Wednesday, November 22, 2006

honkeys givin' dough to cracka's

Ok so I see a link to an article over at BuzzFlash, a site I like, denouncing the action of the Boston University Republicans. College republicans are pretty easy targets but I figured it could be funny so I checked out the Article. The group is of course opposed to affrmitive action, I already siad they were GOP, so they decided to create a scholarship for white students. Its a scholarship for $250 which might buy you 2 books and some combo's. The idea wasn't that they wree really going to help a white student, at least not much, the idea was that it was going to spark controversy and debate. Its confrontaional, it takes a stand in a way that will get attention without actually hurting anyone. Any you can set up a grant for anyone, my friend once found a scholarship for engineering students named Matt. Anyway I appaude their actions, I completely disagree with their goals, affirmative action is important in order to bring minorities to and even playing field and it doesn't even do that but it helps a little. But I can still applaud the action, they have an issue they want talked about and came up with a mildly creative way to stir up enough controversy to get the issue disscused. If they have anyone at the school with some background in this issue (and I bet they do) then these frat boys are going to get crushed in the debate that they started. I was always meakly in favor of affirmative action. Im an optimist and always wanted to think that real equality is the best and this is what the frat boys will agrue too, the difference is I ment it. We would be a better society if the only thing that mattered for a job/college/scholarship were merit/qualifications/need in the case of scholarships. but we don't live in a perfect world and slowly I admited that yeah we need Affrimative Action you look at the stats and yeah we still screw the miorities pretty hard, not that this is exactly news to anyone. Then I went to a confrence for work and saw a whole presentation about subversive racism. I won't get into it in detail but it fully convinced me that nothing were going to do is going to truely bring them to an even playing field so anything we can do is acceptable.
Ok well Im not going to get to finish this or add the links so you can read for yourself but if you go to Buzzflash in the blogroll then it might still be there, if not you'll have to search the boston globe for it. but Ill do my quick recap.
I disagree with these people's stance but I like they way they are going about getting their opinion heard. I disagree with them because the only ways you can be against affirmative action are to be mis/uniformed which most likely isn't the case for these students. You could be an idealist as I mentioned earlier, this is possible and it is the deffence they will use. Or they are racist, which I guarentee is at least part of it. Im not saying they are klan members or anything like that but I would guarentee that the moderates are subversive racists and I bet some are outright racist when not in public. As for the subversive thing, I ran out of time but its a very interesting area of psychology, possible the only interesting part.... sorry gotta trow in the psych jab from time to time, I work with "those people."
And finally this is an area that I find annoying about some liberals, if they were on the other side of the issue they would approve of similar tactics, but when the opposition does it then its wrong, were better than that. Be honest they're methods are fine, they want to have a debate about Affirmative Action, fine this is a topic we can destroy them on even when were stuck playing by their rules. We can win this easily, but rather than attack the tactic, learn from it, we need to be on the offensive like they are, that way we set the ground rules we can fight in our arena not theirs.

Ok well have a great thanksgiving, eat turkey fall alseep in front of the TV watching a football game you don't care about. or you can have a traditional thanksgiving, invite all your neighbors over have a huge feast then kill them all and take their land. either way, Im lazy so falling alseep in front of the tv is my plan but do what you wish, either way have a good one, and if your neighbor invites you over, well just watch your ass...

Monday, November 20, 2006


I spent the weekend with my favorite sister down in Pittsburgh. It was fun, I ate vegitarian/ some vegan food, and it was actually good. I was a bit shocked. Im more the cheese burger and fries kinda guy but they had some hippy food that was bangin'. And we're talking Pittsburg here, back when she lived in San Fransico it would have been expected. In Pittsburg you get a sandwich and the fries and coleslaw are in the sandwich, thats not a joke. But I just feel like putting some tunes/videos up so Im not really going to talk any more about my trip to Pitt.

Heres some videos,
First up is The Mighty Mos Def, I've never been all that into rap/hip hop but I enjoy intelligence where ever it can be found, Mos Def is clearly one of the most intelliget lyricists in the music biz at the moment. This tune's called Ghetto Rock

The Ramones: I Wanna Be Sedated, nothing more needs to be said.

