Wednesday, August 31, 2005

That Bastard Chavez Again

Now he wants to try to lower the cost of Oil to poor communities in the US. who does he think he is? trying to help the poor in his own country makes the CIA try to over throw you. Bringing in doctors from Cuba to help in poor hospitals get death threats from christians. What does he think is going to happen if he tries to help americas poor? He really does have a death wish. Its only 10% of the oil that comes to the US from Venevuela that will be subsidied. Thats funny the Veneuzelian government is trying to subsidies Oil to try to help the poor people of the worlds only superpower. Ok subsidise isnt how they put it, they said lowering price by direct sales. we cut out the middle man. Can we elect Chavez as our president? He might have done some bad things too, no one is perfect, but his worse is nothing compared to what our president has done, and he seems genuinly interested in helping the less fortunate.

Domestic Terrorism

This is quite the article, talks about domestic terrorism. Mentions that The Congressional Quarterly, , looked in domestic terrorism and said that the only real threat is from the radical environmentalists and animal rights groups. While there are several animal rights and environmentalist groups that have damaged quite a bit of property, they have not killed anyone. Then they list the 60 terrorist plots by right wing hate groups, I mean real hate groups like the Nazis and what not not the half ass hate groups like republicans and catholics. The center for homeland security has the reports of these 60 plots over the last 10 years that have been stopped by the FBI and friends. Admittedly some of these are simple assasination plots like what Pat Robertson called for, while some are far larger plots intent on killing many people. I dispise hate groups for several reasons the biggest one is really the idea of people being that easily munipulated. But I agree that these people can say and preach what ever they want, but when they start acting these things out they should be thrown in jail for a very long time, which it apears that the FBI is doing a pretty good job of stopping them, if there has been that many plots and no successful major attacks in a while. Its an interesting article worth a quick read, i read a few of the different cases, and when are people going to learn to stop videotaping themselfs commiting crimes??

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

whistleblowers arent supposed to be martyrs

Mrs. Bunnatine Greenhouse has been demoted this week for doing her job to well. She told her boss that the millitary contract with Halliburton was not done properly, they told her it was ok and to stop asking questions. she continued asking questions so she was demoted. They claim it is because of her record that they demoted her, and its a coincedence that her record was steller up untill she started questioning certain large millitary contracts. It is really a discrace when we begin punishing people for not falling in line behind the corprate elite. Supposedly, this country was founded on the idea of the people having the power. In school they told us that democracy was a good way to make sure that a few people did not become all powerfull. obviously this was also bullshit, like many things they teach you in school. Any way back to the issue, she should be given an award or two and a promotion. Although because of her service record she had moved up to the highest position for a civilian in her field. so maybe only a raise instead of a promotion. how can we get the corporations out of politics?

New Orleans is just nuts

Ok I can understand people not wanting to leave, but theres a story of one bar that never stopped serving. theres rescue helicopters overhead cops telling them they will be detained if seen out and they're still mixing drinks. what a town. one bartender was quoted as, it wasnt as bad as Mardi Gras. now thats a party. catagory 4 hurricane, ha im not scared, ive survived parties more destructive than you. Ok i should finnish by saying that I hope all the best for those stuck on roofs and attics, but the good news is after your rescued you can still get a pint.

Monday, August 29, 2005

The Flying Spagetti Monster

Now thats funny, its a website making fun of the kansas board of education thats making sure that children learn both evolution and "inteligent design". do they learn the hindu creating story as well? how about the Iraqouis creation story, where we are all living on the back of a giant turtle. it may not be the most scientific theory but its a lot more entertaining story than the christian one which is just a drawn out way of saying god made all. its really kinda a dull story. so this group called the church of the flying spagetti monster says that a giant ball of spagetti, that flys of course created the world. and there for kansas schools should teach that theory as well. its a funny website I only took a quick look at it but it looks like theres some other good stuff there. I think i saw a graph saying that global warming is due to lack of pirates. the earths temperature has been going up and the number of pirates has been going down. maybe there on to something... anyway a funny site, will probably piss of a bunch of fundamentalist christians which is kinda the point.

