Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Abramoff sentenced

5 years 10 months.
I was hoping for more, they did get minimum sentencing, but hey its a good start.
For more on the story go to the New York Times.
oh they also have to pay $21 million in fines. They get to wait 90 before actually going to jail while they are witnesses to a murder case....

Its like watching a deck of cards fall in slow motion.

Fox slips the "S" word

American Family Association
who am i trying to kid? I dont really care about some nascar boy saying shit on the air. I think its bad policy but it doesnt really interest me, but at the same time i hate nascar and ill explain why. I love racing, thats my education thats my background and that what i used to do for a living, which is why i hate nascar. Ok that still might not make sence, ok theres a million different forms of racing and i find that the only type that truely bores me it this crap where they go around big oval for a few hours in a car using very very advanced 1960's technology where the out side looks vaguely like a mid-size sedan/coupe. My main love is for the road course, so much more challenge. And finally i hate nascar's popularity simply because every time i used to tell people i was in racing they would say oh like nascar? and then i would have to explain that nascar makes up about 1% of the racing in this country.
Then theres the real reason i care about this issue, i dont like FOX as a company. Ill be honest if this had happend on ABC or CBS or NBC i wouldnt have cared less, but i dont like fox. theres also the point that fox loves talking about "family values" and how we need to protect the children and all this crap so i think they should pulicly appolgize and willingly pay any fine imposed on them.

Generals want Scalia off Gitmo Case

WoPo has this article about retired generals who have sent a letter to the court asking that scalia withdraw himself from the case of a man who has been held as an enemy combatant in guantanamo bay. Scalia has publicly stated that he does not think that enemy combatants have and legal rights, which would mean that he has already made his decision prior to the end of the trial.

Mad Tv

oh man....
this looks like something i need to watch, but not at work so im saving it here to find later. I hope its good
Mad Tv on C&L

Im jelous

I wanna go to a big ass protest. CNN is reporting about students walking out of highschools to go join the rallies, in some cases teachers and administrators walking with the students "for safety." This is amazing, theres no way that this is not going to affect legislation. Way to go folks, way to go!

Fuck Fox

"Could 9/11 have been avoided if Moussaoui had been tortured?"
From Crooks and Liars
Ok in their defence they did state in the show that torture doesnt work, which is an important fact that many people seem to miss. And that should be quantified, torture is not effective in terms of quickly getting information from a person. It is a psychological weapon used to demoralize the enemy for this it can be effective but often it simply angers the enemy and creates a stitution where our soldiers will be tortured just for revenge. This does not create a safer environment for anyone.
But in the end, fuck fox for putting that question on the air. Would they write it out on the screen if someone asked, "could 9/11 have been prevented if Bush read any of the memos about terrorism?"

Another Borken Law

So our president has stepped out on the balcony takes in a breath of fresh air then lights up a nice fat cuban cigar, lighting it with the burning corner of the Constitution in his usual manner.
The most recent constitutional law that hes broken, at least to my knowledge, is intentionally signing the wrong bill and then stating as he signs it that hes not going to follow the parts he doesnt like. Thats just great, why do we have laws agian? why do I obey... some.. of them? At least or media trounced on this and showed the good people of america what its president has done. Ok well one newspaper picked up the story. That was the Boston Globe .
Oh shit I was wrong, I had two different recent illegal signing mixed up. I just assumed they were the same, I didnt think you could illegally sign laws that often, but of course bush snuck in under the bar as usual.
Like a week ago he illegally signed the wrong bill into law, which i would say was a minor mistake unless he was directly told not to sign it becuase it was the wrong one, which is exactly what happened.
This signing is illegal because aparently a president can add a "signing statement" in which he states his interpretation of the law. Ok thats a little wierd to me because its the judical branch thats supposed to interpret laws, but anyway the important part is that he said he would still withhold information if he deemed it nessasary in direct violation of the law he was signing. just the latest proof that he has no concern for laws of this land.

