal and therefor no one in the military needs to follow orders to go there. of course for that exact same reason no matter how compelling his argument they have to find him guilty and either kick him out of the military or put him in jail. It a powerful statement that everyone should listen too because he obviously feels quite strongly about this or he would not risk jail for it. I have the utmost respect for this officer.

Yes Mr Hatch we do think your a bigot

“The Republican leadership is asking us to spend time writing bigotry
into the Constitution,” said Sen. Edward M. Kennedy of Massachusetts,
whose state legalized gay marriage in 2003. “A vote for it is a vote
against civil unions, against domestic partnership, against all other
efforts for states to treat gays and lesbians fairly under the law.”

Hatch responded: “Does he really want to suggest that over half of the
United States Senate is a crew of bigots?”

First thank you Mr. Kennedy for saying exactly what so many people were thinking. As for Hatch I'm not sure why your puzzled, He quite clearly called you and anyone else who voted for this amendment a bigot. Im not sure where your question comes from unless you are just lookin for him to come back to you saying, "If it walks like a duck...." Because Kennedy is right of course theres no other way around it this is trying to create a law to force INequality. If you are specificly trying to create inequatily then you are a bigot. And I dont see how you can turn this around any other way. You can claim that it hurts that family structure untill your blue in the face it doesnt change anything. This is about equal rights, an idea that this nation was founded on even if it hasn't always been the best at producing it. We have already fallen from grace in the eyes of the world, changing our constitution to legalize hate will only prove once more to the world that we are not the moral guiding light that we once claimed to be.

Zarqawi again

MS NBC Avioding attacking suspected terrorist
Ok yes he is dead and the world is probably a better place for it. But then the question keeps ariseing that we may have been able to take him out years ago but did not. Now I would like to believe that the White House shot down the original airstrikes because they were to broad and would kill to many innocent civilians. Id like to think that they realized that an airstrike that killed civilians would be a terrible blow to support in Iraq. But I'm drawn to a conclusion more in line with the reporter who said.

"People were more obsessed with developing the coalition to overthrow Saddam
than to execute the president’s policy of preemption against terrorists,”

Which quite perfectly states how this war was never about terrorim.

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Odd but fun

ive never tried putting in a video lets see if it works

best phone call ever?

well maybe not but its pretty funny and gets its point across.
America Blog Best call ever

AMERICAblog reader Bill writes in about his phone call to Senator Crapo's office (R-ID) this afternoon:

Is Senator Crapo in favor of traditional marriage?
Yes he is, he's a cosponsor of the bill.
He is? Can you tell me if he masturbates?
I could not tell you that.
Can you tell me, do you masturbate?
I cannot tell you that either.
Can you tell me, does he commit sodomy, analingus, cunnilingus or fellatio?
What is the purpose of this questioning?
It's regarding his views on traditional marriage.
Okay, he supports the bill.
Yes, but could you tell me does he commit sodomy?
I could not give you an answer on that.
Is he willing to pledge that he has not or will not commit sodomy?
I could not answer that.
Has he ever had sex before or outside of marriage?
Again, sir, what is the point of this questioning?
It's regarding traditional marriage and how far his support goes.
Any one of those questions I could not answer.
Have you ever had sex outside of marriage?
Again, I will not answer that.
It's nobody's business, right?
That's right.
Okay, thank you.

I would have thrown an Exactly in there before the Okay, thank you. But good stuff none the less. And being a fan of immaturity at times I giggle every time I see Senator Crapo. heheh. call me a simpleton, and ill respond with, senator crapo and a giggle.


BBC News Zarqawi
And another ones down and another ones down, another one bites the dust. Ok I cant revel in someone death but this is one of the few peices of positive news to come out of Iraq in a long time. Seeing as this "war" is supposedly about terrorists and Al-Qaeda is good to see us actually taking out some of Al-Qaeda. Well Congrats to the guy(s) who few over head and dropped a bomb on his head.

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

oh those gays

Everyone has seen this pic but i think its funny, so im using it. And im not sure where it came from originally. I hope thats cool within fair-use cause I sure as hell dont make any money on this site. I got it from here Ostroy Report

oh and as most have pointed out and was the original intent of the last post but i somehow got sidetracked, of course if your looking for commentary that sticks exactly to what the title says then you probably would be better off at a site that doesnt have Rambling in its title. So any way Doesnt our government have anything better to do than to trample the rights of americans? I mean we could work on not trampling on the rights or our "war" prisoners that would be a good start. We could try not taking the lives of people in Iraq, thats a goal to work towards. We could try working towards our consitutional rights of privacy and have the government stop looking at our phone records and conducting illegal wiretaps. We could work on not giving any more tax breaks to the wealthiest people in the country, I suppose in the constitution when it said of the people by the people for the people maybe they should have been more clear as to wiether they ment the 99.7% of the population or 0.3% cause I suppose they could have ment either group but i always had assumed "the people" were tha majority, not just the majority stock holders.