Ah the Big A

now heres a touchy subject. And honestly not one I find myself thinking about very often. But here it goes. Ok Abortion, yes it should be legal, but yes it is used more often than i believe it should. limiting how far along in the pregnancy it can be done, ok. those second two points most people seem to agree on.
the morning after pill, a great idea. if it was a mistake you can take care of it before it is an issue. having them available OTC is great, means that people who cant afford a doctor can help themselves before they need a very expensive procedure. I dont know what it costs but if you cant afford the regular doctors visit than you sure cant afford the abortion. they claim that as many as half of all abortions could be prevented if the morning after pill is made available OTC. I will say that they should change the name, Plan B just makes it seem like a viable option instead of regular birth control.
So then you get into the people who are dead set against any form of abortion. the so called "right to life" groups. Right to life is fine if you really believe that any human life is sacred and should be protected. This means that if you claim to be right to life you damn well better be against this war and any other, you better believe that the death penalty is immoral. Taking it a step further "right to life" folks should be trying to help feed poor children help with shelters for the homeless. If you are "right to life" then stand proud and tell the government that the money we spent on this war could have funded every anti-hunger campain in the word for the next 7 years, or immunizations for everychild on earth for the next 60 years. these are issues that both sides can agree on, we can tackle the abortion issue seperate. Let us get together liberals and "right to life" and end hunger today, unless maybe some of those so called "right to life" folks dont really care about life.
I bet i get a post or two outta this one. people will claim that there not the same issue, one is an inoccent life while the death penalty is a criminal. which is fine untill the justice system lets one inoccent person die and then it ruins that case. or that killing in war is different because they are the enemy, well i will then have to ask about the thousands of non-combatants, thousands of children, were they not innocent lives? im not really sure how one would argue that feeding starving children is not a "right to life" issue. I'll use their argument if you kill a child after less than 72 hours that is a horrible attrocity, but if you let the child be born and brought into a society where the child starves to death thats not a tragety on a grander scale? I dont necasarily mean our own society because were talking about right to life, not right to american life. If your going to use a term like "right to life" to make your side sound like the morally correct one then realise that you should hold true to the meaning of the words and protect life, if you really wanted you could even try to improve the lives of a few needy people but thats not manditory, protect life not only through birth for that is only the start. if your going to protect life than you should be trying to help that child untill they are old enought to decide for themselves. In my book if you claim that every life is sacred and your not fighting for programs to feed every hungry child on earth, sorry american lives arent the only ones that count, then you are quite frankly a hypocrite.

Thomas Paines Corner

This is a great blog, doesnt look like get gets a whole lot of visitors which is to bad, he really is a great writer. Its in my links if you want to check it out. He has several interesting articles one of which even includeds a viable exit strategy for Iraq, think about that. Hell our government hasnt even come up with one of those. Im not sure his strategy is perfect but its a good start. its a lot more viable that "stay the course" thats just a slogan for I'm all out of moves.
He reminded me of a few things i had wanted to ask one of which I think I'll leave as a sperate post. One is a question for Sandy and crew. I keep hearing about Jane Fonda. I know she was a strong anti-wat protester but what exactly did she do that was so terriblt that she is still being mentioned today?

damn spam

i was hoping that i wouldnt need the word verification but its happened. does everything have to have ads anymore? i understand the little blogger logo in the corner they give me a free service i give them a small ad thats a beautiful relationship everyone wins. but this crap with automated comments, that just sucks.
no point ranting about it everone has to deal with it, and im glad blogger has a feature built in to deal with it. ok 'nuff 'bout that

check this one out, i couldn't finsh reading it

I'm warning you, you will be offended. but please read it before my comments
First I know this isnt the view of most christians so please dont attack me for that.
Ok im all for freedom of speech but i guess that even I have a limit, this is just wrong. I dont think anyone on either side can argue for this group, unless maybe your even more for free speech than I am. This isnt even a legal issue this is just human decency, you just dont do that. Im really not sure what kind of punishment you give to people like this. Hmm...
Ok they obviously hate homosexuality. strap them into chairs force there eyes open and make them watch gay porn for like 72 hours straight, oh and feed them some LSD too just to make it more interesting. hey cruel and unusual is bad but creative punishment that fits the crime seems like a good idea to me. Im sure people wont like my idea for the punishment but you have to agree that this small group of people, who by the way are NOT affiliated with any major church denomination, deserve some kind of punishment for this heinous act. Man I didnt think that I believed in any form of censorship, leave it to a church to offend me that much... really I can't think of many times I've ever been offended before. but this has me kinda pissed.