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

A Real Christian

Tom Paine at it again
This is what i remeber from church, the idea that you should help people, this is what made the catholic church so popular around the world, they move into an area and help people those people see how good they are and then want to join them. I like that concept, be a good organization and people will join. I want to thank the writer of this for reminding me that theres a lot of great christians out there, they just keep getting drowned out by the ones who need to scream about the war on Ishtar.... silly wannabe pagans...

were all gunna die

yep its global warming time
another intersting side effect. dead birds on the beach, see it is going to affect us, cause who wants to go lay on a beach thats covered in dead birds?
Daily Kos
or heres a look at the arctic sea ice thats melting.
Thomas Paines Corner
yeah 85% of the country things that the weathers acting funny lately... im suddenly glad I live no where near the beach, cause i think the beach is going to be heading this way soon

illegal bumper stickers?

AJC bumper sticker
person has a "tired of all the BUSHIT" sticker on their car, gets a ticket. officer claims theres a ordanice in teh town against "lewd" stickers on cars. Other officer says he doesn't know of any law directly about bumperstickers and said they could not discuss another officers motives. so the person is fighting the ticket which is clearly a violation of freedom of speech.

Get Your War On Christians On

The Smirking Chimp has a hilarious article about the "war on christians," they had an actual confrence about this. my question is quite simply this if the christians are on one side of the war, who the fuck is on the other? no one is fighting against your religion. there are plenty of people who are fighting against some of the whack job ideas that are coming out but theres a big difference between... you know what im not going to waste any more time on this subject, its just silly.

the christian war on Ishtar (easter)

The christians have been destroying a great pagan holiday for way to long. Ever wonder why the symbol of the reserection of Christ was a rabbit that lays eggs? i always wondered as a kid, and then I learned that its named after a spring fertility celebration named after the pagan god of fertility, Ishtar (which is pronounced easter). Then it makes sence eggs are an obvious symbol of fertility as are rabbits for a much more giggle inducing reason. So the moral of this is.. who gives a shit? Im sure Bill O'Rielly is going to try to increase his market of nutzoids but the liberals of the world have way more important things to worry about than people saying happy easter. And anytime someone mentions it then im just going to tell them that the christians should have come up with their own damn holiday and to stop trying to steal pagan ones just cause they're more fun.

P.S. this is where the data came from, ironicly a conservative site. its always fun to beat someone up with their own shoe. World News Daily

Welcome Home

Common Dreams (same link as below)
Well a big hardy welcome home to Norman Kember, James Loney and Harmeet Singh who spent 118 days in captivity in Iraq. They went as peace activists trying to help promote peacefull solutions, and one ended up being killed. my heart goes out to the family of Tom Fox.

POS media

Common Dreams
Ok so the government is blasting the media for being to negative, the media is saying well the situation has deteriorated to the point were we can get to the nice stories except with the help of the military, and even then we have to worry about violence everywhere we go. And so then come one of the few good things that the millitary has done there and no one covers it. This would be the rescue of the three remaining peace activists in Iraq. There was a tragity on March 9th when CPT and green party mamber Tom Fox was found killed, but then there was a triumphant rescue after 118 days captive, which only a couple of news outlets even mentioned and then only briefly.
Well im not going to waste anymore time badmouthing our corporate media, because as much as I love all the bloggers out there, well most of them, we usually arent the primary news source, we're opinions. As much as I hate to admit it we do still need the corporate media, although personaly the only one I supscribe to is The Nation which isnt corporate at all. But my point is that we need professional journalists out there to find and break stories we need to have accountable people telling the truth. which of course leads to the question of what is true? which can lead you down the Orwellian path (its been a few days since ive brought up Orwell) of questioning what is reality? How can we know anything when everything you learn has been filtered in some way or other, sometimes many ways. so what is real? what is truth? is the truth simply the absince of lies? or is it more, is it actively tring to get all sides of the story, is it telling just the pure statisical facts or is it telling the emotion and the drama, or is that just a buch of fluff? i guess that for each of us to decide on our own.

