Monday, March 31, 2008

Not Cool

A quarter of heart transplant patients start smoking again. I don't have time to give an opinion about this but I wanted to save the link.

Another Awesome Weekend

So much fun..... The boys in the band broke up a little while ago but they got together for one last show, which was a little funny because three of the four have started a new band together. So being the classy fella he is guy numba 4 wrote "Well this is fuckin' awkward" on a white shirt that he displayed once he got on stage. Their were five bands and they tore the place up for the last punk show at the Amp, which was a shitty local bar but we played there all the time and had a great time, usually. Friday night though was one of the best nights ever there. Music was going till about 1:30. I did almost get into a bar fight, that wasn't cool. But it was flat out amazing how quickly my friend was by my side. Another friend was on the stage (guy 4) but if punches were thrown he'd have had my back despite the fact that it was his cousin he would have been fighting. But that fight was avoided. Then there was a lovely young lady who was being rather flirtatious, I met her a while ago but don't know her well, she seems chill. So Guy 4, Ma bro who had my back and the lady got into my truck and we headed to guy 4's house for what I thought would be an after party but it was just the five of us hanging out which was fine (the four plus 4's GF), we bullshitted and drank some more southern comfort. Everyone else fell asleep so I gave the lady a ride home, and we decided to go for a walk around a pond, and some more SoCo. We went back to her place and you can assume anything you want because it'll probably be wrong and it's none of your business. I realized that I need to do something quick at work so rather than risk falling asleep and not waking up in time I left at like 830 without having slept a wink. Went to work, drove to the airport to drop of the shipping, dropped of a coat a friend left in my truck, and finally got home around 10. Now for some reason this seemed like an opportune time to go to the gym. So while still wearing the same Dead Kennedy's shirt that I had been sweating in the mosh pit with I headed to the gym. Admittedly I only stayed like half an hour, but I sweated out some of the SoCo. Around 11 I finally go to sleep. Then headed to another friends at about 3, then went to a small party that night where I ran into an old friend and found out she lives like right across the street from me. Unfortunately we ordered a couple of sheet pizzas and I ate way more than I should have, completely defeating the point of going to the gym earlier that day. Oh well. Then went to the bar for a quick one and saw my cousin who was a bit wasted, er maybe more that a bit. Sunday was nice out and I went to a boxing class at the gym which was fun, although I missed one punch and fucked up my wrist a bit, but its the only class at the gym I didn't feel stupid doing. Also the only one where men were the majority. Also the only one you need to pay extra for, grrrr... but they do bring in a golden gloves boxer to teach the class so there is a reason. The teacher even told me I move around pretty good for a bigger guy. I'm surprisingly light on my feet for a fat bastard. I blame this on my sister who was a dancer growing up and used to teach me stuff so she could practice, one that always stuck with me is walking on the toes to build strong calves. I then relaxed like a mo-fo for the rest of sunday, I think I'd earned it, even though I really wanted to go outside just because it was nice out, I need a porch.

So that was my weekend, how was your's?

Tuesday, March 25, 2008


First off I'm pissed because I wrote a nice little review of this film yesterday only to have my computer freeze up on me. Fucking Microsoft.

Ok this was a good film that could have been even better, it could have been much better in fact. I would recomend that people skip to about 14 minutes into the film at which point it starts actually making its case against a historical Jesus. This part I found fascinating. Before I get into that thought I want to say how this film could have been better. Because I had found the first part interesting I did not want to watch the next two parts. They dealt with 9/11 conspiracies and the Federal Reserve Bank and I didn't want my opinion of the first section marred by association with the last two parts. Ok actually it was a time issue, but the little I saw made me happy not to go further. Mostly just because I saw one of there experts who is a guy who seems to be in every conspiracy theory movie. The other major problem for me was the basic tone of the film, at least during the lead in. In a movie like this it's good not to seem like you have an agenda, even though obviously they do. To me these kind of movies need to present their evidence and if its convincing then good and if its not they it doesn't matter how much crap they throw on top its still not convincing. In the same vein when the evidence in intriguing then you hurt yourself by trying to prop it up with angry rhetoric.