there is an answer

there is an answer to my question about why didnt the US millitary help to evacuate people from New Orleans. It would seem that the Louisiana National Guard is in Iraq instead of helping to guard the nation... hmm...
Ok I had heard that part second hand, only 35% of the Louisiana National Guard is in Iraq. 6,500 people were still there. Figure if you could get 2500 duce and a half trucks down there with a conservative 10 people in the back of each thats 25 thousand people out of harms way. more likely using those trucks to shuttle people to the Air Force base near New Orleans and using the C5's and other transport planes would work better. ok so im back to square one. i still want to know why someone else didnt think of this. that was the first thing I thought when i saw people stuck there. there are people paid to think of these things, hell they were on TV all last night. how was getting everyone out not part of the evacuation plan? and as long as im pouring salt in a wound thats still being cut, it should be pointed out that Bush cut spending on the levees that help protect that area. yes these were cuts for next year but the irony is horrible.
Then theres the issue of tapping the federal reserve of oil because a large amount of our nations oil comes in through Louisiana and is refined there, I hope the fact that those reserves are in texas and louisiana doesnt hurt anything. talk about shitty luck. Im sure they will use the reserves, they did after Ivan struck last year.
Of course the people who went to the superdome to get away from the storm arent really worried about oil prices as the roof is being ripped off. Im sure there small peices but that still sucks. Ok so this is a terrible natural disaster that is still happening but it really seems like they could have had all the people out who wanted to leave. thats all im saying.

Book Review

Book Review time again! yes that means i actualy had a little time to read. I finaly finished reading what is probably the most important book ever writen. too over the top? well its a great book my one of the few intellectuals willing to tell the truth without fear. This book I speak of is none other than, A Peoples History of the United States, by Howard Zinn. this book is simply fantastic. ok enough with the praise. this book deals with the history of the united states from 1492 through the presidency of Clinton. It is aptly named A People History because its brought to you from the view point not of george washington but from the view of the farmers in the wiskey rebellion. the view of the indians instead of columbus. it is the history of the people who make up this country not the history of the rich and powerfull. this is what makes it unique. Howard Zinn makes no claims as to being unbias as most people do. he stoutly say that all history is bias and being that almost every history book is bias from the view of the leader of the country he is unashamed to say that his book is bias from the view of the oppressed. This is a book that should be owned by anyone who wants a clear account of the full history of the US. If you want to know more about george washington then there are a million other books for that. If you want to know how his leadership affected the people of this nation than there is only one book to buy. I am now thinking strongly about trying to get into boston U. simply so that i can learn from this man, I have to make sure he is still teaching first. Im not sure if i can give stronger praise than that.

Ok this ones a twofer. Also read The Prince by Machiavelli. This book frightens me a bit. It was written about 450 years ago in Italy by a man under the rule of a prince. What is frightening is that it is still very accurate to these times. This book is quite simply a guide to how to rule a country. It is concitered the basis for all modern governments. It does not deal with how things should be, there is nothing utopian about it. it simply states the way things are, and apparently the way that things will be. I would recomend this book to anyone who is interested in politics and power. It is a very short book, about a hundred pages is all. And yet it has influenced countless world leaders, not always for the good of the people. as I said its not a utopia it is a guide for the powerfull. It is an interesting book and well work the read.

Hurricane Katrina

First I have to say that I hope the best for anyone in the path of this or any other hurricane. I havent seen anything saying that the levees have been breached so I have to assume that as of writing this they are still holding. But now I have to ask a question. How is it that we can move thousands of troops half way around the world in a week and yet went the people of New Orleans were told to leave those without cars had to stay behind in the sports arena? it the worst had happend which it appears it has not, they would have been trapped there. we can spend 250 billion dollars a year on our millitary, not counting the war, and they couldnt sent a convoy down and get those people out of harms way? we couldnt be bothered to send our transport planes down and help evacuate the city? Im sorry I know that theres a war on but this war is supposed to be to defend americans, why then dont we bother to directly defent those americans in direct peril? I know there wasnt a lot of time but in 3 days we could have gotten the remainder of people out if we had wanted to. there is only one reason I can think of any i really hope that im wrong because as much as I distain Bush I hope he isnt this low. the only thing I can think of is that there would have been no way to make a profit off of it. And another thing I hate to point out is that from the video of people lined up to go into the superdome almost all of them were african-americans. ive never been to New Orleans, maybe thats is an accurate picture of the diversity of the people there. but i would be willing to bet that this is not the case, and that like everyother city in the US there are more poor people of color per capita than white. Therefor they were not able to leave so we sent them to the statium which is now leaking on them. Why didnt we get them out of the city? like usual its rugged individualism for the masses and government assistance for the rich. If someone can give me a more logical reason as to why we did not help to evacuate all the people of New Orleans, I would deeply apreciate it. This time I hope im wrong.

