Friday, December 29, 2006

Hmm... Ranting

Ive been behind a bit with the posts lately. Part of it is the fact that its between congresses so nothing major is going on to talk shit about. There's also lingering burnout from getting so wrapped up in this stuff during the campaign, then there's the fact that I don't have web access at my house at the moment. So its the old one two combo of no time and not giving a shit. But its the end of the year so a few strolls down memory lane might cheer me up. Or maybe just a rant against shit that pisses me off.

Lets see the economy is showing actual signs of recovery, that's good, like real incomes have improved in my town for the first time in a while. I love this little town but its dying a slow agonizing death, similar to every small town USA, the stores that actual give a town character are forced out to make way for a wal-mart, 10 miles from town there's a overbearing cathedral to the gods of consumerism, The Mall, but that wasn't too big a deal now our shit mall is surrounded by lame ass stores like target best buy walmart- which will soon be vacant, but no its not going out of business, half a mile away they're building a super fucking walmart, chain restaurants dot the place, and being a fat guy who loves food... as opposed to fat guy who doesn't like food? any way I hate chain restaurants. Go to a ApplebeesTGIFridaysChillisOliveGardenOutbackRubyTuesdays and you'll get a perfectly decent meal for 12 bucks, or you can spend about the same and get a fucking good meal at any number of local restaurants. I often use this example because its so obvious to me. Id rather go to chapel lumber than to home depot, ill go to corning and wander market street before ill go to the dreaded mall, Oh and music stores. like many things this is tough for the small town shop to compete in, but there's a couple around and I try to go there. One just opened and I thought hey I could get the new NOFX album there, but no. I looked for something for my cousin and when they didn't have what I was looking for I ended up at the dreaded chain store. I found the CD only to find out after he threw it in his car that it was edited. If your going to sell a fucking manipulated cause your worried about people with sand in their vagina's who want to listen to Method Man 4:21 the day after then you damn well better let me know its fucking edited. I mean seriously whats the demographic that buys a rap album which gets it title from pot-head folk lore but doesn't want to hear any curse words? If your trying to protect the children then improve school funding, give them the tools and skills to raise themselves out of poverty, half removing four letter words doesn't protect shit. By the way Fuck You Tipper Gore, still the only Thing I have against Al. So now I gotta get him the receipt and take the album back, and get the real one. Again if you want to buy an album about smoking pot and gettin' wasted but are scared of the word Fuck then fine buy an edited version, I have no problem with edited versions, the point is that Edited should not be standard, the real version should be standard and edited should get the fucking label. You can put the little tipper stickers on the unedited ones I don't care but put it on the outside of the fucking plastic, I'm an adult and I like the pretty pictures on the cover, I bought is I own it I don't want your stupid fucking label on there I should have the right to take that sticker off. Shit they did this with movies, now half the videos you find in the store are the "unrated" versions, or directors cut, which usually only means there's and extra couple minutes there's rarely anything great that gets added back in, but my point is simply the hypocrisy of a store that will stand there with a stupid grin and sell me the unrated Clerks 2 which has a donkey sex scene in the normal version, (good flick though) and then sells me and album with three outta four letters removed from half the words, i mean really what's the difference between f___ and fuck? The kids can still sing every word of the song, they sing right over the bleeps.

So in a nutshell Fuck chain restaurants that heat-up frozen food and charge the same as a place with an actual chef, Fuck anyone who wants to censor music that I purchase, Fuck the big box stores for placing themselves outside of the city limits so they can put as little money as possible back in to the community they suck the life out of, Fuck Target for pretending to be classy when its just a fucking walmart, fuck walmart for being the crack whore version of kmart that ran around humping the shit out of every small town in america till it left its sociopath bastard seeds to slowly and painfully kill off everything that used to constitute the american dream. fuck consumerism, you are not your clothing, you are who you are no matter if your in versace or salvo special. Remember a monkey in a business suit is still a monkey. I hate that no one cares. I hate that people think I'm on some fucking crusade because I very simply state that I don't shop at walmart or target or lowes or home depot, They tell me its not going to change anything whether you shop there or not, and I always say your right, but I'm not going to support them either. And if I can influence just a couple of people to stop shopping at places that destroy communities then maybe they influence a few more, and we can put a minor dent into their profits. which still wont do shit but hey its something. My in a nutshell turned out to be a coconut shell. so lets try again. Fuck consumerism. Peace.

