Sunday, April 30, 2006

Colbert is my hero

First watch the video, freakin amazing.
Big Thank you to Crooks And Liars, Colbert Speech

Its a long video and it gets a bit silly once it goes into his "audition tape" but the first part is increadible.
I seriously cant beleive that they let him do that speech.

Friday, April 28, 2006


Fuck whore-gate
i wish i had thought of that one but i saw it on another blog and i would love to give them credit but i forgot who it was. i think i got there from shakespears sister but thats not much help.


Think Progress
he he ok so now theres possibly hehe six congressmen who were known to solicite protitutes. oh man this is just too perfect. I cant wait till they try to say that their personal lives are of no significance.
just to funny, they cant make it this much fun.


I went to subway today for lunch, your thinking So what? Well first off it had been my plan to go a local pizza place and get a sub there. But Vincenzos had a line all the way to the door so I lowered my head and walked to the subway in the same plaza. I havent been to a subway in quite a few months. Its a major chain and id rather support a local business. They serve Coke, Im boycotting Coke and all of its products, or at least the ones that I know of. And Today reminded me of the main reason I go to the local sub shop instead of the chain. The taste. Its that simple. there is a strange lingering funk in my mouth that makes me want to run home and brush my teeth. I think it because i tried the new "garlic bread" which is just plain bread with some garlic sauce wiped onto it, yeah i know thats basicly what any garlic bread is but this stuff just looked gross. So anyway the sub was mediocore at best for admitidly a little cheaper than the local places whos subs are pretty damn good. I will say that vincenzos subs are slow, but if you have 5-10 minutes they are so much better. And that is why I dont go to chain restaurants.

good thing racism is "no big deal"

otherwise Allen would look pretty bad in the eyes of blacks for displaying a noose in a tree in front of his law offices. oh thats classy, but thats only to show his commitment to law and order, his belief in strong punishment for violent criminals. yeah thats just what ppl think of when they see a noose hanging in a tree in virginia.
George Allen

apparently racism is over

The Raw Story, Racism aint no thang

well thats good to know. im sure all of the unemployed blacks will be happy to hear that they no longer need to fear not being able to get jobs. Im sure the woman who was teaches multiculturalism will be happy even if it does put her out of work. I do like to think that recism is decreasing but its far from over. actually one pyschologist studied it and found that racism is not as overt as it was in the past but can actually be more problematic in the buisiness world. but we are heading in the right direction, well most of us are.

mommy, whats a double standard?

So lets combine quotes for a moment (or a close paraphrase), we have bush with "any person or nation the harbors terrorist is as guilty as the terrorists" and then georges mentor Nixon's line of "when the president does it that means its not illegal" and you come up with the utterly perposterios secenario where it would be ok for the US to harbor terrorists as long as the president ok'ed it..... oh wait we have been harboring terrorists since George Sr. gave AMNESTY to a TERRORIST in 1990. this is a person who blew up an airliner killing all on board and then shot what an anti-tank rocket at a freighter. But he was against the communists in Cuba so hes our ally, just like Bin Laden was our ally when he was fighting agaisnt the communists in Afganistan.

here is a more in depth analysis of the hypocricy. Consortium News
And here is a bio on the terrorist in the US Orlando Bosch


well a few of my favorite sites have been goin on about the new Neil Young album. Im not to much of a Neil Young fan but I look forward to hearing the new ablum, i think ill give a listen in a few. right now im jammin to a little Bad Religion in the office. Many people seem to have the wrong perception of punk. Punk was just people that were sick of the commercialized music in the mainstream and wanted to go back to basics three or four people fast lyric driven music. One of the first major punk bands, The Ramones loved 50's greaser music and have many songs that wouldnt be terrible out of place in the 50's. but back to Bad Religion. Im a big fan of these guys mostly because they have excellent lyrics that can easily be distinguished. Enunciation is a rare thing in punk rock i will admit. but heres a good example of there lyrics. Thanks to A-Z Lyrics for these.

The song is "I Want To Conquer The World"
from the Album "No Control"

Hey Brother Christian with your high and might errand,
Your actions speak so loud, I can't hear a word you're saying.
Hey Sister Bleeding Heart with all of your compassion,
Your labors soothe the hurt but can't assuage temptation.
Hey man of science with your perfect rules of measure,
Can you improve this place with the data that you gather?
Hey Mother Mercy can your loins bear fruit forever?
Is your fecundity a trammel or a treasure?
And I want to conquer the world,
Give all the idiots a brand new religion,
Put an end to poverty, uncleanliness and toil,
Promote equality in all my decisions
With a quick wink of the eye
And a "God you must be joking!"
Hey Mr. Diplomat with your worldly aspirations,
Did you see the children cry when you left them at the station?
Hey moral soldier you've got righteous proclamation,
And precious tomes to fuel your pulpy conflagrations.
And I want to conquer the world,
Give all the idiots a brand new religion,
Put an end to poverty, uncleanliness and toil,
Promote equality in all of my decisions
I want to conquer the world,
Expose the culprits and feed them to the children,
I'll do away with air pollution and then all save the whales,
We'll have peace on earth and global communion.
I want to conquer the world! [x4]

Thursday, April 27, 2006


call me stupid but why are we subsidising gas companies?

why are we handing money to a company while lowering their taxes while they line up to run a train on the american economy? If you dont know what run a train means well ask your teenage kid. they will walk out of the room with new psychological issues, and a giggle. I dont know much about it but ive now heard talk of 15 billion in tax incentives to teh top 5 oil comapnies and 35 billion in subsidies for oil companies. I dont know enough about this stuff but its deffinatly worth looking into. Its to bad we dont have anyone in our government who has ever worked in the oil sector who could figure out what to do about this...

burn the liars

im back

ive been gone for a few, i hope you didnt miss me to much
I was at the NY state child abuse prevention conference. it was pretty good. I havent felt like I really fit in at either conference ive been to. of course seeing as i dont have a real job discription it makes it a little ackward to tell people what i do. but it was good and educational and all that crap. I did get to see my cousin while i was there so that was fun. but ive been out of the political loop for a few so i need to catch up...

