Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Fuck Yo Captcha!

Ok I'm getting sick and tired of the fucked up Captcha on blogger. Hey I write a quick little post now lets publish, ok well i doesn't matter what I type the first time because it fails the first time no matter what, been that way for a while now. So I try it again, I can barely decipher what it says because unlike some other's that use multiple colors and slashes to confuse computers but help people, google had the bright idea, how about we just squish the fucking letters together so close that no one real or not has more than a wild ass guess as to what the squiggles are. Great fucking plan. then I tried again. And again. Then I got more pissed, then I tried again. I think it was somewhere around the 6th attempt before I happened to get lucky. I wonder how many tries this one will take, I also wonder if it might not be worth moving to a new domain?

Thanks Pops! - Great Quote

My parents are renovating a building so I've been doing some work with them last couple evenings after regular work. It's been fun to get to just talk about stuff, just the two of us. Sure we just got back from a vacation together but there were always others around and I kinda tried to avoid politics with that crew. Of course it was the week of the PA primaries and I'd just gone to see Obama speak, oh shit I never mentioned that did I? Anyway politics came up after considerable drinking which isn't always the best plan, but it sure wasn't going to stop me. Parts of it got quite heated, but I was just getting pissed off because one guy kept saying that he hated my boy Eric Massa because he was just a full time politician..... For the non-locals, Massa is a 27 (?) year naval vet who held some pretty lofty posts under Gen. Wes Clark but has never held a political office. Yes he's been campaigning against the incumbent who actually has been a politician most if not all of his adult life but somehow none of that was relevant because Massa is a full time politician, end of discussion. Whatever fucktard. So while I wouldn't call my father a liberal I do consider him a very logical and rational person which means many of his views are fairly liberal, with a bit of a libertarian lean. But when in a group of decidedly conservatives, he'd rather just have a good time, he is on vacation at the time. Me on the other hand, my politics don't take a rest, especially not just cause I'm drunk. What I'm trying to say is that the last couple days we've had some interesting convo's. I try not to dwell on the heavy stuff for too long but some shit just needs to be said.

Now for the story about the quote, some ad came on for Larry the Cable Guy, and so I told my dad, "It's kinda funny of all the different groups of people, the only one that consistently makes me feel awkward and uncomfortable is rednecks." "Maybe that because they seem to be about one breath away from being skinheads" my dad fires back with no hesitation. Well done dad, well done.

Inconsiderate bastards

Ok this minor little story came from a while ago but I need to point it out anyway. I'm at the laundromat havin' a good ol' time watching some daily show goodness and Colbert is up next. I had to throw stuff in the drier and at about that point a couple other people walk in. One says something about how long its going to take and then the other says well if were going to be here then we might as well be entertained and changes the channel. Now ever other time I've seen people come into the place when others were there and try to change the channel they started by asking, hey are you watching this? I've been asked that while reading a book with the tv volume almost off, but thats what polite people do. These assholes couldn't have cared less that someone else was there first. Then to add insult to injury what did they make me miss the finest satire on TV for? America's Next Top Model. Grrrr......
So what does one do in this situation? I could have said, Excuse me I was watching that. I could have simply changed it back. I could have gone to the other side of the place and read the book I had brought, I went a different route. Get them back without doing a thing. There are three chairs near the TV, and a couple more on the far side, I simply sat back down where I had been put my headphones in and read my book while sitting in the middle chair of the three under the TV. They kept me from watching my show, I kept them from watching theres, and I had my own entertainment anyway. I should have just changed it back but I'm too passive. Oh well.

Oh and fuck them bitches.

Then today I'm driving, I head onto the highway and theres a little construction going on and theres just one travel lane and a stop at the merge. No big deal its not that terribly busy a highway. Wait till there a good size gap and don't be stingy with thee throttle when you hop into the travel lane, simple right? The other option that I hadn't thought of but apparently several people ahead of me did was to stop at the sign the slowly pull out right in front of a car traveling at 60+ mph forcing them to brake rapidly to avoid a collision, my personal fav being the city buss that pulled out in front of the tractor trailer, great plan asshole. I was impressed there wasn't a crash, well done mr. (or mrs.) trucker.

I had another uber-asshole move that I saw at about the same time as the laundromat, now I've forgotten what it was, but fuck that jerk too.