Scandals '06

a year in review.
Citizens for Ethics: Politicians Gone Wild

First off this only includes congressional scandals nothing for the Prez, secondly the list is actually from Fox news so they put Jack Abramoff in the same category as Pat Kennedy, who the fuck is Pat Kennedy you say, well that's Teds son, why is his insobriety a scandal. (crickets chirping) I'm not really sure why. When its your child still under your roof then yes their actions are a reflection of your parenting, but Teds not a young man. His child in question, Patrick, is 39 years old. If he was able to get out of a DWI by name dropping who his father was that's an embarrassment to the cop not to the father. All I'm saying is it's a Fox list so its about equal numbers of Repubs and Dems, the difference being at least one of the Repubs is sitting in jail at the moment. Yes there was on real Dem scandal, don't hide money in your freezer. If its legal money and you just don't like banks then your insane, if your doing it because its illegal then well its also a bad idea to have 90 grand in illegal money chillin at your place if your a senator, but you knew that already, you would think an actual senator would know that too.

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Virgin Birth for christmas

Wow first the big G to the D goes and rapes poor Mary and she’s forced to give birth to the bastard son, and now he’s off raping lizards. A little sheep fuckin’ I can turn a blind eye, I mean at least it’s a mammal. But a Lizard, god should be ashamed, the creature is cold-blooded for bastard child’s sake. We also run the risk of people running around praying to virgin birth lizards and shit, and then of course within a few years the VB lizard followers from Malaysia will start fighting with the VB lizard followers from London and soon you’ll have massive wars being fought over who’s virgin birth lizard is really divine and which ones are just children without fathers. I see massive wars being fought. And that’s why science is evil….

UK: Yahoo News: Virgin Birth Expected

Friday, December 15, 2006

Fuck Google!

Ive praised them before as they offer great services at a price I like, free. but WTF, half the blogger sites I go to I can't post comments anymore. I never had this problem before so Im making a not so giant logical leap to assume its the fault of the google change over. So Fuck you Google, why couldn't you do what you did with Myspace and Youtube, don't change shit just ad a little powered by google, and rake in your cash. but no you had to go create some new serivce and it sucks. you couldnt leave well enough alone so this time Fuck you.

Friday round up

I dont normally do round ups, Im lazy. But heres some shit I found and wanted to share.

Kos Diary -Gore and Hansen at AGU: Scientists Act Up!

Yahoo News - Dinner with the Gov, for a buck

Liberty Papers - 13yo pregnant child molester... WTF

The Rude Pundit - A Marionette Is Better Than Cheney

Dwindling in Unbelief - God Hates Christmas Trees (ok this was a couple weeks ago but its good)

LATimes - Most Americans are Surender Monkeys Via Cursor

NewsDay - See, their economy is improving, oh and there's genocide Via Buzzflash

The Onion - Christmas brought to Iraq by force

U.S. soldiers instruct an Iraqi to tell Santa what he wants for Christmas

To Gore or Not To Gore

I mean the eco-politician who won the popular vote for presidency in 2000 not the bad-ass Dead Rising game where you beat zombies with anything you can pick up (get it gore, hahahe...) Sorry just played it for the first time last night. Back to Gore, Al Gore. I’m undecided if I think he should run for Pres in '08. There’s very good reason for both. First I need to say that I think he would be a great president, especially now that we know he does have a personality. The question is his if he can win, because your actually ability to govern comes in some where after height on the list of what americans look for in a President, luckily he’s reasonably tall too(6'1").

So lets take a look at why he shouldn't run. Well there's the obvious fact that he's run once before and wasn't selected. We talk about giving people second chances but we don't really mean it. Probably the biggest reason though not to run for prez is that as soon as he announces then all of his environmental work will be tainted. The opposition will then be able to say, see all this global warming mumbo jumbo is just a political move for the democrats. And in the eyes of all together to many people, they'll be right. So oddly, for the sake of the environmental movement, it might actually be better NOT to have their biggest promoter as the most powerful person in the world.... I might have just decided in my own head. The shear ridiculousness of the last sentence might have put me over into the Gore camp.