Now for evidence itself. Now I've heard before that there is only anecdotal evidence for Jesus as a human. But I figured that was due to the great amount of time that has passed and just sort of assumed the historians were correct because it was the simplest explanation I'd heard. But now I've heard an argument thats both simpler and makes more sense. I had also heard before that many of the attributes of Jesus were common among many pagan gods, but I had never before heard why. This is the critical part that makes me praise this film. The reason why there are so many very similar stories in the ancient world is because they all had one thing in common, the stars. The stars were a major part of life in those days, the stars told you when to plant your crops, told you when winter was coming, the were the calender and they also gave rise to intricate stories which became the early religions. Maybe Astrology also gave rise to Christianity.

Here is what I recommend go here, Zeitgeist the Movie. hit play then hit pause. let it download for a bit, slide the bar to the 14 minute mark. Watch through to the end of part 1 turn it off and ponder. Then come back to this page and tell me what you thought of it.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Barack X

After all the talk about Obama Rob the Granola Guy left me with an interesting thought. What if Obama was a black panther? What if we really did elect a militant radical leftist who sees the world through the lens of race?

My first thought when I read that was, hmm.... that might actually be kinda cool. I'm sure they'd do some fucked up things just like every administration but who knows maybe a militant angry minority in power could straighten some things out. Can't you picture Barack X in native african garb heading to Iraq, "Hey shut the fuck up fo a sec! I know them crackas' done fucked ya. I'm sorry, they been fuckin' with colored people for a long time and y'all got it pretty bad. So what are we gunna do about it? huh? I'ma work wit cha. It's gunna take some time to unfuck this joint but we can do it, together. If that means you want me to keep our troops here to help out we can do that, if ya think they're more problems than cures then we'll get out of the way. We got ta work together on this, I'm ain't gunna tell you what to do, it your country. It's my countries fault you're in such a mess so we're willing to do whatever it take to, well not make things right, seriously I'm not even going there. Thats what them honky's would tell ya, they'd say we can fix the wrong of the past. We can't, we fucked you, hard. I can apologize but nothing I say or do can right the wrongs of the past I cannot bring the fallen back to life. What I can do is work with you for a better future for both our countries, and towards that end I will do all that I can, but I cannot do it alone I will need your help, or more accurately you will rebuild your country for a better tomorrow and if you want help the strength, wealth and good will of the American people are here, and this time we are here for you. Thank you."

Yeah thats the kind of speech I'd like to hear. Ok so some of the slang and mispronunciations at the start might sound racist, but honestly I just meant to convey the sense that this wasn't a polished speech, this was a from the gut talk about the reality of the world. How about domestic policy?

"Same shit I told the Iraqi's sorry ma brotha's but there's not gunna be any reparations. At least not in the sense of a big ass check for all the unpaid man hours of our ancestors. We do that and for one generation we won't have to worry, we'll be all set. How does that help our children? our grandchildren and there grandchildren? Who do you think is going to pay for those checks anyway? If this country was a person they'd be bouncing checks. Now all of us who've lived paycheck to pay check know that when your deep in the whole it's not the best time to take out a loan for a new TV. Well white people know that, banks don't give loans to black folks but you know what I'm saying. So lets cut down the deficit, srsly people right now every child born starts life with like 30,000 dollars of debt just for being a citizen. And thats fucked. Oh and rich people, you're not going to like me, but guess what this is a democracy any you make up less than 1% of the population so y'all can kiss my ass. Exactly how were going to do that, we're still working on. Thats not to say that I don't plan on some reparations but the reparations I seek are not in the form of cash, they are in the form of real education for all of our children. This is the richest nation in the history of human civilization, yet we have citizens who can't read, we have families living in tents. There will be other shit too, but education is key, don't believe me? go read some Fredrick Douglass, can't read? then get the fuck up off the couch turn off the god damn tv and get your ass to school. Cause mothafucka I can't help you if you don't want to be helped. Peace!"
Of course the reality is that a black panther president wouldn't be able to accomplish shit at home. They'd probably help a lot in foreign policy where the executive branch now has unlimited power, but for the domestic stuff they'd still have to deal with congress and I'm sure we all know how well that would go. Oh the other problem would be the survivability as a radical black president.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Obama and his Pastor