Man they're great.... when they work. That may have been the first time I've ever had a computer truly crash. I mean starting in DOS kinda crash and not wanting to go further. I'm still a long way from having it fixed but at least it works again. I blame it on the fact that I failed to give it a present for it's birthday, it was a biggy too. On 4-10-08 my PC turned 10 years old. Yeah, so I can't be too pissed when it dies, this thing should have kicked the bucket years ago. Thats what happens when you work at a non-profit. oh well.


Ok I was on vacation, thats why I haven't been posting. Well thats why I didn't post till Monday, there will be a rant about why I didn't post yesterday. The vacation was fun, went to Ocean City MD and played golf with my dad a couple of uncles and some other fellas. It was a good time, hit some balls and drank some beers. I could say more but I've got ranting to do. Plus that was a little while ago now and I've had a bit of stress since then. Just know that I had a blast.

Monday, April 28, 2008

Startling Revelation

I think I might have figured out my other major problem with women. Yeah this should be obvious but I'm inept. Most people like me, I can hang out comfortably with most crowds, although the one segment of society that always makes me nervous is rednecks. If you've been reading this site for any length of time you'll notice that I have a couple types of posts, my irreverent views on politics and the world at large, my upbeat and irreverent views on my friends and my day to day life, and finally some emo-ass shit about how I get shot down by every woman I show any sort of interest in. Why do people like me when I'm being a lovable asshole but no one loves the tender side that tries to be the thoughtful guy from the lifetime movie, not to be confused with the more prevalent spousal abuse guy from the lifetime movies. A friend of mine pointed this out to me but it didn't quite stick because no one actually listens to advice, even when they ask for it. She worded it very differently but basically told me to just be myself. I know that I turn into a needy little bitch that just wants to do anything to make her (whoever it may be at that moment) feel happy. I can't say that I'm faking it, it's sincere but its not what people are looking for. Then my sister was chatting with me about some bad news. And she wasn't too upset about it and she set me up for some jokes, so I made the inappropriate jokes and she was happy. She was happy because when everyone else was trying to be nice with pity I made fun of her. I somehow need to re-wire my brain to not fall in love instantly. So long as I think I have no chance with a girl, like when they aren't single, then I'm just normal irreverent shit talking me that everyone seems to like. I need to still be that same person who loves to talk shit even while thoughts of romance dance in my head. That is my challenge that is my quest.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Quote of the day

"We do not have one brain cell to waste in the state of Kentucky when it relates to our young people," Westrom said.

Hehehe, I'm an asshole.

Oh this was in reference to Kentucky being the latest state to ban alcohol vaporizers which do just what they sound like, and there seem to be some good reasons to ban them. But I only posted this because that quote made me laugh.


I haven't made much mention of this flick cause it sounds like it's crap. I made fun of that "What the Bleep" movie but at least that was interesting and amusing even if it was usually inaccurate. My biggest qualm with that one being I had too high of expectations. Expelled on the other hand just looks like poorly thought out propaganda with a big budget. I might rent this once it's on DVD but I'm sure not going to pay theater prices to see this drivel. Oh and while I know very little about this film besides whats been said by PZ Myers (who told me I must put up that link) I know that this film works hard to connect evolution to Nazi's.

Mr. Stein? Yeah Mr. Godwin is on line three he'd like to have a word with you. Ok so this might not quite count, he's not saying scientists are like Nazi's he's saying Darwin is responsible for the Nazi's which is so much worse. And as I recently pointed out, genocide, hell genocide against the Jews has been going on since long before Darwin.

Anyway if you want to see this then do, I'm poor so like I said I'll rent it to avoid giving these schmucks any more of my money than I have to, I'd really screw 'em and get a bootleg, but somehow I don't see this as being an easy bootleg to find, half-way through the film the camera guy says, "Man, Ben Stein don't know shit about punctuated equilibrium." Then gets up and leaves. Maybe it'll be a half priced bootleg.

Support The Troops

WTF?!?!?! There is something very very wrong with this country. There was recently a "Saving Private Ryan" moment where a man lost both of his brothers in combat and under the sole survivor rule he was sent home. That alone is a sad story but at least the Army tries to prevent undo hardship for the family by sending the survivor home, right? Yeah until he gets home and loses all his benefits, loses his GI bill, is told to re-pay his enlistment bonus and even finds out that his pregnant wife no longer has insurance. He did the smart thing and phoned his congressman who was able to get him some of his benefits back and is now working on a bill to give sole survivors the same benefits as anyone else who is honorably discharged. Support this bill.

I'm just getting over a nasty little stomach bug which left me dead to the world yesterday and I'm not exactly 100% yet otherwise you can bet there would be far more swearing and indignation in this post.