Monday, March 27, 2006

Democratic Underground

Ok im probably way behind on this and youll laugh at me but oh well, Democratic Underground has some cool ass t-shirts. ok only one that I would actually buy and thats the simple FUGWB, thats it says it all. the other one is Bush-Cheney spending money we dont have, to protect freedoms weve destroyed, from weapons that dont exist.
Good stuff

oh shit, scalia

there was a whole lot more important part of the encouter than an old man flippin the bird, when that old guy happens to be a supreme court justice and says that detaines are combatants and therefore have no rights, Thats a big deal. These so called leaders have shit on our constitution and i have no idea what we are goin to do about it. Id have to go look up if its even possible to have a supreme court judge removed from office, I can guess that it would take at least a 2/3 majority and obviously thats not going to happen anytime soon, hell we cant get more than a couple of dems to try to censure a president whos been wontonly breaking laws for the last 4 years I doubt we would ever get that through, hmm... could always go pat robertson on him and see if someone would assainate him, but im not going to sink to the level of an evangelical.

childs additude predicting polical ideology?

Now Ive heard about This Report from several sources and I cant wait to get home and try to find the original study. This was the study done in berkley california that showed that the whiny insecure children were more likely to become conservative adults and the strong willed head strong kids became liberals.
I am a Research Assistant by trade at the moment, ok ist one of a half dozen jobs I do here at work, and so im particularly interested in how they conducted the study. The other important factor is that with an N of only 95 students then it was most likely a very softly worded report, its the subltety of the language that was most likely changed when it was reported in the press. A psychologist is very careful not to use words like causes or anything that might make it sound like a concrete connection, they speak in terms like prediction and may contribute to. Trust me on this as I was quizing my friend on the 6 hour drive down to baltimore last weekend for our first conference. So hopefully i will find the original and learn a little more about the study. Oh and as the original researcher noted liberal berkley is not exactly the norm for america, although I wish it was.

Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty

Now do you really expect Bush to follow this when he cant even pronounce it? Sure the NPT says you can't sell nuclear technology to other countries, but then again the Geneva convention says you can't torture people, the constitution says its treason to out a CIA operative, and the UN says that attacking a soveirgn nation is a war crime, so why should this be any different? Id love to go after bush for this but its just one more treaty that bush is going to break, like usual making the world a more dangerous place for everyone on it. thanks to Truth Out for this article.

Lara Logan

Go to Crooks and Liars right now and watch this video. I dont watch TV so I dont really know this reporter but damn I like her. She takes on everyone who has said that the media is to blame because they are only showing the negative side and makes them all look like assholes. She says we can no longer drive anywhere alone, they need to have the soldiers move them around so they can only report on what they can get to and not suprisingly the military hasn't put that high a priority on geting reporters to see the new school opening up. Im sure the reporters would rather go to see a building going up rather than have to report the massacre of civilians by american troops but they report what they see. And right now they are staring at a civil war, and a failing rebuilding of the basic necesities which should have been done 2 years ago.

Iraq? thats SEP (Someone Else's Problem)

Thanks george, I mean yes I know that I will personally be helping to pay for this war for years to come, but that doesn't mean that the person responsible for the mess should gloat about it. As resported by any newspaper thats worth a damn Bush stated,
that the decision to bring the last American troops home from Iraq would "be decided by future Presidents and future governments of Iraq"
I got this from The Scotsman by way of my favorite news outlet, Buzzflash. So thank you to both sites.

So Bush expects our troops to still be in Iraq in '09? He has tried to defend it my saying that there will probably still be a few soldiers there. So he's either saying that we wont pull our troops out by then or he's saying what the Iraqis have feared all along that even when we leave we wont really leave. I know I saw an article somewhere talking about bush asking for more money to build bases in Iraq but I cant find it at the moment.

Saturday, March 25, 2006

tommy's got no gun

As The Raw Story has learned, Tom DeLay has lost his rghts to carry a concealed weapon. In one of Texasas more liberal laws an indicted felon cannot carry a concealed handgun. So being texas it was a republican judge who had to sign the court order.