I'm probably not the best person to listen to this subject. I'm a white male atheist liberal Obama supporter I cannot claim to be neutral. I kept hearing about this and how anti-american it was and all that. I had pretty high expectations for these video's I mean they were being trumpeted as being quite insane. Then I watched one, and another and maybe I'm missing something but I don't get it. I mean yeah people don't take to kindly to saying that god has damned our country and should, but didn't falwell and roberston say almost the same shit, except with a whole lot more crazy? One crazy pastor says AIDS was a government conspiracy to keep the black man down the other says god made it because he hates gays, but apparently can't actually make them not gay so he creates a virus that initially runs rampant in the homosexual community but now is an epidemic in africa. Both are crazy, but at least the one has a little bit of basis in reality. As for anti-american, robertson suggested nuking Washington D.C. OK so he really just wanted a little nuke for Foggy Bottom, a neighborhood in D.C. where my sister used to live and apparently is where the state department is located, so he really just wanted to NUKE the STATE DEPARTMENT!?!?!?! Somehow that's not anti-american. Now I know the big difference here is that these two psycho's aren't preaching to to our president, but then again people who do listen to robertson now work in our government. I'm also going to link to Obama's speech, heard it was good, the rude pundit liked it anyway.

My only question left, will people now stop trying to call Obama muslim?

UPDATE: I heard a few people at work giving awkward ass opinions about this issue, they claim to like and support him but think that this is going to bring down his whole campaign. It got awkward when my co-worker said that people will think he's racist.... um... HE'S HALF WHITE!!!! Who the fuck is he supposed to be racist against? Remind me I seem to have forgotten does he hate people who look like his mom or like his dad?

Oh and as for the pastor hating america, he's a Vet, I know I know Kerry was a vet too and obviously he hated america...(birds chirping) but how about you ask Bobby Goodman if Jeremiah Wright hates americans?

Friday, March 14, 2008

Happy St. Patricks Weekend!

So I'm really not sure when St. Patrick's Day is this year. The catholic church says its the 15th the calendar says the 17th now I'm not much of one for listening to the pope but in this case it is their holiday, at least I assume its their holiday. So I think the only right thing to do is to celebrate twice, I already took off the 18th for that reason, also because its a good friend of mines B-day the 17th. I love being able to tell my bosses that I'm taking a day off because I'll probably be hungover. Also love a supposedly religious holiday that is now solely about drinking copious amounts of alcohol, oh and wearing green.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Expensive Peice of Ass

Several thousand dollars an hour is an expensive lay, when it costs you your job and any hopes of getting a job in your field again, put you in all sorts of shit with your wife and costs you several thousand an hour then well... that better have been some good fuckin'. Wanna see her? yeah me too. Hey at least he Spitzer had higher standards than Clinton, shes fairly hot, definitely hittable but I she better have been real good for what he paid. Thank You Smoking Gun.

An Enemy of my Enemy is my Friend

So what could bring together conservative christians from the US and islamic fundamentalists in Turkey? Hatred of evolution of course! Oh the irony. We hate islamo-fascists, almost as much as we hate the truth.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Science blogroll

A few more science sites for the blog roll and a funny little article

First 50 weird science tidbits.

Now The Angry Astronomer
And Respectful Insolence.
and because I still haven't added it, Bad Astronomy

Justice is Blind

And so is our new governor. McLovin' has resigned and so now this guy is our governor, so far all I've heard is that he's black, blind and a pretty good dude. I don't care about the first two but hopefully the last is correct, then again most people thought Spitzer was alright. Good Luck Mr. Paterson.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Dirty Dirty Man

Ok so here's my conclusion about Gov. McLovin', based on the info so far. Judging from this,
According to a conversation in the documents, an Emperors Club employee told Kristen she had heard that Client-9 "would ask you to do things that ... you might not think were safe." Kristen responded by saying: "I have a way of dealing with that. ... I'd be, like, listen dude, you really want the sex?"