Sunday, August 28, 2005

and now a lawsuit I disagree with

The University of California is being sued because it set standards that any incoming students must have certain basic knowlege. This seems logical enough, we shouldnt have to waste college professors time teaching students things that they should have learned in highschool. That way the whole class isnt slowed trying to teach a few people who did not get a proper education, I assume then that they would be expected to go to community college for a year or two or maybe just a GED? But the lawsuit comes from the fact that many religous schools dont teach science they teach faith instead. I see why the religous schools are mad but really I have to support the state on this one. Not all children will recieve the same education, but they should all learn certain basic facts. Many religous people claim that evolution is only a theory and so it shouldnt be taught in school, well gravity is only a theory too but most people seem to think its right. Religions are also only theorys which is why theres so many of them. I mean even within one religion theres dozens of different theorys that we call sects. I spent to much time picking on the christians and I will stop. as soon as they stop attacking science, freedom and other religions. Untill then fuck em, Ill keep making fun of them.

the meek shall inherit....

Now thats funny, this guy is a preacher for a "non-profit" church and hes pulling in over a million dollars a year has a 1.4 million dollar home and a brand new bentley. I guess im really confused over what the christians believe in. meek inherit the earth? nah god hit me on the celly the other night and was all like yo foget all that about helping the less fortunate, what we really need is a hot whip. God was all about it, big pimpin.
ok I shouldnt judge, oh wait why not. he gave himself almost as much of the money as he have to help charities, 3.07 mill vs 3.10 mill. this guy should go to jail, im not quite sure what law it breaks but theres got to be one for ripping off a "non-profit" organization, or else just start taxing churches. oh that will get me shot. so it goes.

Friday, August 26, 2005

nice article
I didnt have time to finish reading this but it starts good, check it out if you want but i also put it here so id remeber to finish it latter. seems well woth a read though.

Robertson again

my real comlaint now is just why does any one give this man airtime? ok im not suprised that fox does but im not sure fox could suprise me anymore, unless they told the truth that would shock the hell outta me. I keep running into his past statements and it just confounds me to understand why CNN would but this guy on the air.
He has also said that feminism encourages women to "kill their children, practice witchcraft, destroy capitalism and become lesbians."
Robertson, if you remember, also blamed 9/11 on God wreaking revenge on America for its heathen lifestyle. thats kinda funny, that might be the only person who ever said that maybe 9/11 was our own fault. if a liberal said that they would have been drawn and quartered.
There were other outlandish comments that i dont have time to go find. so my question is this who would be crazy enough to listen to this guy, oh wait... Bush has meet with him on numerous occations. were all going to hell, let the conservative christians lead the way, they know all the shortcuts.

Hugo Chavez

Now i see why we want to take this bastard out. this guy won the popular election has a 70% approval rating in his country and is using profits from the national oil company, Citgo as we know it, to help build schools and hospitals in the poor parts of the country. we need to take this guy out what if everyone started thinking that not all profits should be sucked up by a few multibillionaires? that would be the end of the world. I mean Pat Robertson got it right, Jesus would be all about assasinating a guy that tried to feed the meak. I mean this guy brought in 20,000 doctors from Cuba in excange for cheap oil to that country. were supposed to be blocking Cuba to make sure those commies all starve to death. I mean really, helping Castro? That guy really tried to help the poor, he failed because he pissed off american companies by giving their land to the people, and we all know what happens if you anger american companies, especialy in the US controlled half of the world. This guy even travels around the country talking to the people imagine that, talking with ordinary people to try to see what can be fixed. im cant believe the CIA hasent removed this guy, well ok they did once but he was returned to power by the people with help from the millitary. And we did try to influence the election but he still won easily. this son of a bitch has the support of the people, democracy isnt supposed to work like that. a few super-rich hold all the power thats democracy baby, yeah!