Saturday, April 22, 2006

Eric Massa

So I finally got to meet Eric Massa at a public forum type of thing at the local library. I think over all he could be very good for the area and the country. I guess thats quite a compliment so first I should say this, Im sorta set-up to be working for Eric's campaign. er, volunteering that is. So I should admit that I has listening to him through Rosy ears. But not entirely, I have a pretty strict set of standards when it comes to politicans. There is one major issue that arises. Hes a democrat and therefore pro-union. The unions worked very hard to destroy my father, and they were able to take alot, more than you can imagine... so there is some very deep anger at unions in general which is close to a stereo type but its not because it not a person its an orginization. and its a fundametal issue with unions in that they create an additional section of people who get paid from your work. some of them making way way to much money at the top.
So thats all ill say about that. I liked how he answered questions, he didnt avoid issues he answered them with absolute confidence and very reasonable arguments for his reasons which is why i can respect some of his views which I disagree with. He killed the question of Iran, oh yes indeed he got that one. First he framed the question by saying that for several years while in the navy he was stationed 13 miles off the coast of iran (international waters is at 12 miles) and that he knows the available options quite well. and he said soundly, there is No military option in Iran. This needs to be stetled by diplomocy. He is very concerend with balancing the budget and health care, universal is what was strongly imlpyed but now thinking back I cant remeber if he ever used those words. He also wants to get the troops out of iraq. he is willing to cut the military budget in order to blance the budget, but not untill the troops are home. which is perfectly understandable, although theres deffinatly things that could be cut that have nothing to do with the troops but at this point if it means we get the troops out quicker thats the important thing. He also had also done well with my alternative energy question by not saying hydrogen. and actually he mentioned a switchblade grass or something that they are finding to be more efficient than corn to make ethonol out of. which i need to look into.
Theres more i want to say about this but im tired and im going to bed
and im heading out of town for work, ill be back wednesday night, so untill i get up early tomarrow this is porbably the last post for a couple of days. peace everybody, and dont cry while im gone, ill be back i promise.

Friday, April 21, 2006

international incident

so bush is now picking a fight with the chinesse president, not like a war just an old school street fight rumble. no weapons and no one jumps in, just one on one ass kicking time.
The President tugged at President Hu Jintao's jacket and accidentially ripped the sleave revealing that it was a cheap (probably chinesse) jacket not the very expensive italian suit it appeared to be. Theres a supprising number of levels to this basicly minor incident. Bush was simply trying to let Jintao know that he was going the wrong way so he grabbed his arm. perfectly innocent move. sleave ripps, well obviously the owner of the suit is annoyed. then theres the fact that it showed that it was a cheap knock-off vs bush who was probably wearing a real five thousand dollar italian suit. But then theres this part that it made me think of. Our President spends thousands of dollars on a suit from a foreign country, there President spend much much less on an admittidly inferior suit thats from his own country, so not only is he saving his people money but he is also supporting his country. Now before you tell me that Bush bought it with his own money, it could be it doesnt change the point any, I dont care. Its not an insult towards bush to say he wears nice suits, most people as rich as he is do wear very nice suits, its simply a compliment towards Hu Jintao. who was probaly pissed off anyway because he had his suit ripped while being hekled by a protestor all the while he was probably thinking. You americans think your so great, give me 15 more years and ill own everyone of your asses, hahahaha.
unfortuntely hes right.

Thursday, April 20, 2006

testing bombs and the media

Daily Kos; Randi Rhodes
read the article but as they point out at Kos too this is the best bit.

If every single camera that's available in the media -- cable- wide, network-wide -- is not in Nevada at the nuclear test site on June 2nd to watch 1.4 millions pounds of explosives be blown up so they can do the math and figure out how to make a tactical nuke, a smaller nuclear weapon that will represent that much firepower for Iran -- if we don't show America this mushroom cloud that will explode in Nevada on the 2nd of June, there is no hope for the American people, there is no hope for the media.


The Progressive has a nice article about why we shouldn't kill moussaoui, which is particularly timely as I had just gotten into this debate with my father last night. Hes a pretty open minded guy about many issues but theres some things that hes still pretty old school about. he thinks we should drag him into the streets and shoot him because he didnt prevent the attack but then get quite angry when I said, well neither did bush. And obviously Moussaoui had information that absolutely could have stopped it but then again Bush had the means. But anyway this peice makes a good point about how it accoplishes nothing by killing him, and that the only reason to kill him is revenge which is a terrible thing for a nation to kill for, this is something that Tony Soprano would kill for not the greatest nation on earth. that and someone left a comment of, they are suicide bombers killing him only takes him where he wants to be, if you let him livet that would piss him off so much more.

immigration reform?

I wonder why they want to kick out the immigrents.....
Riddle me this...
hint: $385,000,000
hint: no bid
in a shocking twist, its Halliburton!

The Worst President Ever

Myself and many others have been saying this for years but now the historians are backing us up. There is a great article in Rolling Stone Magazine about bush. Its also the feature on the cover, although being rolling stone it loses some of its point by having Confessions of Nick Lachey sharing the cover.

Its a decent length article but it says that while its far from a unanimous vote the vast majority of historians would at least place bush in contention for the worst president ever. A few smart asses did label him the best president since Clinton. The others in the running, well lets say that nixion ws only considered an option by the younger historians. Polk Buchannan and Jackson were all in the mix.

then it gets into Why they consider bush so bad, this is when it gets fun. heres a few fun facts.

Yet that mighty advantage [republican congress] has not prevented the
indictment of Vice President Dick Cheney's chief of staff, I. Lewis "Scooter"
Libby, on charges stemming from an alleged major security breach in the Valerie
Plame matter. (The last White House official of comparable standing to be
indicted while still in office was Grant's personal secretary, in 1875.)

By contrast, the Bush administration -- in seeking to restore what Cheney,
a Nixon administration veteran, has called "the legitimate authority of the
presidency" -- threatens to overturn the Framers' healthy tension in favor of
presidential absolutism. Armed with legal findings by his attorney general (and
personal lawyer) Alberto Gonzales, the Bush White House has declared that the
president's powers as commander in chief in wartime are limitless. No previous
wartime president has come close to making so grandiose a claim.

ok one more

Historians remain divided over the actual grievousness of many of these
allegations and crimes. Scholars reasonably describe the graft and corruption
around the Grant administration, for example, as gargantuan, including a
kickback scandal that led to the resignation of Grant's secretary of war under
the shadow of impeachment. Yet the scandals produced no indictments of Cabinet
secretaries and only one of a White House aide, who was acquitted. By contrast,
the most scandal-ridden administration in the modern era, apart from Nixon's,
was Ronald Reagan's, now widely remembered through a haze of nostalgia as a
paragon of virtue. A total of twenty-nine Reagan officials, including White
House national security adviser Robert McFarlane and deputy chief of staff
Michael Deaver, were convicted on charges stemming from the Iran-Contra affair,
illegal lobbying and a looting scandal inside the Department of Housing and
Urban Development. Three Cabinet officers -- HUD Secretary Samuel Pierce,
Attorney General Edwin Meese and Secretary of Defense Caspar Weinberger -- left
their posts under clouds of scandal. In contrast, not a single official in the
Clinton administration was even indicted over his or her White House duties,
despite repeated high-profile investigations and a successful, highly partisan
impeachment drive.

Good stuff good stuff. its tough to argue with a historian when it come to the past.....

wtf? immigration attacks

Give 'Em Hell Harry
This is one of the stragest smear campaigns ive ever heard of. The Republicans are attacking the Dems for trying to make all illegal aliens felons, What????? So now Republicans try to pass a horrid law, anger floods the nation and it gets shot down in part because of the Dems who faught against it. now the repubs are reunning ads on spanish radio and tv saying that the Dems tryed to make immigrents into felons.

to bad theres no laws about lying smearing or genenral ethics. if there were half of congress would be in for life and bush would be heading to the guilitine.

growing fish, fillets...