Emphasis mine. What that says to me is that Eliot is a bit of a freak, he likes his sex dirty, nasty and maybe a bit painful. So long as everyone involved is cool with it and you respect safe words then I couldn't care less what kind of crazy shit you want to do in your bed room, or the dungeon. But this isn't joe blow (hehehe) down the street (corner) its the governor. It's not the sex or even paying for sex that I care about. It's the lying. Here's how this whole thing should have gone, if we lived in a society that was mature about sex. Ok so married guy, loves his wife but likes some unconventional sex. She isn't down with it, but he's got needs. Rather than ruin their relationship you talk to your significant other and maybe they'll understand. It's not that your in love with another woman its just that you want to do some nasty shit once in a while. Lets say the wife understands, decides to let him have his fun once in a while, better to spend some cash than do it yourself, forget DIY hire a pro. The next critical step if you are a government official who wants to get wild is to go somewhere where it's legal! Duh! You'll still keep it on the DL but if or when you get caught its a minor story, Letterman gets a few easy laughs out of it and its over. Your press conference consists of, "yep I went to Vegas and obviously not everything that happens there stays there, hahaha. This was discussed with my incredible wife beforehand. It was legal, it was safe, and its really none of your business now lets get back to more important issues, like legalized prostitution, I can't afford all these travel bills, hahahaha." Ok so it wouldn't go quite like that but you get the idea.

But thats not how things went so now he's fucked, because he fucked. He'll most likely be forced to resign and you know what I don't feel bad for him. He could have handled his business in a thoughtful way but instead he assumed he could get away with it. fuck 'em.

But in his honor he's a little diddy by the Buzzcocks. hope the quality is ok.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Bad Governor go sit in the corner, Alone!

So El Spitzer done gone and got himself caught up with some whores. It sounds like they were high-end prostitutes so I'm not that mad at the guy, but considering the hypocrisy of the whole thing from someone who always claimed the moral high ground it's pretty bad. He should have legalized it, then when he got busted he could just tell the press, "What? So I bang whores, my wife doesn't mind why should you? and remember kids wrap it before you tap it." I never much cared for Spitzer so I don't care that much now, he seemed alright and it was clear he was going to win the election so I never really did much research on the guy, I guess theres a lot of people wishing they had done a bit more research. Of course at this point it just says he was involved, was he paying for nookie or running a brothel? Theres a bit of a difference. But thats all the time I've got peace out to all you folks on the internets!

Atlas Shrugged

Atlas Would shrug after reading this book, not because the 1,100 page book was so heavy but out of indifference towards its philosophy which harps on and on and on and on. This might be my first negative book review, I didn't hate the book by any means but I was expecting more. It was written by a person who left a communist country and saw the marvels of the free market. I'm not going to tear into the philosophy of absolute free market, well not much, if you want that then read the terrific book by Naomi Klein entitled "The Shock Doctrine."

The problem is that in order to sell the libertarian philosophy it is necessary to paint a picture that M.C. Escher would be proud of. The captains of industry are portrayed as being of the utmost moral fiber, and charity is evil incarnate.

This is going to be cut real short, unlike the book, because I'm outta time for the day.

Updates to follow

Friday, March 07, 2008

NY State Stats

Ok for work I was asked to look up some info about teen pregnancy stats for NY State and the County I live in. No big deal, till me being me I start snooping around a little and check other stats. First I'll say that while I'm Pro-Choice I do think this is one issue where the opposition has a very good point. I don't like their tactics and I think its an option that cannot be taken off the table entirely, but there are way to many going on and I see no reason why certain limits cannot be enacted. Unfortunately the opposition is so rabid about this issue that I don't see any compromise being possible. If we could say no third trimester abortions except in the case of harm to the mother, and maybe a few other restrictions I don't know, then I would be ok with that, IF it was left there. but It wouldn't. they'd take it as a victory and keep pushing for tighter regulations and I'm not cool with fighting this battle over and over again. But its too bad because there are too many abortions and I'm not afraid of stepping on liberal toes to say it, I'm very liberal but when a state had 254,000 live births and 117,000 abortions in a year there is something wrong. Seriously wrong. I'm not saying to ban them, not even close, I'm saying we need to start by really working on education to prevent the unwanted pregnancies that cause abortions.

Then I ran into some other disturbing info, like did you know that in NY state a black child is four times as likely NOT to make it to their first birthday as a white child? It's even worse for Latino's.

Lighter note, age of brides and grooms in NYC. Did you know 15 year olds can get married?