now thats a lawsuit i can stand behind

Greenpeace, Friends of the Earth and four California citys are sueing federal developmental agencys for not complying with EPA standards when financing foreign projects. This is a great move, polution affects (or is it effects?) the entire planet. We cant force other nations to try to save the environment but if this goes through we will force companies to follow our guidlines if they want american money. first off there is only one reason any company exists, to make money. thats it, claim anything you want but really thats it. So we cannot expect the companys to help the environment on there own. so companies are earth friendly thats because they are going for the pockets of the environmentalists. if everyone agreed to only buy products that were safe for the environment then yes the companies would change to meet that demand. But most people are more concerned with putting food on the table than saving the world. I can understand this. that is why the government must step forward and protect the environment. the problem here is that bush has been notorius for folling back environmental protection. Houston, i think, was named the most polluted city in the US while Bush was govenor. he grandfathered the dirtiest powerplants so that they wouldnt have to do costly upgrades to meet modern standards. Bush is more concerned with corprate profit, i mean "the economy" than protecting future generations. they dump tons of money into hydrogen technology that is one of the least practical ways of making cleaner cars, and it will take many years so he can put in this token effort and no one really expects any change. it wouldnt take a whole lot of effort to make cars run on alcohol, my backround is in race cars, running on alky does have draw backs it gets about half the mileage of gas because the stoiciometric ratio is around 8 to 1 as apposed to gas which is around 15 to 1. But once the infastructre was inplace, which would be minor changes vs. what we would have to do for hydrogen. yes cars would need some changes to run on alky but nothing they couldnt solve in a few years. But we would be supporting ammerican farmers instead of foriegn coutries which is something the conservatives should love. then run the diesels on biodiesel which is what they were originally designed to run on by Otto Von Diesel all those years ago. im not sure of the pollution levels for alky but biodiesels have fewer emisions than regular deisel and nothing needs to be done to the truck. so anyway i always seem to fall into talking about the alcohol and biodiesel when i get into the environmental issues because i am a car guy and these changes could help alot of problems, not a permanent solution but a much better answer than what we have now. so if you want the future generations to have a planet to live on lets all work towards these simple changes and then move on from there.

Thursday, August 25, 2005

Im lucky

I just had a nice e-mail conversation with my older sister, i realised how lucky i really am to have the family that i do. we take it for granted but a strong family is becoming a rare commodity these days. We used to drive each other insane when we were kids but hey we were kids that what they do. im not sure why im posting this for the world, but I am. I thought I had more to say. I leave you with a quote then from one of the political genuises of recent times.

I love California, I practically grew up in Phoenix. - Dan Quayle

great article

just read a great article on Thomas Paine's Corner, its in the links, I think its worth a read.


I was sent an e-mail about the lack of media coverage for the genocide in Dafur. It was interesting seeing that the murder of several hundred thousand people took a back seat to the runaway bride on every channel except CNN. then i looked into it a little deeper as i kept wondering where is Dafur, ive never even heard of that country . Then i find out its Sudan and they have been in civil war for 40 years of the 50 years the the country has existed. while this is news worthy stuff I can totaly understand why it doesnt get a lot of coverage. Its hard to keep it interesting when its just a war that we are not involved in and has no end in sight. I feel for the people there but i dont know enough about it to have any real commentary on the things going on there. But if the nation is that divided then maybe it just needs to be two countries? I dont like defending the "news" outlets but in this case I can understand their reasoning. But I can say that if we claim we want to be liberators and all that BS then why arent we trying to help end this war? oh thats right theres no money to be made there.

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

my job rules

my actual job can be quite boring when im doing data entry but at least when im doing data entry no one minds if i take i quick break to write an e-mail or maybe a quick blog session. they know it would burn you out in a hurry if you just did data entry all day. I also call listen to my music while working. and its basicly and old dorm building so everyone has there own office and its all concrete so im not bothering anyone. this place is built like a bomb shelter, oh wait there is a bomb shelter. theres not that many office jobs where i could listen to dropkick murphys then rancid without pissing someone off. oh then agian you couldnt ask for a nicer group of people to work with. ive never seen so many big smiles at 8:30 in the morning on a monday. that just doesnt happen. ok well i should go back to work. peace

Pat Robertson tried as a terrorist?