New Scientist
Well they are working on creating meat without the animal. this group got a peice of fish to grow by 14%. nothing earth shattering but it has pretty serious implications if they can find a better substrate to grow it in. imagine factories producing meat, but without the animals.

Im really not sure how to feel about this. If they could do this on a large scale then there would be huge advantages in terms or safety of the meat, consistency in the product, reduced grazing lands, no animal cruelty for the sake of cheap food. But then at the same time its just weird and seems somehow wrong...
I think im for this but im just not sure yet, then again they are a long ways away from having animalless meat in the supermarket.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

true love

dont ya just love finding that beer you had forgotten about in the fridge....


I got into a great conversation earlier with a good friend of mine but we ran out of time for dialoge. So these are a few things I want to say about capitalism. I am not pro- or anti- capitalism. I have not yet deicded what I think the best economic system is for myself. I think there is inherend good and evil in capitalism. The good is that wealth or better yet possiblity of wealth can motivate people to do great things. Basicly the good of capitalism is that hard work can earn you great rewards. The downsides of capitalism are many and im sure you all are well aware of those as well and if your not watch "Enron: the smartest guys in the room" and "the corporation". So we ran out of time right about as we hit the fundumentals of capitalism. Like it or not every successful business has one primary function, to make money. How they go about it obviously varies greatly. in an of itself this is simply a fact neither good nor evil, but once greed overwhelms a person then it becomes an evil which can if the person is capable, destroy or harm the lives of tens of thousands of people.

taxes, then and now

The Chimp is Smirking at me

the last line of this quote says a lot.

When the federal income tax law was enacted in 1913, the tax rate was set at 1
percent for income up to $20,000 to 7 percent on income above $500,000. It
exempted the first $3,000 of income for single wage earners, $4,000 for a
married couple. In today's dollars, that $4,000 exemption would be worth
$76,000. Only 1 percent of Americans made enough money in 1913 to pay
And i like this plan, 94% tax rate for people making over $750,000 (i rounded) a year. hell yeah.
here's another great point.
In the 1950s, the top individual tax rate remained 91 percent on all income
over $400,000. In the 1960s, it was lowered by President John F. Kennedy to 70
percent. Far from being a drag on the economy, the period between 1945 and 1973,
when the United States had its highest tax rates on personal and corporate
income, the nation saw its most rapid economic growth and the narrowest gap
between rich and poor.
ok im in the lower class and there fore i need to get back to work but this is a great article so read it.
shit i just did my taxes so I know that im working full time and im not much above the poverty level. I pretend im not but im a broke motherfucker.

a lady

dont get to excited.
Met a really chill girl over the weekend, shes cute as hell but more importantly intelligent and quite interesting. oh and if the lady im talking about is reading this, well hi! and read the whole thing before making any judgements, thx. So I met a real fun interesting person who happens to be really cute but in a sorta exotic way and even single so of course theres a catch. I found out after the fact that shes only 18 and still in highschool, so that ruins any sorta romantic intents, oh well. But then i was talkin with her online last night and we had a pretty cool conversation, shes into politics and the world situation. then she made a statement that simlpy melted my heart, "at heart i think im a socialist". (yes im a dork) It was over, i suddenly think there is a god and hes playing a very cruel trick on me. He send me a lady thats pretty well perfect for me, but he made her about 2 years late, just to piss me off. oh well, i think we're going to hang out ive got a couple of movies that I think she would really like. such as the corporation, which if i didnt do a review of this before then i should have cause its fantastic. So any way i wish she was a little older but shes not so whatever we can still be friends and have indepth conversations and probably some stupid ass good times too, cause you cant be serious all the time. oh and shes a total health nut she says which is great cause I am anything but, and there is not a better motivator than a beautiful woman, even if shes just a friend. and she is graduating soon and then i can say shes in college which would be a lot less weird... so maybe theres hope for something more but im not going to worry about it either way. oh and she did mention there was a guy she liked and there was a little drama there so i gave her a little advice, because for some reason i can give people advice on relationships and it often works I just cant seem to establish one myself. oh well, Im just excited because its one more interesting and intellegent person for me to hang out with.

P.S. if that sounds creepy then dont worry about it, this site is very cathartic for me I just let it all out without the normal social constraints, just take everything i have said as an increadibly sincere compliment which is a rare thing from some one who prefers sarcasim. ok i gtg, peace.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

I was wrong

everything ive ever said about hatred and tolerance and generalizations was bullshit because some peice of shit just reminded me that there is one group of people that I dispise. people who use chewing tobacco. I hate them. Im not going to appologize for my hatred that is quite simply the nastiest most vile dispicable thing a person could possible do, i will eat the boogers out of someone elses nose before I would chew tobbacco. and then these bastards walk around with a bottle or a cup and spit this putrid waste into it and then seem annoyed that im grossed out. well fuck that. its disgusting and its a choice you one day said I love nicotine so much that I am going to chew on this ground up processed leaf, just for fun, then im going to spit it on the ground, which is one case were i firmly believe in capital punishment and possibly cruel and unusual punishment. this whole thing is because i had a few people over one day now i have a firm rule that there is no cigarettes in my place I have a lot of friends who smoke so i let them use my porch or the hallway that leads to my apt. which was because in the winter i didnt want to make people stand outside. so i see this fucker about to break out some chew, and I said hell no. im not having that shit in my place. so what i didnt know that i do now is that he or someone else had already had some, i figured this out when i went to empty out the mostly empty beers and found one that had a vile brown substance other than beer in it. If he ever shows up agian ill make his ass eat an entire tin of fucking chew then boot that bitch outta here let em stubble home puking. that should tell you something, dont put something in your mouth and chew on it if you know that you will puke if you swallow it. that means its bad for you, you stupid ignorant redneck imbred honkey tonk country loving asshole.

Ok thats enough about that, but seriously that shit is nasty.

a couple of quotes

Free nations are peaceful nations. Free nations don't attack each other. Free nations don't develop weapons of mass destruction.
- George W. Bush

The modern conservative is engaged in one of man's oldest exercises in moral philosophy; that is, the search for a superior moral justification for selfishness.
- John Kenneth Galbraith

It is a well-known fact that those people who must want to rule people are, ipso facto, those least suited to do it... anyone who is capable of getting themselves made President should on no account be allowed to do the job.
- Douglas Adams

no gore, bad dog

Crooks and Liars
Alright Al you've done some good stuff like durring Katrina and I know the last time you ran you won the popular election by at least half a million votes but please please dont run again. We need the Democrates on a unified front, and im sorry but your not it. If you throw your hat in the ring the smear machine will set it on fire but not before singeing every other democrat around you. The dems need to figure out who is running and im not joking i think the best plan would be to do quiet pre-primarys now and get it narrowed down to maybe 2 or 3 people right now so that we can rally behind those folks. Hillary will run, Feingold should run, he would get my vote if the election were today. The only name that sticks out in m head above feingold would be Obama, but hes going to be in the senate till 2010 if i remember correctly. How does that work? can you quit your post as a senator several years early in order to run for president? well illvote for feingold in '08 and '12 and maybe obama in '16? eh hopefully there will be more than two competent senators by then, but im not going to hold my breath.

young rummy

this is hilarious, just read it.