Well let’s look at the reason to run Gore. He’s intelligent which seemed to hurt him last time around, but after 8(maybe less) years of bush I think were ready for intelligence again. Unlike most politicians he’s actually willing to voice an opinion about issues. As I mentioned before he’s finally shown the world that he’s Not an uptight stiff with no personality. I’ve been concerned all along with the general election, in the primary I see gore easily beating Clinton, for several reasons, one I Don’t see her winning the general election and I think most Dems would rather run someone that’s not named bush or Clinton. That leaves Obama, another one im up in the air about, I need to see some substance from him, then I’ll decide. But I’m realizing that if the Dems come out swinging for the next two years and actually accomplish some things, or at least make valiant efforts which force the republicans to show their true colors then honestly I think the Dem primary will be the general election. If the Dems can show some backbone for two years then the repubs won’t have a chance. At which point we need to get the Best Dem to run not just the most winnable, yeah its really really sad that those aren’t mutually exclusive but they’re not, and you know they’re not. At this time unless Obama really comes forward as a leader, then I think Al will be our best person available in ’08.

But, there are still lingering issues. A big one for me is this little anti-first amendment crew known as the P.M.R.C. founded by Tipper Gore, lets just say I’m not a fan of the Tippster. Come on her name’s Tipper. If Al was elected then you know she would be closer to a Hillary first lady than a …what da hell’s her name?… Laura type. If nothing else I’m confident that she would try to tighten control over free expression in music. That doesn’t bode well in my world. Then again with the changing world of music ownership it might not matter. Sure she would deprive children of being able to buy music at their local mall, but big deal they usually only sell pop crap anyway, they’ll still be able to buy online, or download music (legally or not) and so maybe the power of a group like the PMRC is gone. And considering that I can’t find an actual site for them (it wasn’t on the first page of google) I’ll make an assumption that the original PMRC group has gone the way of the dodo. So maybe I shouldn’t use fear of Tipper against my buddy Al, need to do a little more investigation on the issue before I decide.

Here’s a reason I like Gore that I’ve never even thought of before. He has a strong scientific background. I’ll put this in mild terms, I would suspect that Gore would not allow creationism, ID, or any other religious dogma to be taught as science. To put that another way I wouldn’t be shocked if he is an atheist. Now I have absolutely no evidence to back this up and I would almost guarantee that he says he’s christian, wouldn’t be surprised if he even praised god in public from time to time. He is a politician and that’s what you have to do in this country if you want to climb the political ladder. So in my book this is a big advantage for him, we may only make up like 10% of the population but then again it only takes 20% of the country to pick a president. Before anyone argues that point look it up, in 04’ 62 million people voted for bush. Out of just under 300 million at the time that’s just slightly over 20% so bite me.

As I alluded to before, the only people I see coming to the fore are not inspiring me. Hillary is the big gun but she carries so much baggage that she alone could ruin my theory that the Dem primary is the only race that will matter. Again that’s making the big assumption that the Dems show a spine for the next two years other wise its still open. So with no one else impressing me I think I'm routing for Gore. Oh and one last thing, If Gore gets big support early on then Hillary, Obama and crew can continue to do their jobs as senators boosting up the party while Gore campaigns. It could be the best route for the party and the country, some of us do still think about more than just the party.

Oh I lied there is more. Dennis Kucinich I don’t know much about this cat but from what I’ve heard Id like him, but he’s another that I just can’t picture winning the general election, maybe as Al’s VP? Hmm... We might be on to something.

Thursday, December 14, 2006

E-Mails from Jesus

holy crap, this is good stuff. Emails From Jesus (and Satan)
its exactly what it sounds like, emails from our lord and savior, and his friend satan.

This is deffinately going into the links but does it go under religion, humor or EAC? i guess i need to verify if this is actualy the big J or not, I wonder if they have broadband in heaven, I guess it would be hell if they didnt.

Anyway if your not convinced you should move your hand an inch and click then well...

all I have to say is this.