Its like watching a house of cards fall in slow motion....

Friday, March 24, 2006

he resigned, not bush....

WoPoBlo No Mo
Well we have proved that the blogs do have influence. the washington post's new blogger, that i only learned of earlies today after starting on tuesday, has resigned after accusations of plagarism. score one for the blue (and Green) team!

Ok i know your not supposed to laugh at your own jokes but WoPoBlo No Mo is funny to me, or in old speak "the washington posts blogger is no more" if ya didnt at least crack a smile than...... write something better

i cant keep up

ok so dubai running our ports failed so how about we just give the job of security to the chinesse. another great plan brought to you by the makers of the valarie plame affair, the illegal wiretapping, and two illegal wars yes its your selected president and mine, mister Geeeoorge Dubya. Bush. (eerie silence)

if your wondering what the fuck im talking about read this.
America Blog

red.... something the WoPo blog

In all my months of blogging (yeah not that impressive) ive never seen every blog covering a story like this new racist er blogger at the washington post. I mean its disspicable that a supposed news organization other than fox would align themselves with such hatred speech, not to mention a plagarist. oh wow the article from Daily Kos is simply stunning. please read this article it is a literary kick in the nuts for the Post. after reading that i realise that i have nothing usefull to add. nice job Kos, so ill give you a nice little blurb that AmericaBlog aslo liked.

We should assume the Post hired the best person they could find. The problem for the Post, therefore, is that the intellects and professional ethics of conservative bloggers are so risible that the best person they could hire ended up being a plagiarist.... Ben Domenech is just the example of an ethically and intellectually bankrupt conservative movement, especially its bloggers.

And as is well pointed out in the article, part of why people are so pissed is that this makes all bloggers look bad and they didnt even have the decency to have two opposing views, nah just one right wing nut job. this is why the only paper i read is the Onion.

oh shit

Common Dreams
this could be bad, like real bad. now we have a country that DOES have wmds and is saying that they will use a pre-emtive strike if nessasary. The US uses pre-emtive strike and therefore, for their protection, they will as well. Its a good thing our president is making the world a safer place.....

heres a lovely little quote.
"We have built nuclear weapons for no other purpose than to counter U.S. nuclear threats," the Foreign Ministry spokesman said.

thats just great....


ok here goes that damn liberal media again trying to hide their evil socialist leanings by creating a WoPo Blog. And in case you were worried that this new blog wouldnt be facist enough for you than be not afraid, lets look at the latest post. Sorry for calling Correta Scott King a Communist, the day after her funeral. Not thats taking the moral high ground, and thats why the terrorists hate us because our values are pure. If someone dedicates their lives to equality, freedom, and justice then obviously they must be a communist because a democracy cant be any of those things... er wait no thats not it. Its taking the moral stand of only insulting great leaders after they are dead so they cant retailiate, er no Im pretty sure thats not it either. OH now I remeber its the moral elite because hes a republican and as long as you claim to be a christian republican than you can club baby seals in the streets and still be a good person.
By the way, WoPo (washington post) nice job picking a blogger to represent your news company.

Let Freedom Ring

Thank you to Crooks and Liars for providiving this video from CNN

Well our lovely new puppet regime in Afganistan is up and running, and seeing as its still a fundamentalist state and man may be sentenced to death for converting from Islam to Christianity. So this whole thing about stay the course and how we can pull out our troops will have died in vain, because this is what they wanted? Our troops gave there lives so that one fundamentalist regime could be replaced by another? I was under the impression that we went to Afganistan in order to catch Osama Bin Landen, shows what I know. The President, who must be smart cause he bought his way into yale, said that hes only one man and that he's "not a high priority" obviously he had more important things to think about like..... um...... public speaking classes??