WOPO report that i found from Crooks and Liars

This shouldnt suprise me, if your willing to lie your way INTO a war then i guess there isnt really any lines left to cross in terms of liying. Now if your trying to get Out of a fight and you slip in a few missrepresentations thats understandable, at least to me, ill say plenty of things to avoid a fight. But what about lying to young adults about sex to try to get them to practice abstinence? Ill start by deffending it with what they are probably thinking. The first would be a bit machiavellian in that its ok to alter some facts or even to outright lie so long as it is to ensure a possitive outcome. or the other option might be that these are religious nuts who dont beleive in science and there for have no qualms about simply making up scientific evedence. Of course if you seriously dont believe in science than you have no right to be teaching people about reproduction. Now comes reality something that many of these fanatics dont understand first off if any of those people being told this crap are anything like me then they would at least say in their heads, hmm. this seems to contradict everything ive been told previously, maybe i should look to see if this information is true. And once they go and find out that your full of shit then nothing you say is goin to mean anything. By telling people that you can get AIDS from tears and sweat which anyone who has ever paid attention knows is bull shit then when you tell them about real problems with STDs they wont beleive that either. they will say well that whole program is bogus so i might as well go around screwin raw dog. by promoting absitnence with lies then you are hurting the chances of these young adults regularly performing Safe sex. because lets get back to reality, in case you havent been paying attention people do have sex from time to time, and seeing as I specificly work with teen mothers I can tell you that they are haveing sex at some rather disturbingly young ages. promote abstinence absolutely it is obviously the safest route but then for the other 98% of people you also must teach safe sex. of course bush has given 170 million dollars to programs that teach abstinence only. those who design such a curriculum obviouslt dont care about helping people they only care about supporting the few "good little christians" who dont do shit but sit in their happy little bubble terrified of anything that isnt another white anglo saxan christian conservative racist homophobic anti-choice pro-gun pro-war anti-muslim terrorist hunting bush lovin proud to be an american even if i have to give up every right i have cause you dont need freedom if your innocent flag wavin american just like yourself, cause everyone else is evil.

Disrespecting the Soldiers

White Hause

Bush repeatedly reffred to the soldiers who are dying in Iraq and Afganistan as Kids. First this is odd because that is typically the retoric of peace activists who want people to realise that these young men and women are being exposed to the worse possible parts of human civilization at such a young age. This is not a term that should be used by the commanding officer who is sending these brave souls to be killed. The commander in chief who has never allowed himself or any of his family to participate in combat does not have the right to insult these people by calling them kids. Those are my friends and many others who are my age and sure we are young but dont you fucking dare call them kids. Those people put their lives on the line for your lies you son of a bitch how can you show anything but absolute respect for them?

how far are we from the Soviet Union

The Rude One makes a simple case pointing out three recent events that we would have used to show how terrible the communists were had it happend 20 years ago on the other side of the world, but of course these a recent american events. Like the russi, er republicans pledging allegence to the elephant because they didnt have a flag. then having the children Katrina victims sing a song to the tsar and laura praising how great fema is. I wish that part was made up but its not they really did that. and then they have defined abstinece as voluntarily not having any sort of sexual contact untill joined in a male-female marriage. and thats if you want to get federal funding. read the rude ones article its much better than this crappy review, i need some coffee.

Monday, April 17, 2006

nukey nukey

ok so there are plenty of people claiming that tactical nukes are a good idea and that they should be an option when we att.. i mean if we attack Iran. Crooks and Liars
I think thats spendid, but we need to test the affects of so call tactical nukes, these people claim they are safe and that all of the fall out is contained underground, so of course the soil and drinking water of the area is still destroyed but not much direct fallout. Well I think they should put there money where their mouths are and line em up prior to a test fire. let them stand downwind a little way and see if they still beleive them safe, then give them bottled water from the site to see if there is a massive increase in cancer rates. Im not saying we should kill these folks what im saying is that these are the people who claim they are safe so rather than test them on Iranians who would assume that any bomb is not safe lets test it on people who beleive in the technology. only seems fair. oh and i realise that above ground testing is illegal but so is selling plutonium to India under the same or a related treaty so i dont think they will be able to use that as a reason not to. of course ill feel like a bit of an ass if they all came out ok but then agian maybe the military scientists got it right, being the best funded scientists in the world they might be correct and if so then those folks just got to watch some badass fireworks.
hey its worth a shot

Wesley Clark

i think im going to want to watch this later. Crooks and Liars Wes Clarks rebuttal to those who try to claim that the generals who are against Rumsfeld are just mad cause a civilian is controlling them or whatever their responce is.
Ok saw the Vid, good stuff from Wes. Not even talking about Rumsfeld simply rebutting all of the questions about the people going after rummy. that make sence? generals tell rummy to quit, news questions the loyalty of military generals patriotism (normally that would sound fucked up but after 5 years of this we're hard to suprise) and so wes clark comes on to explain to the media that its a reasonable thing for them to do.

the short of it, fuck you Fox. they are retired generals and they deserve to be heard.

Iran, already at war?

The Raw Story has the article, claiming that the US is already in Iran and using locals to attack the Iranian infastructure. so for all of us who worry that we might attack Iran, the worry might be over, we might already be attaking Iran. So now you should be angry not worried. thank you.

Polite City

this is something a bit lighter,
NY Times is covering the new laws in The City which make it a crime to put your feet on the subway seat, to use your cell phone durring a movie or a play, and fines for throwing things durring a sporting event. They want a morecourtious city, which is exactly what NYC has always been known for anyway.
of course now that its starting to work how far do we let them take it before saying we need peace but our city needs to have its soul too, even if in NYC's case that soul might be an asshole.

Coke in Columbia (not the white stuff but still breaking laws)

The Nation
Im glad i prefer pepsi er actually mt.dew although ill take a Jones over any of those if its an option, I should cut down on the soda anyway.

Coca-cola is being attacked again, I had heard about they destroying the water suppply of an area in india. But this one is new to me, using the paramillitary to kill union leaders and workers in columbia. Ok im pretty anti-union but thats rather extreme, now before anyone goes off thinking this is because its Columbia just remeber that we did things like that here to its just been a while, look up the Ludlow Massacre. Of course haveing modern technology (or at least more modern than the 1890's) they have killed a whole lot more people than typically happened here but the concept is the same.
So one more good reason not to drink coke, along with the health issues.