An interesting article about Pat Robertson saying that the US should assainate the president of Venezuela, Hugo Chavez. They vice pres of Venezuela said this is a terrorist statement and that he should be tried for the crime. As much as id love to see Robertson behind bars for being a terrorist i have to say this is a case of freedom of speech. As much as I dislike what he said theres few things I dispise like censorship. theres a reason why it is the first amendement in the bill of rights. It does show how we love talking shit about muslim extreamist but when a fundamentalist christian makes a statement that is on the same level as kill the infadels we dont see a problem with that. christian fundamentalists scare me more than there muslim counterparts. one last thing, there was a joke on which is a great website, asking how different citys were trying to increase security against terrorist attack. One of the citys it said was putting up lightning rods all over town because your more likely to be killed by lighting than by a terrorist. now this is a joke, the onion is all fake news but its still funny.

damn drugs

man now i remeber why i dont take medicine, it was just simple allergy meds and some OTC thing for my asthma that has been acting up bad lately. its weird now i can breath but i cant think. im a pretty big fan of both of these functions. I also dont like the allergy medicine because it has an ampetamine in it. im not sure people realise just how common speed really is in OTC meds. most things that say non drowsy means that the medicine you need will put you to sleep so they add something to keep you away. I realise that the stuff in suddafed isnt the same as the speed you get from some drug dealer on the corner, but its not that far off either. thats why all the meth makers buy or steal suddafed to make that crap. Theres an area not far from where i live that just got called meth valley, theres been a shit load of people busted for making meth, half of them seem to get caught when there home burns donw and then they find out what was going on. stupid people. I mean really of all the recreational drugs meth is just nasty shit redneck crack is one deffinition ive heard. Its an anyoing spot to bein be able to breath and be alseep or be able to breath but on a drug that i dont want o be on. im particularly against any speed for myself having a family history of heart problems. look at the ingredients in medicine and all im saying ius know what your taking. I dont trust the drug companys, they used to sell straight up amphetamines as a diet pill. it worked ever seen a fat speed junkie? i think not. Any way im not pulling a tom cruise here and saying stop taking all medicne i just think to many people dont look into what they're taking. thats about enough bullshit for one post.

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

just finished a great book

I finished reading Eric Idle's Greedy Bastard Diary, an absolutly hilarious account of his travels across the US and Canada during his comedy tour. In case you didnt know Eric Idle is a member of the illustrious group of comedians know as Monty Python. The book was witty as you would expect, but what stood out for me was the serious sections when he talks about his friend George Harrison, of the Beatles, you feel like you know him. It is genuinly moving when he speeks of Georges funeral. It is simply a great book and a must have for any Python fan. And i would recomend this to anyone even if they werent a Python fan, although im not sure I know any people like that....

"I dont know where he is"

"He's [Osama Bin Laden] the ultimate parasite who found weakness, exploited it, and met his match. He is -- as I mentioned in my speech, I do mention the fact that this is a fellow who is willing to commit youngsters to their death and he, himself, tries to hide -- if, in fact, he's hiding at all.
So I don't know where he is. You know, I just don't spend that much time on him, Kelly, to be honest with you"
-George W. Bush

This is an old quote from April 8th 2002, but it still hits home. Our President admitting that he isnt that concernd with Bin Laden. He tried to be the hero after 9/11 but now he is more concerned with Iraq a soviergn nation that has never attacked us, i cant stress that enough, for the millionth time IRAQ HAS NEVER ATTACKED US! And is not concerned with the number one terrorist in the world. all this under the rouse of a "war on terror" so why not go after the terrorist? Is it to much to ask that we want the man who helped murder 3000 americans brought to justice? of course ot this rate bush may kill more americans that Bin Laden soon, hes up to around 2000. We are now completly stuck in a no win situation, but the good news is that halliburton has made a few billion dollars and thats all that really matters. Accually im going to take this a few steps further, forget impeachment Bush should be tried for treason. He put our boys, incuding a few of my friends in harms way while going against international law based on information that he knew to be false. He has made this world a more dangerous place for all americans and when the next terrorist strike happens, and it will, George Bush will be resonsible for it. Its an overused line now but think about it Clinton was impeached for lying about sex, Bush lied about the reasons for war and no one in power seems to be willing to even hint at impeachment. the overused line that im still a fan of is, " when Clinton lied no one died" pretty much says it all. And for clarification, i say impeach him try him for treason then let the international war crimes court try him.