Even satan didnt have anything worth adding. It should be noted that this was sent in by a reader.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

The Church of the Non-Belivers, brought to you by Response to "the Church of the Non-Believers"

Gotta start this off with a big 'ol tip of the hat to my latest e-friend MoJoey over at Deep Thoughts for pointing me towards this article in Wired. And a thank you to Mr. MoJoey for adding me to his ever-expanding Blogroll of the un-believers.

So I haven't actually made it to the responses to The Church of the Non-Believers, because im still reading the original article. So far its really quite good and I see why It drew so much attention. At the same time what amazes me most is that the author says that people talked about this, there was very little in the way of, your all going to hell, fire and brimstone, and all that jive. This impresses me, There have been few discussions that I've seen on the topic of natural vs. supernatural that have maintained their dignity. Admittedly this was letters and not a back and forth debate that does lent itself to civility. If you want to see an example of un-civilized and highly un-intelligent debate then I refer you to this, YouTube video just read through the comments, their kinda funny. That video itself probably deserves its own post, hmmm.... back to Wired.
It includes a story of an interesting church, the god type, but in trying to defend the church and religion in general it makes it all the more clear that in order to make religion fit our modern world you need to hack it to bits and leave only stories and a god, which is fine, but then there is my cynics view that while it probably does give a lot back to its parishioners, it still seems like commercial exploitation of confused teens, but again I’m cynical. Oh and of course theirs the not so minor point that just because something is useful or helpful doesn't mean its correct. I could be happy thinking that eating pizza will help me lose weight it doesn't mean its true, and it could kill me.

To me this whole debate about the "new atheists" boils down to would I rather lose the most important war in history, or win a battle that gains me nothing? The New Atheists are in it for the war, they see faith in the supernatural as being maybe not inherently evil but build a base that can easily be corrupted not to mention that it's absurd. There is some confusion for me when Dawkins says that he has never advocated for banning religion. Which is a delicate point, we don’t want to Ban it, we want people to really think about what they believe, we want children to be given a chance to learn all the options, if they are given the chance to weigh all possibilities and still chose religion that’s fine. I am convinced that there would be far far more atheists than there are today if we were all given the chance to question god. I'm still not sure if I'm with the New atheists or not, but I think I’m with them. I think the only thing holding me back is my limited knowledge of real evolution, I know a little more than what they taught in school but not enough to really give me the confidence to go in with both feet. So if anyone wants to send me a copy of “the selfish gene” I would appreciate it.

Oooh, got a new author to try out, Dennett.
In fact, he argues that neutral, scientifically informed education about every
religion in the world should be mandatory in school. After all, he argues, "if
you have to hoodwink – or blindfold – your children to ensure that they confirm
their faith when they are adults, your faith ought to go extinct."

Hmmm… reading on I’m* not sure I like this guy, to me nothing is un-questionable. There are things that I would feel silly questioning, like Gravity, but that doesn’t mean that they can’t be questioned. It seems as if his point is that our morals should not be questioned, well why not, I'm all for more understanding, and I’m staunchly opposed to any one trying to limit freedom of learning.

*(Word wants me to put “I is” which might be correct but it sounds stupid so I is not gunna)

I will say that this author ends this perfectly, we could be wrong. And again this is why even the most extreme atheist cannot be a fundamentalist. I'm still not sure where I want to stand on my atheism, I haven’t told my Mom, most if not all my friends know, or would probably assume it. I have no desire to tell my grandmother, well the Irish one, the other probably wouldn’t care. But do I wish to openly attack religion, sorta. I was passing around a thing today at work about how god hates Christmas trees. Hmm… minor note, Word just automatically capitalized Christmas (again) but not god. Go to Jeremiah 10:1-4 and read the first 4 verses and you’ll get the joke I'm passing around. All I’m saying is that I think people know I'm not religious, but for some reason it’s a big leap from not being religious, even to the point of not believing in god(s) and being an atheist. I think this is simply because of the connotation of the word atheist, which is why I want to be more open about it, like the whole gay pride thing, the connection get mentioned often.

Happy Solstice everyone!