Mutiny, garrr walk the plank captain

Buzzflash Editorial
im not sure how I feel about a fullscale millitary coup. I mean for very obvious reasons I would normally be very agianst tanks rolling up Pennsylvania Avenue but right the Generals have given me more faith than the president. Of course martial law has never looked like a much fun. I would make it easy to come up with some good punk songs but thats not reason enough to overthrow the government. It will be a little while cause at the moment its only the retired brass thats actually stood up agaisnt the administration and I just cant picture retired officers rolling through the capital... actually i can and its kind of an ammusing site, some take going like 4 mph with its turn signal on weaving down the running over parked cars without noticing while pops shouts about these crazy young kids these days. As much as I hate Bush im not sure that I want a millitary coup either, how can we do a civilian coup but with the millitary on our side cause I dont like getting shot.

Sunday, April 16, 2006

happy Ishtar or Easter

that little pagan bastard didnt get me any candy...
silly rabbit was probably to busy fuckin a chicken.

Friday, April 14, 2006

Iran, i ran so far away....

Common Dreams
About time this country woke up to the fact that bush is a lying POS. which this poll shows, 52% of the US doesnt trust bush to make the right decision about iran. What scares me is that 42% still trust his ass. I mean seriously what would he need to do to get the die hards to turn?

i love my job

ive said this before but this is great. a chill dude got killed a couple of thousand years ago and so i get to leave work anywhere between 11 and 12, freakin sweet. so about 2 hours of actual work. what a awsome place. peace bitches


CBS news
I dont even know what to say.
so now pat robertson can cure asthma by letting a woman know its not her fault she hasnt gotten laid.
I couldnt make that shit up if I tried.
its funny when pat robertson says it some people take him seriously, but when David Koresh said similar things in Waco Texas he was called the crazy leader of a cult, and im not saying he wasnt, i just dont think we should diferentiate them so much, and hell maybe we could get Janet Reno back and she could "resolve the issuse" of pat robertson.

1 9 8 4

Progressive Daily Beacon
So the white house is now up in arms prepping for the latest war, no not the one in Iran it will be at least a few months before we go to lose that one. No this is a war against the media. I dont usually use such terms but what the fuck everything is a war these days. If a holiday can be a war than this is deffinatly a war. We have a war going on against the media. The Media is finnaly asking the questions that some of us have been screaming for 5 years and now the white house is going on the offensive against any media source which dares to point out its lies, even the lies we have all known were lies for a long time. Is anyone shocked to learn that Bush lied about the WMD in Iraq? no but when the media points out with starck honesty that bush knew he was lying the white house still needs to attack. its the only deffence they know, just attack attack attack.

six is better than four

Yahoo News
Now im not upset about never writing anything about the four generals who have called for rummys resignation because now we're up to six. i wonder why things didnt work out in Iraq....

Rumsfeld should be held accountable for a series of blunders, starting with
"throwing away 10 years worth of planning, plans that had taken into account
what we would face in an occupation of Iraq."

"They only need
the military advice when it satisfies their agenda. I think that's a
mistake, and that's why I think he should resign," Riggs said.

of course none of this really matters because Rumsfeld has tried to quit twice in the past and bush would not let him. Maybe Rumsfelds plan was to do such a bad job and piss off enough people that they would force him to resign. if so its the first of his plans that might actually work.

Thursday, April 13, 2006

((danger rambling warning level 4))

so what do I do now? I realise that by becoming more radicle in my political ideas than I help my enemy while helping my cause. If you dont understand this concept then please read the article called the Terrorist Strategy: a quiz, in my links section its right below bush's resume which is pretty good in its own right. But my point is that I dont want the right to become more radical I dont want a civil war I dont want this hatred and tension I dont want to lose friends because of a twit like george bush.
So whats the options?
We could take a step towards center, we could not be the radicles we could be a voice of reason to keep the center strong. this would marginalize them, expose them as trying to pitch anti-american toughts like deporting 12 million people from the country, yes they are illegal but then agian this entire country is aliens, how can we be say to anyone that they cant come because they arent good enough? I also need to point out that these people who try to preach racism under the cover of family values, kind of weird when some one claims to be a christian who I would think would want to follow things like tolernence and such sorta like everything that jesus ever said. this is why there is a war on christians. its becuase if the right can use the media to convince enough people that liberals are anti-christian thenit devalues the mesege when liberals point out that all of this retoric about a christian society is being spouted out by people who have no concept of what a christian is supposed to be. And before people try to say im no expert on christianity i need to say this. I went to church untill i was out of highschool, not every sunday but enough. i went on two mission trips to gueatemala that were some of the greatest experiences of my life. and I am an atheist. I dont believe in god. but that doesnt mean i dont know christianity, at the same time I am no experet by any strech of the imagination. so I am an educated layman at best. I know a bit, i know the general concept I was always taught in church and home was to "be kind to one another" or some thing along those lines. and I always thought that was a good idea which is why im a liberal. Im not sure what beleif in god has to do with accepting good advice have to do with each other but ill take the advice. Like any peice of advice i might think its great advice, it doesnt mean i always follow it. So my point is, how is trying to kick people out of our country good for people? remeber jesus said EVERY man on this earth is my brother. now would jesus kick his brother, his own brother out of his house?
The problem is i think that was a pretty good point. that was only one recent issue but it was an easy one. the problem comes that because i dont beleive in god im not allowed to say anything about religion without being called anti-christian. so wow did i ever get off on a tangent. i think the tangent turned out better than the original. i wrote this once before and then my computer locked up and this new version with the big religious twist was the attempted rewrite which once agian i think is better, it must be a sign from god! he... wants.... me... to... kill... consevatives.... No way god! im not fallin for that shit again. karma is a bitch.

fourth retired general wants rummy out

Truth Dig resign already Rumsfeld

Support the Troops

Buy them Blankets because Bush doesnt want to. Halliburton lost a few billion of our dollars but who cares. Ill write something better about this when i get home.
http://Thought Crimes

Easter is almost here...

So it must be War on Easter Time!

For the most part us liberals have way more important things to worry about than a defunct pagan holiday that was highjacked by the christians long ago. We dont care. We are worried about the war(s). We are worried about universal health care, we want the administration held accountable for the untold number of law they have decimated. Liberals want children to be fed.