Friday, April 11, 2008


Say it again, infrastructure. Thats the shit that keeps a country going, its the roads we travel on, its the water mains that we drink from, the sewers we poop in, the power lines that well power everything, the dams that prevent floods. These are important things. It's also interesting to note that there was a time when part of our bloated military budget went to such things. After WWII we realized that the germans were able to put up one hell of a fight against the US, the UK, and Russia all at the same time at least partially because they had an incredible system of highways now known best for their lack of speed limits. So Eisenhower said damn, if we want real homeland security a big part of that is infrastructure so he had the army build much of our modern highway system. Ok most of those original roads have been replaced by now but you get the idea. We spend half a trillion dollars on the military why not have them do something productive instead of destructive? So without further ado here is Popular Mechanics list of "10 Pieces of US Infrastructure We Must Fix Now." And when one of these fails the media will again hype, we had no idea the levees could fail.

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

1000th Post!!!

Holy Crap this is my one thousandth post on this here website! I'd like to thank all those who stop by and read this crap, an even bigger thanks to those who occasionally leave comments and the biggest thanks of all to the person who makes this all possible, ME! Blah Blah ego whatever it's my damn accomplishment. But you are more than welcome to come bask in my glory or to shower me with praise, or money showering me with money is also appreciated. (given that I don't even have a paypal button you can judge my expectations of that happening)

So thanks again to those who read this, I'm still enjoying it, hope you are too!

Cartoons and Life

I've been slacking lately on the bloggin' sorry about that. I guess my attention has been diverted lately. I've been working out a lot lately. I never thought I would actually enjoy exercise but I think I've finally reached that point. I'm looking better and I feel so much better. I'm within a few days of being able to say I've lost 40 fuckin' pounds! As of today I've lost 39. My short term goal is to get under 230 before I go on vacation on the 21st. 4 lbs in a week and a half will take some work but its doable. I also finally have some people to work out with. It's slightly awkward as one is a guy who wants to do free weights and such, the other is a girl who is looking to lose a little weight and get toned which is really more in line with my goals. I wouldn't mind having more muscle but not being fat is the real priority.

I also promised a Cartoon so in honor of my amazing abilities with the ladies here's a rather fitting one from XKCD.

Friday, April 04, 2008

Flying Spaghetti gets into hot water

Ok so via Fark (again) I came across this article about a FSM display in front of a court house in Tennessee. Initial reaction, nice FSM display! The article starts off alright, says that the display has been met with mixed reviews, generally ranging from indifference to outrage, and thats reasonable. But then it becomes very very one sided.

In summation, the spaghetti monster unveils the secular myth of neutrality when it comes to politics. I applaud the county government in being consistent with the free exchange of ideas by granting the statue a place on the courthouse lawn along with the other artistic and religious expressions. While the idea of creation via the Flying Spaghetti Monster may seem ridiculous, modern Darwinist dogma is even more ridiculous in saying the universe came into existence out of nothing. To put it in mathematical terms, nobody multiplied by nothing equals everything.

If Congress is to give no precedence to one religion over another, let’s make sure the Church of Darwin is treated no differently.
Then again this is Tennessee and journalism 101 says know your audience, write to your readers. But how can we help these readers? Oh plus this is from April fools day so who knows, I hope any news paper would only run the words "Church of Darwin" as a joke, but sadly I'm not convinced that it is.

Hot for Teacher

Ok this is about as far from a scientific study as possible but I like to check out Fark on a pretty regular basis and it seems like almost everyday there is a story about a teacher having sex with an underage student. It's a big country and plenty of pervs so that in and of itself is no real shock, what surprises me is that the vast majority are female teachers with young male students. And often the teachers are hot! Now my real assumption is quite simply that the people at Fark find a lot more amusement in hot cougar teachers than grizzly perv's and who can blame them? But maybe it is more common in this direction, and if so then I'm very angry. There were several teachers I wish I could have had sex with back in high school, its just not fair.

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Ben Stein is Right!

Which means I'm a Nazi, oh well if thats what science tells me then I must submit as there is no questioning of D__win allowed. If this isn't making sense the I recommend checking out this article. I also recommend you look at your calender. That article is impressive, sad, horrific and disgusting yes but thats history for you if you don't change history as you go you'll find the past to be a pretty nasty place, of course so long as we keep correcting the past to cover this up we ensure the future to be just as violent a place. And sorry to the Jews, I couldn't care less about your religion but as a people man y'all have been fucked over, and over and over and over.