Thursday, March 06, 2008

more comics

Ok a friend just sent these to me so I'm going to save them here.
Joe Loves Crappy Movies
My Stupid Life
Diesel Sweeties

Worst Shots Ever

I've had a look of disgust etched onto my face for the last several minutes since I came across this list of the worst shots ever. Once you start adding Mayo to your shots it's pretty clear you're just trying to make people puke. But I would like to add that I've seen a friend drink some chocolate milk, then take a straight shot of 151 followed by some more chocolate milk. That wasn't even as a bet he just needed a chaser and the milk was all he had, so gross. I personally had done the flaming shot of 151, the smart way is to blow it out just before taking the shot, but I've drank them while burning. I don't recommend it, not at all, when it goes right our still left in a decent bit of pain and wondering what you just did to your esophagus and theres always the option that it doesn't go right. Namely spilling any of the burning liquid anywhere it has oxygen available. I've never looked but Ive been told its easy to find videos like this on youtube. Anytime when that you have to consider ingesting fire the possitive outcome you might want to reconsider. Of course this is the kind of thing thats only done when very drunk so it doesn't really matter what I say right now.

Wednesday, March 05, 2008


Amazing. srsly go see it. It was more than a little ironic for me because my job revolves around teen pregnancy but thats fine because I was too busy laughing to care. I don't want to give anything away, so I'm just giving my full endorsement and say that so long as you have a sense of humor you will enjoy this flick.

Tuesday, March 04, 2008


Ok first off I absolutely love the Search for the Holy Grail, one of if not my all time favorite movie. This both helps and hurts the play. The parts that came straight from the movie were some of my least favorite parts. The problem is that no matter how good they do its not going to be the original. Luckily there was quite a bit of new material which was generally very funny. There was one whole song that shocked me a bit, I would have expected it from Mel Brooks but I didn't see it coming from the Pythons. It was all about how no matter how good a play is it won't succeed on Broadway if their aren't any Jews. It was funny and obviously it didn't offend anyone too much or it wouldn't have won three Tony's. My assumption is that if this was a newcomer it might not have gone over well, but its Monty Python they pick on everyone, they've established their irreverence for everything so they can get away with a lot. The play had its ups and downs but I was lost control of my laughter a few times, I highly recommend it. Oh one little moment I liked, The knights who say Ni. "we are the knights who say..." and half the audience says "ni" later on its "we are no longer the knights who say ni, we now the knights who say...." and he looks out at the audience and yells, "Not so smart now are ya?" then goes into the, "icky icky patang ...." It was quite perfect. Oh and to those who care Clay Aiken was in it, I thought it was odd when robin got such a big applause. someone then told me it was Clay Aiken to which I said, "who?" Then I vaugly remembered him, and he played robin, the not so brave knight, which seemed pretty fitting. He did well at it. Anyway if you like to laugh and you like plays then go see it next time your in the city.

Monday, March 03, 2008

The Weekend sans Spamalot

Best Weekend Ever! Ok no, but a pretty damn good one. First I met up with some folks from work at a party/ fund raiser for the local theater. It was a Caribbean themed party which meant throwing on shorts and sandals while theres snow on the ground. A guy I work with played in the band and a good time was had. I then picked up a friend who I've only hung out with a few times but seems really chill, after changing out of the shorts. We head over to a friend of mines house for a small shindig. Good times are had and two interesting things happened, first the friend seemed to be flirting with me, sweet, then she mentions needing to wake up at like 5am, not so sweet, then she tells me its because she's going on a bus trip to NYC to see Spamalot, now I'm fucking jealous, then she realizes there might still be an empty seat, hella killer sweet, a few phone calls later and I'm in. Then the friend who's house we're at gets his pants pulled down by another friend who didn't mean to take the boxers too, so my lady friend and I get an upclose view of some wang, sadly this is far from a first for me, I have odd friends. Luckily shes chill and just laughs it off. We head back to my place to try to sleep for a bit which doesn't work out at all. Now before anyone thinks anything, not a damn thing happened, which is fine, no actually its a good thing I like and respect her so really wouldn't have wanted anything to happen that quickly. We laid there trying to sleep, every now and then asking the other if they were asleep, and the answer was invariably "no" at which point we'd laugh and talk for a bit, then try to sleep again, then repeat. About 5am we get up, seeing as we hadn't sleep it probably would have been smart to wake up a bit earlier so we could shower but it was too late by then.

This was going to be a post about spamalot but I've rambled so long that I think I'll do that separate and just talk about my weekend minus the spam.