havent posted in a few days

Ok ive been slacking on my page, mostly because i have been having some pretty good discusions on Sandys Page. It is a rather right wing group that posts there, but thats why its fun. telling liberals about all the bad things bush has done is easy. Try telling a retired marine that all war is wrong and killing is always murder, now thats a challenge. And the only way we can move forward is together and right now this country is bitterly divided. Ive heard a few say that this is the most divided the country has been since the civil war, theres a scary thought. So my goal is to try to convince a few right wingers to swing our way, or if nothing else to at least open up a few minds to think about what the other side has to say. One important thing is not to attack someone elses post, that just leads to name calling and thats not going to help anyone. I try to agree with the parts that I agree with and then state why I oppose the rest of the comment. I feel that agreeing with part helps us to realise that while we disagree there is some common ground and even the most hardcore right winger may still have some good ideas. I think im going to put a link to Sandys Page it will have a warning that its a conservative blog. ok thats about all for now.

Friday, August 19, 2005

good ol' Cheney

"As a nation born in revolution we believe, and we know, that tyranny must be
opposed and ended, that cruelty and violence must be answered, not with
indifference but with justice, that innocent captives deserve to be liberated,
and that every person on this earth has a yearning to be free." - Dick Cheney

I really like the irony of talking about violence must be answered, not with indifference but with justice. as Cindy Sheehan sits waiting for an answer to the violence. I could keep going but id rather leave you to think about that one. I got to the page with that speech for go check it out sometime, its in the links.


god damnit, women can drive you completly insane and not even know it. And im not even talking about a wife or even a girlfriend, simply a friend. shes leaving town so a few of us from work took her out to dinner and were having a nice time, good so far. Now i need to explain that while i like this girl alot and would got out with her in a heartbeat shes leaving the state soon and is out of my league to put it mildly. So anyway were out having some sushi and generaly enjoying eachothers company when she just says shes done and wants to go home. Its only 10 o'clock at this point. Now the only reason i have any right to be upset at all is that a few weeks ago another guy from highschool comes home thats good friends with her friend and they all go out till the bars close and tell us about what a crazy night they had. This shit is getting old. Its been this way forever im just that friend that they tell great storys to, never get invited when the storys are being made. I should be worryed that she may see this post but I really dont care right now. Its not an insult to her shes a great girl, smart funny compasionate and incredibly beautiful. It really has almost nothing to do with last night. last night was simply a reminder that as much I try to do for a girl, any girl they never can think of me as any thing but a friend. This girl i have been speaking of i should appogize to in this post because it really isnt her fault she didnt do anything wrong and im not trying to be more than friends with her, although i wouldnt be apposed to the idea either. Its always the same, every girl i meet I like them they think im a nice guy we hang out, maybe, then they tell me all about some guy they meet thats cute. to which i then have to point out, ok that may be but hes a jerk and you cant stand him. oh and if the person I was speaking of is reading this im now on to a different occation. They then tell me that hes actually nice he just acts like a dick. And i have to say no he is a dick and hes acting nice cause he wouldnt mind fucking you. then the girl gets made at me and runs to the other guy. Then a few days later she comes back and says i was right and im forced to say i told you so in so many words. of course so as im not blaming this entirely on the fairer sex i will say im over-weight and broke as shit right now. Im not saying any of these girls are shallow its just that lets face it everyone is somewhat shallow and its just that looks are the only thing you can decide about a person before you meet them. Im as guilty as most for it its no coincidence that this girl that broke my heart, by accident and probly without having a clue that she did, is among the most beautifull people ive had the pleasure of ever seeing. I'm rambling on a bit here but if you have a problem with it fuck of cause the site is called quintessential ramblings so guess what i ramble. And if its quintessential to you then thats cool but honestly this is all about me and things that i just need to get of my chest. so any way yeah girls they can be teh greatest thing that ever happens, they can simply throw you a smile and you get this warm feeling inside and all the hair on you stands up while you almost walk into a wall cause you stop paying attention to anything besides her and that great smile. Ah well i just had an hour long talk with another woman I work with and things are right with the world again. just bullshitting about life can really take you mind off... of.... life, yeah. So if anyone has ever been to this site ill be happy, and if your still reading this crap then, well im not sure if im happy that my writing is going well or else damn your bored. So if you ever happen to read this lil muffin then i just want you to know that seeing you was the highlight of my summer, twice a week seeing that great big smile looking at me just made my life that much better. Im going to miss you more than you will ever know.