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Feingold is my new Hero

Ok Crooks and Liars has the video of Russ Feingold on The Daily Show, and while he does an excellent job talking about the censure and holding the president accountable, even does a great job of playing off Jon Stewart's jokes. But there is a quick bit at the end that simply amazed me. He is on the commitie working on campaign finance reform and says that while they are making progress there is still a long way to go. He says a simple statement about public funds being used instead of private or commercial money. This is what I have been talking about for a while now. Ok I dont have all the details worked out yet, maybe Russ does, but the idea is that instead of all of your friends, or people that want to be friends with a senator, giving you money to go campaign. Instead the government pays for the campaign. this means everyone has equal money and it means that they can limit how long the campaigns last. It also means that a memeber of the house doesnt spend a year and a half out of their two year term trying to scrounge up money instead of working. Of course the far and away biggest advantage of this is that companys can no longer give any money to a politician efectively eleminating corprate control of the government. at least untill they figure out another way to get politicains in their pockets. As much as I would love to see the president censured I think this concept could have far greater lasting effects.

Thank you to C&L, The Daily Show, and of course Russ Feingold.

fuck you whitey

about time our native americans gave the rich white folks another proper fuck you. sure they are doing well with the casinos but this is great. as im sure you well know south dakota passed the law banning abortions, so they built a planned parenthood center on their reservation where the laws dont apply.

The President of the Oglala Sioux Tribe on the Pine Ridge Reservation, Cecilia Fire Thunder, was incensed. A former nurse and healthcare giver she was very angry that a state body made up mostly of white males, would make such a stupid law against women.“To me, it is now a question of sovereignty,� she said to me last week. “I will personally establish a Planned Parenthood clinic on my own land which is within the boundaries of the Pine Ridge Reservation where the State of South Dakota has absolutely no jurisdiction.�

Pure brilliance. and Thank you to the folks at Shakespear's Sister for providing this info.

rudeness is good

ah the Rude Pundit lashes out again. a big fan of profanity but excellent writing none the less. im not going to say much i just wanted to repost this. i want to go back and check out some of the links in that article, basicly I wanted to verify some of the insane laws that were mentioned as being newly passed. and for all the fundamentalist christians out there, i dont think jesus or the ten commandments ever said anything about wearing a condom.

dont legalize it

ok so our latest GOP plan to get bush out of the culdrin is to say yes he broke the law, so lets change the law? no fuckers thats not how it works, first off if you change the law that still doesnt change the fact that when he did it it was illegal. and second thats like raping a person then saying this is terrible we need to make sure no one ever has to go through that again, lets legalize rape. no the rapist goes to jail and probably gets raped himself a few times in jail. I must say that I do like the fact that even in jail there are some crimes that are just wrong.

The CBS indecency

Alright I had heard about this show being played at 9 O'clock at night that got a bit graphic. So then I finally got to see it as I was flipping through the chanels at the hotel this weekend and while I hate censorship and i would never have find someone for that I can see where they were coming from it was a pretty lude scene, which I watched at 5 O'clock on fox "news"....

why is it ok to show it over and over again on the news in the middle of the day but too racy to show at 9??? what ever its probably going to be the best publicity that show has ever had. The show isnt even very good if you ask me but then again Im a harsh judge of TV, which is why i dont have one. (ok thats not true I have a tv but its only hooked to a dvd player and an xbox)

Quote of the Day

"Imagine an enemy that says: We will kill innocent people because we're trying to encourage people to be free."

-- Dubya, press conference,

Thanks to Bart Cop for this one

the same old shit

I have the simplest strategy ever for combating the tired old line about how if your not supporting bush then your supporting terrorists crap. When ever someone says that then ask where the person responsible for 9/11 is, and if they say "we captured saddam" then simply beat them mercilessly. Im sorry I dont condone violence but if your stupid enought have been suckered into forgetting Bin Laden then you deserve nothing but contempt. Anyway just ask why the most powerfull country in the world couldnt catch a 6'4" arab man. ask why he has been free for about 1654days as of this writing, ask why our "war president" waited before going after Bin Laden, ask..... sorry if you heard the music comming out of the office next to mine you would have to pause too. Ask why we only sent 10,000 troops to try to track him down after giving him a 3 month head start. Ask why these people who claim to be so godd at fighting terrorist havent been able to capture the number one terrorist in the world (after bush). Just because you can drive a car fast into a tree doesnt make you a race car driver, just because you can completely fuck up a man hunt and turn it into a new vietnam does not mean your protecting us from terrorism.

been a while

Ok Ive been slaking lately, this is my first post in a week, damn, im not sure Ive done this bad since I started this thing. oh well.