Friday, December 08, 2006

just another day in paradise

I had some whole thing going, It was all about emotions and other things I’m not good at but then I got reminded why I'm perfectly happy being me. My very good friend and I just went to lunch with a new intern. I had been introduced to her once before and yet in the span of lunch we had talked about shit that would make well most people blush. At one point she was seriously crying she was laughing so hard. It was great, she’s a cool ass chick, which I mean in only the best of ways, some people might try to say that chick is derogatory or something, well those folks can suck my left nut, I could say that she was an fun, engaging woman, but that’s the wrong description. That describes a boring stuck up female who annoys you a little but is still amusing at times. This lovely young woman was a cool ass chick. It doesn’t hurt that My friend and I have been friends long enough that pretty much nothing is off limits. I mean hell, the fucker pinched my cheek at one point, which a moment later was turned into joking about pinching ass cheeks, and as he said that joke I was just about to make a similar comment about grabbing asses. The moral of the story is simple, I'm a simple dude. I can get depressed at times but it doesn’t take much to get me back in a great mood. The laugh of a beautiful woman does it every time, even if she is unavailable as the case may be, it doesn’t matter. Its also nice to know that while my friend and I have ridiculous conversations, we aren’t the only ones who find it amusing.

So yeah I'm feeling good at the moment, I might be moving soon, which sucks but it will cost less than half what I'm paying now so that’s very very cool. Of course the person I might have for a roommate has done time, but oh well as long as I can keep him clean then he’s an awesome guy, he’s made bad decisions in the past but hey everyone deserves a second chance. As I just eluded to he did have drug problems in the past, there were a few times when he would randomly show up on a Friday or a Saturday and just chill for a few days. He’d just pass out on the couch. I knew what he was doing, he wanted to get away from that shit but he just wasn’t quite ready. I never hassled him about it, I’d let him hang out we’d play video games or whatever and Id just sorta let him be. It took him doing a little time in the clink in order to get him to see that he simply has to straighten out. I think having a clean roommate will help him, im also pretty much sober during the week so that’s gotta be good for him too. And that dudes lived on the street so he knows how to eat for cheap. Don’t know if he can make shit that tastes good but he can make it edible for nothin’.

And its snowing pretty good out right now. Theres something refreshing about the first snow of the year, give it a week and ill be all set, but its great at first. Everything is pristine and white. By the end of the winter its just a nasty brown sludge everywhere followed by muddy ass spring, but muddy is welcome at that point. Any way for no real reason today is turning into a very good day. Yesterday was a blast too, I went and saw the fam after work, played some pool with my cousin, my uncle, and my grandfather-who was a little off, even forgetting that he’s 90 hes usually pretty good, although he does cheat. Then went and saw some friends, was supposed to watch them get tattooed but they were done when I got there, hung out at there place for a bit then ran up to the bar at the other end of town for karaoke night, which is Japanese for shitty songs done badly. But I saw the crazy ladies who I adore, and that’s also where I ran into my possible new roommate. So yesterday was a good day and with a little luck today will be too. Gotta check out the possible new pad, with the possible new roommate and the friend that’s moving in next door to the possible new crib.

UPDATE: well I'm not moving just yet. The place in question turned out to be just like what I have now, billed as a two bedroom but its not really. The second room being basically a closet. Oh well Ill keep looking.

Thursday, December 07, 2006


why is it that if I talk to a religious person they think its perfectly acceptable to simply say, "well I think your full of shit and that deep down you really do beleive in god" they would be pretty damn offended if I said well deep down I know that you know that there really isnt a god and that you only pretend to believe in something supernatural because it fills a void in you knowledge of the universe, its far easier to say "god" than to learn about all the different sciences, biology and astronomy in particular.