Nah Fuck all that. I was going to write about how we have bigger concerns than a bunch of so called christians, but honestly I do have a major problem with the likes of pat robertson and jerry faldwell and many others. I have a major problem with anyone who preaches hate. I cannot tolerate it, I have friends who are rednecks and every now and then they say the N words and then they turn and say oh sorry about that. they know better but its ingrained in them. for the most part its just another word to them, its an insult just like mother fucker or anyother strong insult. But anyway my point is that there is growing hatred in this country and a disturbing amount of it is coming from certian churches. This I have a problem with. Religion is a powerful social tool that like any tool can be used for good or bad. The good side of religion is what I thought that whole book was mostly about, things like love your neighbor and helping those in need. non-violence, turn the other cheek and all that. But there is another way it can be used where people teach that because there was a few lines in the bible that can be taken to be anti-gay then we must destroy the gays. which is diametricly opposed to the few lines from the bible that I do know, do unto others....

So bill o'rielly first off I have nothing against Ishtar or Easter but i bet Ishtar was more fun, it was a fertility celebration after all, no easter is fine, hell I might even get dragged to church for it. But I do have it in for certian religious leaders. But then again these are the same supposed men of god who have called for Killing er sorry Assainating a foreign President. So your wrong in that its not a war on christmas or easter or even a war on christianity as many, probably most, liberals are christians. There is a war against fundamentalism. They choose to turn this into a with ou or against us movement, and I for one am against them.

Nuclear Iran, eventually....

Informed Comment rips into all the headlines touting how Iran is going nulcear. stating that the 164 centrifuges they claim to have are maybe 1% of the 16,000 or so that would be a minimum to build a nuclear bomb. Now admittedly Iran has said that they plan to purchace as many as 50,000 of them but have not said when. There is also the possiblity that they just want to use them for the nuclear reactors they are building. Currently I am far more afraid of the US nuking Iran than the other way around. I can think of nothing that would radicalize the Arab world more than to use nukes, even tactical nukes, as a response to an Arab nation attempting to build a powerplant. Currently our nation grows weaker both militarily and economincly every day. We took on a very weak army and have barely kept it out of anarchy, this has not proved our military power. Its like Andre the Giant fighting Vern Troyer and having Andre win on points while bleeding profusely. Sure we won, but no one was impressed. If we go to war with Iran then I think im going to swing either to the total revolutionary side, or else pack my bags and get the fuck out of this backwards fundamentalist leaning cuntry.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006


i think i just fixed my links so they wont be at the bottom of the screen for those of you using explorer. im not sure why mozilla seems to work on my site. oh well i hope its fixed now, it was my depressing bush clock that did it. he always gets ya..

Dick goes to the ballgame

Cheney on Crooks and Liars, seems fitting

Dick Cheney went to the Washington Nationals opener to throw out the first pitch, but his ball went wild and struck Mark Maguire who then charged the mount in a vicious 'roid rage who was tackled only moments before striking the Vice President with the bat by two rather reluctant looking secret service agents. We have not been able to locate Maguire for questioning. Cheney collapsed from a massive heart attack during the ensuing skirmish between agents and Maguire. The Vice President was immediately airlifted to the hospital for the second time that day, the earlier incident being a drill set up by Cheney to test the response time of his medical team. Later being quoted as saying "I seen Jr. get four tires and gas in 11 seconds I should be able to get an new heart in under 30 minutes, shit they got all them quick disconnects in their now , and a zipper to open my chest. Which was quite beneficial as during the practice drill the team actually defibulated the VP "several" times before realizing his heart only beats twice per minute. When questioned why they did not know it was only a test they said they had not been notified. Cheney commented saying that it was classified information and asked if I was trying to help the terrorists by asking such things, then saying of course I did tell that one reporter about it, and told scooter to pass it on...

oh or he got booed at the stadium, which is funny too.

what a day

today kinda sucked for me, but thats enought about that lets get to the good shit.

Im in a good mood cause im figuring out what tunes to put on my own little political punk mix im about to burn.
We got Nofx bad religion some descendents dead kennedys makes an appearance as do primus and suicidal tendencies, some system of a down and some green day bit of propagandhi and a shit load of anti-flag. So that has me in a good mood but now its ended..

Descendents 'merican is a great song, its fast but not hardcore at all so its a good starter to political punk and im a huge NOFX fan, a bit angrier and almost solely political is anti-flag, and seeing as i want to be able to listen to this at the office im not goin much further than that. one dead kennedys song did make it on.

So when i get home i hop on crooks and liars and see how the world doin... oh the grin hasnt left my face in an hour. so where should i start....

45% think that bush should be censured? how can I not smirk when I see that. I realize it not even a majority but were in the right directions.oh and 55% of americans plan to vote democrat for their house rep. ha.
C & L

Monday, April 10, 2006

El Salvador

Pro-life Nation ok i found the article on el salvador.
I havent had time to finish reading it but there it is if your like me and dont want to pay to read the news. On principle Id feel better about supporting companies that actually have decent investigative journalists such as the NYTimes but im poor and I have other priorities, srry

Ruth Malhotra, I suspect that I hate you.

heres the link
Sue for the right to harass gays

I really dont want to hate christianity, i dont even want to hate the fundamentalist christians, Id much rather not hate anyone. My good will can hold out to say that there is still no group of people that I hate because its wrong to hate a person for how they were born, but to hate a person because of what they have done is expected. In the word of NOFX "so go ahead and label me an asshole cause i can, accept responsiblity for what Ive done but not for who I am." from the song Dont call me white. Any way I might have found a person I could hate without even meeting.

Ruth Malhotra I suspect that I hate you. You are trying to use sue for the right to harrass gays. Harrassment is NOT an inalienable right. reread the Constitution some time theres a lot of good stuff and its not very long. But no where does it say that freedom of religion allows you to persecute others. Your rights end where others begin, ie: my right to swing a baseball bat ends at your nose. I have the right to swing a baseball bat, but as soon as I crush your face in, then I have broken the law, as it should be.

And now on to the religious end of it. I'll be the first to say that I was never a religous person, oh sure my mother dragged my to church every sunday untill I moved out for college. Sure I went on two mission trips to guetemala and cant wait to go again. But im not a spirtiual person. That feeling deep down that people with faith must have, well I just dont have it. But I must say I dont remeber the pastor ever saying any thing about "and jesus said we shall bring fire upon those who whould make love to another man." doesnt really fit his whole style of helping those less fortunate. And turning the other cheek and all that other stuff. I never really hear him shouting about hatred much but maybe we had different versions of the bible. Of course I alwayss liked the Jesus in my bible. He seemed like a really nice guy that wanted everyone to live free and be happy. He was staunchly against greed, cause I do remeber him saying that it is easier for a camel to walk throught the eye of a needel than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of heaven.

So for everyone who is preaching hatred in the name of christianity, well id be curious to read your bible and see what jesus was like in that version cause the jesus in my bible is going to send you to hell for eternity. Of course I dont beleive in hell and I Dont beleive in pure evil either. possible exception being Bush...

Peace to the tolerant.

heres the link again
Sue for the right to harass gays

pro-life nation

its supposed to be a horrifying article about the pains involved in a nation where abortion is illegal no matter what. but unfortunately the Times makes you pay to read their articles online so needless to say im SOL. Id really like to ind a copy of it to read...

illegal aliens

Her Rudeness asks an interesting question on the immagration front. the Question is this; When Secretary of Commerce and former CEO of Kellogg's Carlos Gutierrez was a young boy, were he and his family in the United States illegally during the early 1960s?