Gay marriage

I know the answer but I cant grasp it, Why do they care? Who is the victim if two ppl get married who may or may not be of opposite sexes? Their arguments are crap and they know it. They claim things like how if this is allowed then ppl will try to marry their pets or robots. Some how they get mad and say your making irrational jumps in logic when you say that if your Pro-Life that should mean your against killing people, but to jump from two men getting married to a man trying to marry a horse well thats a perfectly logical conclution and who are you to say it isnt. I got in a long debate with my conservative friend and in the end it came down to him telling me that we cant debate because I have to rationalize everything and I can only see in terms of logic. I said yeah your right and the problem is?? he said well im talking about god and their fore logic is irrelivent. This is the point where the debate is pointless anyway because when your dealing with a person who quite secificly says that logic is irrelivent then it really makes no difference what you say. I also like to rip apart at his "religion" i say it that way because he calims only spirtiuality and dislikes organized religion and yet he follows every peice of rederick from the religious right. I also cant understand the logic, opps their I go again thinking logically, in saying that all media is bias, he thinks to the left, and yet beleive that the bible is absolutely withour error. Its a book that has probably been rewritten more times than anyother writiing known, it has changed between numerous languages and the standard edition today was written for a King, a government. If you were a King and were having the most influencial book in history rewritten for you would you not want to make sure it fits your personal view of how things should be. this is why I dispise those who are unwilling to so much as question the wording of the bible. Sure the basic stories have proably stayied the same and thats where the wisdom of the book is, but ppl who search that huge book looking for a single line by which to justify their own hate are worthy of my contempt.

They hate our freedom

Common Dreams reports that after about seventy years we are removing the words of the geneva convention from the Army Feild Manual. So now you can have the "by the book" soldier who still commits war crimes. This is treason against our soldiers. Why should the enemy Not torture our boys, my friends, when we are for all intensive purposes have accepted torture as a normal practice. We are Fucked as a Nation. The world looks down on us because we have leaders who cant even follow the basic rules of civilization. It is still possible to turn this country around but im really not sure if we will ever pull out of this if we continue down this path for another 957 days.... We need to Impeach and quickly.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

this is so I can send holiday cards to my friends

You know your redneck ass is in trouble when...

Vanity Fair is trashing your presidency and your personal war. Come on Vanity Fair is ripping into this war, when the crap in the check out isle knows your reasons for war are bullshit then you should probabl aplogize, maybe try to come up with an exit strategy one of these years too, well luckily the republicans(including Leiberman) are poised to hand over control of at least the house if not the senate which might bring a degree of accountablity to this administration, Im shocked I can still spell that word, most children under the age of six dont realize that its not a word confined to fiction.
Vanity Fair

Happy Evil Day

Merry Evil Day! as im sure you know today is 6/6/06 its Evil day and it only comes about once every hundred years! SO HAPPPY EVIL DAY!!!and to all an Evil night...


I picked the wrong weekend to be sick, this weekend was the IRL race in Watkins Glen. which is just up the road from me, and a kid you may have heard of was in the race that used to race with a series I used to work for so it would have been kind of cool to see how the kid did, although he ended up getting taken out durring the race. And I heard the weather sucked, and a slice of pizza was $6 from a place where they are normally like $1.25, thats what capitalism and a captive audience does, its not a lack of supply, they charge what ever they want for the same reason that a dog licks its nuts. Oh and in case you dont know the punch line there, well why does a dog lick its nuts? cause it can. and thats capitalism. fuck supply and demand, capitalism is how much can I shaft these ppl before they bother to go somewhere else. yeah so I missed the biggest race of the year at watkins glen. and I had several ppl calling me with free tickets... damn damn damn

getting betta

OK Ive been real sick for a little over a week now, the sunday before last I felt a little out of it but went to the movies with a couple friends. Saw the Di Vinci code... but thats for another post. I have pretty muh been on the couch ever since, or switching from couch to couch to bed which watching all sorts of random ass movies that I had downloaded in the past. So im just about back to normal now although the brain is still not quite there yet. So I just wanted to let the world know that im almost better again, and to explain my absence from the world.