So we pile onto a bus full of college kids, and me. I had a feeling at this point that maybe things were a little more complex with the lady than I had hoped as she didn't sit with me, and the whole time she was still very friendly but just a bit more distant in front of her friends than she had been in front of mine. We wandered around NYC for a while, went to the dock for lunch which ironically is one of the few places in NYC I've been to before, oh well. We wandered into St. Somebody's cathedral which was funny because another person in our group said she was going to catch fire if she went in, she didn't neither did I, I almost said something about being a bigger heathen but I decided against it. One thing I do respect about the catholic church, amazing architecture, I love that stuff. When you talk about the great architecture of Europe theres essentially two types of buildings that are brought up, Castles/ Chateau's, and Churches/ Cathedrals which for some reason all start with "c." As we are walking in I get a phone call from my sister, and I'm trying to end the call quickly because as much as I like to rip on religion I'm still going to show respect while I'm a guest on their turf. I even remembered to hank my hat off just after I got off the phone and scurried in, it was funny because I could see one of the... bouncers? nod to me as soon as I took it off as if he was going to say something but I beat him to it. Then I look down the isle and like a hundred yards away theres a freaking wedding going on, what? I guess its cool to have a wedding as such a huge and historic site but its totally not cool to have tourists at your wedding, oh well to each their own. We wandered some more, went to wall street and saw the site where the good George W. was inaugurated, sadly the statue is looking straight at the NY stock exchange, oh how our ideals have changed. This is a bit out of order as this is the point we went to lunch at the docks but whatever. Then we headed back towards the theater after stopping for a quick drink. The play was amazing, but I'll do a separate post about that.

I really wanted to go into the gift shop but it was just mobbed with people so I said I'd go back later, sadly that never happened. I called up my sisters BF and asked where he recommends for a reasonably priced dinner. He said Hells Kitchen, which made one member of our group nervous. I told her it used to be a bad neighborhood but its pretty nice now, I have no idea if thats true or not but I heard one comedian say something to that effect and it put her at ease so whatever. At some point during this walk I notice that my cheeks, the ones on my face, are hurting. I haven't felt that in a long time, I bet theres are many people who never do, they were sore because I have a pretty big smile and I had this giant grin plastered on my face for at least the last 4 hours, and the majority of the time for the last 24 hours at that point. Thats one surefire sign of a good day when your face is sore from too much smiling. At some point we decided that we weren't that hungry and we were going to pay too much no matter what so lets just pick a restaurant and get some drinks in us and a bite to eat. The big sis's BF came over for a drink which was pretty cool considering he had to trek half way across the city just to sit with me for like half an hour over a beer. I think he really likes her, which is great, he listens to lame music but otherwise hes a really nice guy, the only thing about the two of them that I don't like is that they live like 6 hours apart. I had a few overpriced Guinnesses and the others split a pitcher of sangrias. The fun part of that was that two of them were light weights and were stumbling a little on the walk back to the bus. my friend walked arm in arm with the two lightweights on either side while I lead us back to the bus. Those of us who can handle our alcohol decided to stop into a store for a beer for the road. At first I didn't think it was a great idea, then I realized that while my friend might get in trouble there wasn't much of anything they could do to me once the bus was moving. I should have grabbed two. The bus ride back sucked, way too tired and couldn't sleep. at least they threw in a movie, Freedom Writers, pretty good flick. The do gooder teacher trying to save the inner city youths. The scene when the kid talks about being homeless was intense. Then I tried like hell to sleep to no avail. I even laid down on the floor in the middle of the isle but that didn't work either. We got back to town and we walked back across campus, I went to my truck and she went to her dorm, before we split ways I let her know that as much as I enjoyed the play, the reason I'd been smiling for the last 20 some hours was because of her, and I meant it.

Before anyone gets too happy for me. I talked with the lady friend and said I like her and I think she likes me, or am I crazy ( I worded it slightly different) and she said yes she does like me but right now things are a little complicated, theres sort of a guy back home, so for now we're friends. Which I'm totally cool with, we're being open and honest. About the only thing I've figured out about relationships is that almost all problems stem from either lack of communication or lack of honesty, or both. I really don't think women are as crazy as they seem, I just think that without knowing whats going on anyone can seem crazy. So for the time being we are just friends, or Flirtatious Friends as she put it. Sounds good to me. Anyway, a pretty damn good weekend. Now I just gotta review Spamalot.