Its a great question that should be asked not because we have and issue with Carlos but because it is a perfect example of a country that is made up of almost nothing but immagrants. of course if you beleive in science than everyone but the africans are immagrants or everyone but the Iraqi's if you beleive in that old book about adam and eve, who may have had to fight tyrannsuarus rex while in the garden of eden if your into the whole young earth stuff.

Thanks to the Rude Pundit for bringing this up. I cant wait to hear the answer.

Leveraging Xenophobia

Ok great article over at Daily Kos. Please read it.
Theres is a quote from one of our few Dems with a spine Obama that sums up the liberal ideals and what our country should be in a few simple words.
If there is a child on the south side of Chicago who can't read, that matters to
me, even if it's not my child. If there is a senior citizen somewhere who can't
pay for their prescription drugs, and having to choose between medicine and the
rent, that makes my life poorer, even if it's not my grandparent. If there's an
Arab American family being rounded up without benefit of an attorney or due
process, that threatens my civil liberties.
It is that fundamental belief --
It is that fundamental belief: I am my brother's keeper. I am my sister's keeper
that makes this country work. It's what allows us to pursue our individual
dreams and yet still come together as one American family.

And how can you argue with that?

Delay's Balls

must be huge!
Think about it youve already been indicted your about to throw in the towel on the next race and so you ask for campiagn contributions in order to pay for your mounting legal fees. And when those supporters finally realize whats happened and say hey I want my money back cause thats not what I had paid for you proudly tell them to suck on one or two of those powerfull nuts. What a country. Of course If your stupid enough to give money to indicted felon then I about as much pity as I have for highdiver who knows theres no water in the pool. And if they go broke throwing their money away on republicans then at least they can be proud that all of our national safeguards to keep you out of the gutter have been repealed by those same republicans. But youre heart will be warm as you die of exposure knowing that you helped ensure sure that no man married another man....

lets nuke iran

So we are trying to stop Iran from becoming a nuclear power, and were going to stamp out the threat of nukes by hitting their nuclears sites with bunker busting tactical nukes. Does our adminisration have no sence of irony whatsoever? here frist read this from the New Yorker and then read this Terrorist Strategy and youll quickly realize that attacking Iran may very well lead Bin Laden to NOT attack us. Ok read that again, attacking Iran may prevent another terrorist attack, at least for a while. This is because we will already be doin exactly what Bin Laden wants so why bother with another attack? Hes getting what he wants as it is. So if you read that stratagy guide and i think you should, then you would know that the worse thing we could do right now would be to talk out an agreement with Iran, and set goals for a pull out of Iraq, all while treating these other nations with the same level of respect we would give to England or any other ally. Of course if we did that then Bin Laden would probably attempt another major attack to try to get us back into another war. So then the key would be to actually respond to warnings, keep our eyes and ears open and try like hell to prevent an attack, now lets play the pessimist and assume that the greatest intelligence gathering power the world has ever known cant stop the guy in the cave, then what. well that means we got attacked again, so now what. thousands of people are dead again, and everyone is screaming see what happens when we stop attacking them, thn they think they can attack us. This is going to be the very very hard part, this is when we must remain calm. This would be a good time to work really hard to find Bin Laden track him down send in a few seals and take him out. But do not fight another war, this only helps the terrorists toredicalize their own people while weakening the US both militarily and economicly. We must stop helping the terrorists, we must end the war. And for the love of god dont nuke Iran, are they insane?????

Friday, April 07, 2006

nazi-punks fuck off

ok this has nothing to do with that Dead Kennedys classic. I started reading and had to post it, i havent finished reading it but it looks good. Firedog Lake


for bush cheney gonzolaz rove.....

thanks to Kos for this one.
heres the real quick of it,

In response to a question from Rep. Adam Schiff (D-Calif.) during an appearance before the House Judiciary Committee, Gonzales said the government would have to determine if a conversation was related to al-Qaeda and crucial to fighting terrorism before deciding whether to listen in without court supervision.
"I'm not going to rule it out," Gonzales said, referring to the possibility of monitoring purely domestic communications.


Amendment IV
The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.

once again thanks Kos, cause i stole this whole post from you but I thought it was good and didnt have any time. imition is the sincerest form of flatery, er something like that.

oh and one last point that has been made before, the presidents number one duty is to uphold the Constitution of the united states. So violationg the constitution in order to protect us from "terrorists" in not an excuse, you cant put lower prioritys above the highest thats why they are priorites. I never though i would need to explain that to the president of the united states, damn.

The Leak

National Journal has the story.
Libby is claiming that Bush gave him approval to use the information. effectively declassifiying it, no one seems sure if the president can declassifiy information. This whole situation just stinks of foul play. I still say they try the person resonsible for treason
So lets hear what the president has to say about leaking classified information.
THE PRESIDENT: Yes. Let me just say something about leaks in Washington. There
are too many leaks of classified information in Washington. There's leaks at the
executive branch; there's leaks in the legislative branch. There's just too many
leaks. And if there is a leak out of my administration, I want to know who it
is. And if the person has violated law, the person will be taken care of.
I think that says it all, dont you? that was from '03.
Thank you to Editor and Publisher for the article and Buzzflash for bringing it to my attention.

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Theories of Conspiracy

I'm not usually one for conspiracy theories but I watched a movie last night that really amazed me. Now I first want to say that I need to watch this again as I wasn’t feeling my best and maybe I was more susceptible to speculation than usual, I also need to take it over to a friends house and make them watch and see if they think its as crazy I do. The video was called 9/11 Conspiracy –In Plane Sight-, it floored me. We have all heard the one about the Pentagon and how it was a missile and not a plane that struck it. They always said well why weren’t there any pieces of the plane on the lawn? That was never much of point for me because I don’t remember seeing and bits of plane on the ground in NYC either, the plane was in the building. But then they showed photos and live video from the day it happened and I have to say, it didn’t seem like there was a hole the size of an airplane. They did keep showing the plane as if it was flying in straight and level and in reality they would have been diving at the base of the building which might be able to explain why the hole was not the expected shape. There was the point about the fire though. The trade center burned for a long time due to all of the jet fuel, and yet the pictures of the Pentagon showed almost no fire damage other than soot. They also asked where all of the surveillance camera footage was. It’s the Pentagon; they have a few cameras around. And only one video has ever been released and it seems to show a missile hitting the Pentagon. It then gets into much bigger and crazier theories along with varying levels of proof. It’s a good video because it keeps using well-known footage and simply points out things that I had never even looked for before. There is a video of a huge plume of dust rising up from ground level at the trade center, but both buildings are still standing. I don’t want to be that guy who believes in all the crazy stories but then again after everything that has happened since 9/11 is there anything left that you think Bush isn’t capable of doing, other than success?