Well lets see, Russ Feingold was on the Daily show Aka: the only thing I miss about TV.

Feingold: I was taught that the congress makes the laws and the president is supposed to sign them and enforce them. He's not supposed to make them up.---How many times are we going to let George Bush and Dick Cheney say you guys don't support the troops, you're not patriotic and let them push us around?

Seriously Its about time that someone with a little power saw the light. We can't allow their attacks to disuade us. There are those who will follow the repubs like lemmings off a cliff that will beleive the lies they say about us, well who gives a shit? they werent going to vote for you anyway. the majority of people now distrust the republicans so why be so afraid of their words? We can simply show whats has happened while they had control, admit that the dems did not fight hard enought before but they want to aplogize for their mistakes and are ready now. Personally I dispise the Republicans but the Dems are only slightly better and unless a few more start growing spines then im just going to declare them a lost cause and go fully Green Party.

Thursday, March 16, 2006

I want to be in Congress

St. Patrick's Day is one of may favorite holidays. Ok ill admit that this is in no small part due to my fondness for beer, particularly the black stuff from Ireland. But its also just a great holiday there no sadness with it, if you have a big Irish family like me then you hangout with them and have a great time. If you dont have any family, its a holiday where its perfectly acceptable, and actually encouraged, to just go to a bar with whoever and get trashed. Whats not to love? and its totally inclusive, sure the irish love it the most but, everybodys irish on St. Patrick's day. Seriously what other holiday goes out of its way to bring people together of any orgins and beliefs, ok sure some of the parades wont let gays march but give it time, and if ill drink a guinness with you no matter what ethnic or social or religious or sexual orientation or whatever ill drink with ya. So the point of this is that I love St. Patrick's day, but I dont get out of work for it and thats fine its an evening holiday. Congress on the other hand, they take off for a week, a fucking week. no wonder this country is fucked.

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

getting outta Gitmo

The Guardian reports of the british detainees from Guantanamo and the media spinning the story like a dryer. There was a book and a movie to be released about one prisoner who has finally been released, the book says the man was innocent so of course the government must use the fourth branch to tell everyone how they were not innocent and their proof was a confesion obtained after long periods of torture. Ok this always brings me back to why torture doesnt work, or at least doesnt work in the way the usually claim. The information recieved from a torture victim means nothing. If you torture someone long enough they will tell you anything you want to hear wether its true or not. This article doesnt get particularly in depth, which is to bad as i would like to hear more about what happened.

Monday, March 13, 2006

chicago march

My Left Wing
WTF? ok i was out of town this weekend and i didnt catch any news but you would think there would be some coverage of this. Somewhere between 200,000-500,000 people marched through the streets of the windy city to protest the bill to deport all illegal aliens. And in case you were worried that this might not help halliburton youll be happy to know that the big H "won" the contract to build the detention centers where the people will be held before deportation, and cause this is Cheneys company, they might torture the people a little before we kick them out, not guantanamo torture, just some light beatings maybe a broken bone or two. anyway, yeah half a million people march through the streets and they get several minutes of air time on the local news. Those damn liberal commie bastards in the mainstream media, giving away several valuable minutes that could have been used to tell us all how great our "president" is. Bunch of heathens...

I love gold... Feingold that is...