My book club idea i think is going to get interesting, Im pretty sure I mentioned this before but I challenged my uber religous buddy to read the bible with me, we'll do it book club style. the same night we decided on that we went to another friends house, hes pretty much ambivolent (which is a religious idea few mention) and his girlfriend is religious but I never knew before in exactly what way. I think this is going to get more interesting because shes got about as rational a view as one can have about something as irrational as god. shes of the god is everything, jesus was not born of a virgin dont be silly, of course hes the son of god, but then again im the daughter of god were all gods children. This is a view that is far more flexible and can work with science most of the way. Her BF of course probably isnt going to read much of it but he will be in the background cracking jokes and occationally throwing in bits of wisdom. Hes a rational person like most who doesnt hold strong beliefs about much, this lends him to being able to boil down a complex issue into the only bits that matter and say it in away that anyone can understand and is difficult to argue with. Its not that hes a genius, far from it, hes fairly average intelligence but completely doesnt give a fuck about much of anything (other than his kids, hes a great dad and shes and even better mother I gotta show 'em some love on that) which should be a nice counter to the three people whos opinions are pretty well set. I think im going to write up some ground rules to this book club, like how we have to attempt to respect each other, but that we ARE going to offend each other, if an atheist a deist a theist and an asshole (he nicknamed himself Dick, he'd agree) all sit around and talk about the bible, were going to offend each other. The important thing is to some how say that yes we will offend eachother, we are going to be going inside eachothers "safe-zones" this will get confrentational, but at the end we can do this because we are friends. Im very comfortable doing this with my theist friend because as I have said before we've been friends so long that there isnt much of anything left we could do to hurt our friendship. The friends girl friend on the other hand ill need to be a little more careful with, im not all that worried, shes not exactly feeble.

Now the only thing is which version, shes reading a NIV study bible, which is probably a good route to go with for people lacking in biblical knowledge, but my buddy is all about the litteral so he might want the James. Ill try to talk him out of it, of course if we do the james verision then I can get em for free from the mormons...

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

theres one in every crowd

click it fool! Seriously its funny, the first two are ok, but the third is great, but read 'em all!


Ah theres nothing quite like that feeling ya get when an atractive young lady gives ya the eye and cracks a big beautiful smile while you walk through the courtyard of the psych-center...

Monday, December 04, 2006

on the lighter side..

The Onion: Kansas bans the practice of evolution

Anti-evolutionists such as Hellenbaum have long accused microorganisms of
popularizing "an otherwise obscure, agonizingly slow, and hard-to-understand"
biological process. "These repeat offenders are at the root of the problem,"
Hellenbaum said. "We have the fossil records to prove it."
Oh yeah. Good times.

This doesn't deserve its own post, so im adding it here, I just need to say, I can't help but chuckle when I see a head line, "Supreme Court to hear Bong Hits 4 Jesus." and this isn't from the Onion, its a real news story, its a decent little freedom of speach case but that headline is awsome.

Top Ten List

DU: Top Ten

You know the bar has been lowered a bit when you look at only one side of the political spectrum and being arrested for trying to have sex with a 13 year old doesn't even get you into the top 5. Top 5 idiots that is.

Oh theres also one about Bush talking shit to Webb whos son is in Iraq and watched 3 of his friends killed recently, remember republicans support the troops...

Personally I would have changed the order a bit, but then again you cant have GW at the top every time. The O'Reilly thing is funny but not that big a deal, it is funny though. I did like the one with the guy talking all sorts of shit about how if you don't swear on the bible then you can't be a senator, although the reality is that you don't have to swear on anything, you just raise your right hand. The other part thats missed on him is that a christian swears on the bible because that somehow means that if they break the oath then they're lying to god or something, whatever its supposed to mean the whole point is that your swearing a oath with your hand on something you hold sacred. It a muslim swears on a bible instead of a koran then it defeats the point. Of course they are elected officials so it would be cool if we could trust them on their word alone, but clearly thats not the case, then again bush was sworn in on a bible, hell ashcroft was sworn in on a freaking stack of bibles (probably to sell on eBay) and them sonsabitches lied they asses off. Thats probably why US law only says that they have to raise their hand, not bibles involved, oh and because of the whole, you know this country was founded with religious freedom in mind, also because this is (supposed to be) a secular government.

UPDATE: good info about the Webb incident, but Im adding the link because of the photo/caption, seriously its worth the click. Just click it mother fucker, what don't you trust me? ok ok, stop screaming No, and just click the link already, its good.