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

More problems in Iraq

This is from an article on Its about people smuggling oil out of Iraq and the money the "government" is losing. It then gets into how they're trying to stop this smuggling. Its an all right article about more issues in Iraq. There was one line that I found particularly revealing.

"Realizing the problem, the Coalition Provisional Authority decided that it
needed to remove the subsidies, which were inherited from Iraq's
state-controlled economy. Besides fuel, Iraqis receive a subsidized monthly food
ration, which takes up another quarter of the government's budget. Fertilizers,
industrial products and electricity are also subsidized"

Man sure wouldn't want people getting food subsidized. What are they thinking letting people eat, they should all be tried for treason. What level has the news fallen to when we can seriously try to justify not helping to feed people because they are losing money to stolen oil? Halliburton might lose some money from stolen oil so lets stop helping to feed people? Maybe I'm taking this to far. Are profits really that important?

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Political Music

There has been a bit of a buzz around because apprently a new Rolling Stones song has a measage about the war. Im not sure if this is a sign of things finially getting bad enough that even major bands start putting political measages into there songs, or is it a sign that we have become so fearfull of our government that its a big deal when a major act does have something to say. That was poorly worded. It wasnt that long ago that there were many songs that actually had a measage, and there have been all along, just not in the main stream. One of my favorite bands is NOFX they have done a great many songs about current events. there latest album is called War on Errorism and is worth checking out for the cd art alone. theres a song called franco unamerican that is an instant classic in my opinion. Its a song that mentions Noan Chomsky, Howard Zinn, the book Fast Food Nation, quickly mentions Globalization not bad for punk song. Punk rock gets atacked alot although not so much now that theres a whole generation of crap out right now, but if you look at almost any of the punk bands from the 70's and 80's you will see a stagering number of political songs. And most are not just saying go anarchy, cause lets face it people just cant be trusted without a government and a system of laws. Of course when the government is no longer trusted by the majority then where do you turn? This was not a very well thought out post, oh well im new at this, havent done creative writing a few years and i sucked at it then too.

Bunnatine Greenhouse

Bunnatine Greenhouse is one of the few Americans willing to stand up to this administration and its corruption. Please listen to her story and make sure we stand behind her and protect her when bush and Cheney try to attack and discredit her, because we all know they will. They will try to smother the story first but we keep talking so the media may show a little about it. Then they will attack her and spread rumors about horrible things she's done the religious right will call her the devil. All just standard practice these days so we must help this woman in everyway we can. If I was in a better finacial situation I would be honored to donate to a defense fund if she has one. Well there's lots of info about this situation and I don't have anything new to say about it so ill just say keep her in the spotlight and don't let her do this alone.

Sheehan changed her mind

I keep hearing those who support the war and support Bush say that Mrs. Sheehan has changed her mind about Bush and the War. They are using a quote taken out of context to prove it. This is not the problem everyone uses quotes out of context sometimes by accident sometimes to change the meaning but if the quote is in full then its a transcript and losses its punch. The problem I have is that they can even use that part of a quote against her. I know Bush thinks its the only mortal sin but we are allowed to change our minds. You can be on one side of an argument and realize that you were wrong, really its ok. If you became a pacifist because you lost a loved one, that's ok. To look around and decide if your morals are right from time to time is healthy that means your growing as a person. It really sickens me when people try to attack a Mrs. Sheehan I may not completely agree with the way she's going about this, I believe she could have asked for more than just to talk to Bush but that doesn't matter. She is making her voice herd and for that I have the utmost respect. I've heard some people trying to argue that its disrespectful to the family's of the soldiers how died that believe they died for a cause. I understand that idea but there's two problems, first this is still America and we still have some freedom of speech, and more importantly she is trying to get answers to why her son was there at all. If Bush is able to tell her the truth and convince her that there was a good reason for the war and that it was the only option left then so be it. Then she will have succeeded, she only wants answers is that really such a terrible thing? Do we need to run a smear campain against that? If Bush has been telling the truth all this time then i dont see why this is even an issue, just sit down with her tell her everything that led up to the attack sip some coffee and have a good day. The only thing that makes any of that not the easy solution is if Bush has been lying for the last 5 years and if thats the case impeach him, try him for treason, then try him for 1,800 counts of murder (we have great records for americans killed i just dont know the number of iraqis or id try him with those murders as well). Well mrs. sheehan good luck we support you.

hello world

so this is blogging, its been three minutes and no one has showered me with praise and gifts. hmm something must not be working.