Common Dreams reports that democratic sentor Russ Feingold is looking to Censure the president. About freaking time. The Dems are in a tough spot, they know that the republicans lost ground after they impeached Clinton and they dont want to make that mistake. at the same time this isnt the same issue. for starters most of the country was against impeaching Clinton while right now a slim majority are in favor of impeachment if he lied about... well any number of scandals. Theres a lot of people who feel left out in the cold, the republicans have shown where there interests lie and much of the country dissagrees with those views, while the Dems are sitting back waiting for someone to say ok this is the kind of leader the nation wants. The problem is everyone is screaming from every direction with different ideas. The Dems need to stand up and choose their fight and go all in. They need to show that they are not completely spineless. there more to be said but i dont have time, go Feingold.

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

OJ is more popular than Cheney

this is great.

Donga Article

“How low is 18 percent?� This was a headline in the Washington Post on March 5. The 18 percent is the support rate of vice president Dick Cheney from a public opinion survey conducted by CBS.
The Washington Post included the support rates of notoriously famous people to prove how low 18% is.
Michael Jackson, who was alleged of sexually harassing an underage boy, and American football player O.J. Simpson, who caused a huge clamor for being suspected of murdering his wife in 1994, each maintained 25 percent and 29 percent favorable impression rates, respectively.
The paper pointed out that even vice president Spiro Agnew during the Nixon presidency who resigned due to tax evasion allegations still maintained a 45 percent support rate right until he resigned in 1973.
The only person less popular than Vice President Cheney is Paris Hilton, the female actress. Hilton, who is the heiress of the global hotel chain Hilton Group, and who has a “blonde party girl� image, only got a 15 percent approval rating.
The paper wrote, “A consolation factor is that 35 percent of those polled refused to answer the question,� and added, “these people may be the past supporters of the vice president, and could help to reverse his popularity rating.�

Wall Street Journal talks of Impeachment

That says a lot right there.
Thank you to the Wall Street Journal and After Downing Street for posting this.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

i need to finish that damn book

Brainy Quote

I just want you to know that, when we talk about war, we're really talking about peace. George W. Bush

sounds a bit like Orwell,
War is Peace
Freedom is Slavery
Ignorance is Strength
Seriously that line from bush is probably the most evil statement I have ever heard. what could be more evil than calling war peace? really think of most of the evil men of the world, most of them still had a humanitarian justification to there genocides, usually they want to kill off everyone else in order to create peace. those people might be uterly insane but at least in their own twisted mind they are trying to help the planet. Bush on the other hand is more pure than that he doesnt try to lie to himself and say this is about freedom, no in his mind he knows that this is all about one thing and one thing only, power. he may lie to the people and claim other things but only the stupid believe him.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

terror threat increased after the "war" in Iraq

Yahoo news is reporting that a world poll shows that in a poll of 41,000+ people around the world 33 of 35 nations believed that the threat of terrorism has increased due to the Iraqi conflict.

"The near unanimity of this assessment among countries is remarkable
in public opinion polling."

Overall 45% think it was a mistake to remove Saddam from power while 34% agree with the action. ok Im about to make an unfair inference but whatever, Saddam has a higher world approval than Bush does in his own Country (35-40%) hahaha although it should be pointed out that 74% of Iraqis agreed with taking out saddam, if thats true than it may change my mind on the matter, we are supposedly trying to free them so their opinon should matter.

Thanks to Yahoo and the BBC

Cheney to step down?

News Dissector,
Just a rumor but I like it.
about 18% of the country might be upset, thats how many think hes still doing ok.

Saddam's "trial"

News Dissector this was going to be about something else but that will probably be the next post instead, this just caught my attention.

“In 1946, the Nuremburg Tribunal rejected the German defense of pre-emption
when it came to the invasion of Denmark and Norway in 1940. The Germans had
cited the imminent occupation of these two nations by the armed forces of France
and Great Britain, which would have threatened the German northern front, as
just cause. This defense was rebuked by the tribunal, led by US Supreme Court
Justice Robert H. Jackson, who instead identified the German action as
constituting a "war of aggression." Judge Jackson went on to say that "To
initiate a war of aggression, therefore, is not only an international crime; it
is the supreme international crime differing only from other war crimes in that
it contains within itself the accumulated evil of the whole."

Hmmm... sounds hauntingly similar to another war...