President '08

NYT: early 'maybe' from Obama

You know whats amazing, there is a picture of four people who may run for president in 08 as democrats, the only ones I don't know are also the two White Males...
As a Senator Im still on the fence over Hillary, shes been a mixed bag. But as a Presidential Canidate I have major concerns, notice that I said as a canidate, I think she would be decent as a President. Then again I think most of the people in the courtyard might do better than our current President (I work in the psychcenter complex). The only issue with Hillary is that the opposition hates her, in the same way the Left hates bush, the right Hates Hillary, that would make for a very tough election. as for her being a women, I think that will be a major factor, Im not really sure if it helps or hurts but its a factor, not so much for me, I don't care either way, but it will be an important part.

Obama, the little I know of him I like. Again like Hillary I don't care that hes black., but it will be a major factor, exactly how it swings things who knows but it has to be a factor. Oh and Im sure some creative people on the right will show their amazing lyrical skills and call him Osama, get it Obama Osama, ha ha ugh...

anyway, still along time to go before all of that, and the fact is all those mentioned are senators with a whole lot of accountabliting (way better word than accounting) to do. They need to show their vision of the future, they can't just stand back and say, hey were not as bad as them. They need to kick a little ass for the next two years, and thats going to be tough if all the big guns are out campaigning.

and another ones gone, and another ones gone, another one bites the dust.

Yahoo News: Bolton Resigns

sticking with the music theme,
nah nah nah nah, hey hey, good-bye!!

I wonder why he assumes the Dems wouldn't pick him? ha.

Actually Ive only read the title so far, but that got me all giddy so I had to say something.

House of Death

Why do I have to read a british newspaper to learn about whats going on with the US government?

The Guardian: The House of Death

I wish this were fiction. Theres not much more I can say.

It ain't gunna happen but....

Smirking Chimp: Hearings on Bush Crimes Will Unite Nation

We could unite the country, by putting Bush on trial. I love the idea, and it might even work, but its not going to happen. for those who still support him, I wonder how much it would take to change their minds, because really whats left, drop nukes on kansas city? theres lots of bigger cities but most of them are liberal so it might not swing those voters.

Which leads to a question Ive often wondered, why is it that those who vote for republicans because of terror, are the people who live in places that have absolutely nothing to fear from terrorism. The only two US cities to have mulitple terrorist attacks, NYC and DC vote Democrat or maybe they are concerned about terror, which is why they vote Democrat.

Anyway, check out the article, its worth a read.

Chavez Wins Again

Yahoo News: Chavez Wins Re-Election

The man our press often refers to as a dictator was just re-elected, and seeing as he had a 61 to 38% victory he sees this as the people wanting him to do even more. Its like in 2004 when Bush somehow got re-elcted (Diebold) by a massive 50.73% to 48.27% which was the closest re-election in US history but thats good enough for a Mandate from the masses, and incintive to increase his right-wing stance, so like wise Chavez who actually did win by a large margin is feeling re-affirmed. I find it interesting that his socialist revolution has pretty much consisted of using the funds from a state-owned oil company (buy CITGO) to help the poor, hes put billions of dollars into social programs, and now with this big win he's looking at nationalizing the Utlities. In most of the US the utlities are either government owned or extremely tightly regulated (when the aren't you get rolling blackouts in Cali, thanks Enron) and we put billions into social programs. Their is a big difference in that in Venezuela the state controls the oil industry, in the US the Oil industry controls the state, its a subtle but important difference. The other huge difference is that the US had all of these programs in place while the right-wing president tries to get rid of them, in Venezuela they did not have these programs and their left-wing president is trying to create them. At this point there society may be quite similar to ours in its structure, they may still be a ways behind us, but the important thing is the direction, our country is subsidising the richest while theres is subsidising for the poorest.

Friday, December 01, 2006

Frikin' Sweet

Ok you may have seen these before, it so you've already enjoyed them but hey you can enjoy it a little more, and if not check this out. The Propagnada Remix

I saw these in some magazine, ya know the old school sytle wit da paper and shit? I liked em then, now that i've seen more, I like em more. so heres a few.

Oh and to the folks at the Propaganda Remix. I hope you dont mind me stealing your images, their awsome and this is really just a free ad albeit not a very good one as this isnt a very popular site.