Im not sure if this video is available to buy anywhere, if it is i will probably buy it. I illegally downloaded it. oh and very quickly that is my stance on downloading things. If it's good and ive got an extra buck then i will buy the cd or dvd, its like testdriving a car. so if i find where i can buy the video ill let you know.

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Noam Chomsky

Any time i see that name i know im going to put a link to it. I havent even read the article yet but I will go out on a well supported limb and say its probably fantastic. so with out further adu I present Noam Chomsky, thank you to common dreams for giving this living legend a place to be heard.

bye tommy

as you all know tom delay is outta here. not much more to say because every news outlet is carrying this story and im not exactly feeling witty today.

bush's energy plan

American Progressive
this came out awhile ago but i just want to touch on it agian. bush thinks we're addicted to OIL, agreed. Bush thinks we need to reduce our dependence on foreign oil by 75% in the next 20 years. so far so good. Bush thinks we should reduce spending on helping needy families use less energy, wha? Doesnt that action completely disagree with what he was saying?

First off 75% reduction in 20 years is lame. we could reduce it by 50% before he leaves office if we really want to. but why would he want to do that? Its much easier to talk big and tell the future presidents what they need to do than it is to actually accompish a single decent thing for the good of the country.

So we need to do this to save the environment but to help get this through think of what it could do for our economy. first off all this hydrogen cars, get the fuck outta here. way way to much work so many obsticles to overcome before that becomes viable, well keep working on it but we need a plan for in the mean time. fuel cells? no, worse than hydrogen and some of them still use gasoline, albeit much much less. and there is the problem of carrying around a mini powerplant in your car. So the most blatently obvious thing to do at least untill we can find something better, and no its not hybrids. sure hybrids are a fun novelty, driving around with the engine off is fun, but they really arent that much better than the normal cars, in fact the most efficient cars on the road are NOT hybrids. it had to be over 5 years ago now that VW built a lupo 3 liter, which stood for 3 liters per 100 kilometers, or 78 mpg. that beats the hell out of anything available in this country. and once again its not a hybrid. So what is the miracle solution to all of our problems? vegeteble oil. yup
if your a liberal hippy communist heathen like me then you probably already know about biodiesel. its amazing you do absolutely nothing to the vehicle. the diesel engine was intended for farm use and therefore they designed it to run on veggie oil so that the farmer could produce his own fuel. Then for those who like their engines to rev we go to ethanol, the only downside to this one is that engines might need mild changes, tunning needs to change becuase the fuels have different styciometric ratios. oh and alcohol burns clear which can be dangrous in fire, becuase you dont know its on fire. but cars dont catch on fire all that often. completely renewable fuels with at most minor infastructure changes and money going to american farmers. my only question left is Why Not?

Limbaugh was low on pills

Media Matters reports tht Rush Limbaugh, everyones favorite racist, called the Duke rape victim a hoe. He did apologize for it on the air but i think this needs a serious written applogy. it wont happen but whatever, boycott Rush.

witch hunt time

The Guardian
unfortunatly not the fun kind. this is about going after those liberal bastards at colleges who want to teach their students about the world. those who beleive there has been knowledge gained after the resurection of christ are consperacy theorists. If your not teaching my child exactly what has always been brainwashed into them then you are a sadistic communist heathen that should be burned at the stake.
if you want to see the website that has caused this fuss here it is.
Seriously though a college or university should be a place where ideas can flow, open mindedness and meeting new people from around the world, or in my case from the other side of the state (state school). A college is a place for learning and a place to challenge the ideas that have been presented to you. this makes for an inherently liberal atmosphere. A conservative college would be like listening to bill o'rielly, you can listen to this guy spout off about a bunch of things but then you cant question him. any good professor encourages people to question them and then they will rebutt your question and you question the rebuttal which is whats called a discusion or a debate. I never used to think that something as basic as an educated conversation was a liberal idea but I suppose that these days it is.

Feeling shitty....

i feel like crap and im at work, if my writing sucks today then im... not sorry.

DHS pedophelia

first i should warn you that im not feeling well so my already horrible writing might be even worse, srry.
Now we have high ranking government offcials being caught seducing 14 year old girls on the 'net. This is something so obviously terrible that I feel I need to throw out this weak deffence for the idiot. I saw a rather un-official study looking into the people who try to have cyber-sex, this was not really looking at the underage portion just the general concept. They found that most of the "young girls" were guys. And more interestingly many of the guys talking to the "girls" were not supprised to learn they were talking to another guy. This leads me to beleive that many of them dont care who they are talking to because they have no intention of ever meeting the person on the other end. So maybe he just assumed it wasnt really a 14 year old kid and figured it was some other pervert out for a good time. Of course this logic does have a flaw, he asked her to get a web cam, which means he wanted to actually see her which means he probably did thing it was a little girl. damn well I tried to defend him but I was wrong. Hes just a prevert and an attmepted pedophile. or in the quiet words of T-ShirtHell "Pedophiles are fucking imature assholes" if your looking for the shirt ill warn you that im not sure if its still available but i still wanted to give them credit. seriously how stupid can you be? you work at the DHS you should know that the cops are watching the internet all the time, shit DHS is part of the people watching it, and i dont think it even needs to be said that no matter who you are you dont hit on 14 year old girls, unless your a 14 year old yourself and in that case, get off my site, i use bad language.

Tuesday, April 04, 2006


NY Metro
saw an article over at FDL that sounded interesting so here it is so i can read it later

war on the web

oh thats just freakin great. read this if your a fan of the Net and if your reading this then you probably are.
Thomas Paines Corner
So the pentagon wants more control over the internet... they want to be able to shut off the telecommunications of another country without getting out of a chair, they want to send out more propaganda to foreign countries.

rummy should quit

rumsfeld is about as expert at running a war as a palsey victim doing brain surgery with a monkey wrench. ok i stole that line from the movie Sin City.
Common Dreams
A former general Anthony Zinni has called for Rumsfeld to resign. Rice recently stated that there have been thousands of tactical mistakes made, Zinni counters saying that it was major Strategic mistakes that have cost us this "war." They had been planning what to do if they ever went back to Iraq since the first time we left after the gulf war version 1.0, ten years they planned for it and when it came time to implement the plan. they said nah ive got some guesses that tell me this will be easy all that data and information youve collected doesnt concern me cause i have this gut feeling that this is all going to be just fine. And this is the problem with the evangelical in the white house. he doesnt believe in science or logic or rational thought, he believes in gut insticts that tell him what to do. there are times when your insticts will save your life, but dont count on them for strategy.

of course if rumsfeld quits then he'll just be the scapegoat for every problem and then bush will claim it wasnt his fault cause he didnt know that rumsfeld was doing such a terrible job.

the new presidential motto: ignorance is a virtue