I liked this Jay-Z song the first time I heard it, and while part of it was the hook, I got 99 problems but a bitch ain't one, I realized it was the deffinate Rock beat, then I noticed that Rob Zombie is in the video and helped write the song, suddenly it all made sence. And I still like the song.
So here it is 99Problems

How about some Bloodhound Gang, not intelligent, but highly entertaining.
here is their classic song Fire Water Burn, AKA the roof is on fire.

My Favorite Eminem song which isn't saying much, he got a bit political. I liked it because you knew that the failues of the president were getting pretty outragous when Slim Shady decided that he needed to stop talking about how he hates his wife and mother and tell us how much he hates the president instead... ok so maybe it wasn't all that revolutionairy for him but it was a decent song and video. And I like anything talking shit about baby bush. Here's Mosh

Rage Against the Machine: Testify
This video might anger some liberals, well sorry, I like gore but I don't think he would have been great. Better oh yeah, but I didn't vote for him cause I hate censorship so I couldn't vote for the husband of Tipper the loudest voice in the PMRC.

Crappy video of a good song by System of a Down: Prison Song

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Ive been touched by his noodly appendage

Last night I went and plundered the nearest chain books store, I prefer the local one but I knew they wouldn’t have the scholarly volume I was interested in. So after a bit of searching the booty was found. For some reason it was placed in the humor section instead of the religion area, I’m sure it was an honest mistake by some new stock personnel. The book I refer to is none-other than The Gospel of the Flying Spaghetti Monster (not to be confused with “the flying spaghetti monster speaks” which was written by a false prophet) by the greatest prophet the world has even known Bobby Henderson.

This book has changed my life. I suddenly feel fulfilled. There has been something of a void in my life, I found every religion I had ever looked into as having similar faults, Buddhism was close but I could never live up to those morals. So I was looking for a peaceful religion (which takes Christianity and Islam out of the running) with great ideals but relatively loose morals. Then I came across the Prophet Bobby’s website, and suddenly I knew I was in the presence (sorta) of someone who truly understood the universe. The website was filled with knowledge but left me yearning for more. That is why I highly recommend purchasing the gospel of the one true creator.

One point that isn’t mentioned as often is the outright dismissal of Dogma, which forced me to look up exactly what dogma means as I only really know about

OK minor note, I’ve said it before but I work at the coolest office ever, My boss and I just spent 15 minutes taking about parties at college, I liked his- No Pants Party. He said the reality was that it just meant knees had to be showing but that after a few hours it really was a no pants party. That sounds like a good time. He may not know it but my boss has clearly been touched by his noodly appendage.

Back to Dogma, which is more than just a Kevin Smith movie, not to discount the movie any it’s a good flick, but Dogma is the idea that some truths are simply unquestionable. So that the idea of a religion outright dismissing the idea of dogma is quite revolutionary. They admit that they could be wrong, there might not be a FSM despite the overwhelming evidence in favor of such a being. Imagine if Christians said well these are the things we think are true, but its possible they have errors and we will update ourselves as necessary. Its like the exact opposite of Bush, no one is infallible not even our almighty creator the FSM. He has good days and bad just like anybody else.

I'm just a good pirate costume away from being a Pastafarian, so to all my brothers and sisters out there who have been searching for the answer, or at least an answer, then I invite you in to be touched by his noodly appendage. We welcome all with open arms, if you choose another path, that’s cool too. We are a religion of peace and understanding, we take no offence with those who chose to worship another, we feel they are misguided but they are not bad people.

One thing that is often brought up and cannot be discounted as a reason for choosing the one true faith is that our Heaven has a Beer Volcano and a Stripper Factory, whats yours got? Angels, yeah but are they scantily clad?

Also I wish every religious book contained a simple Q&A section like the Gospel of the FSM, it would save so much confusion.

Q: Your “religion” offends my beliefs. What should I do about feeling mocked?
A: Our alternative beliefs are in no way mocking your beliefs more than yours mock ours. FSM belivers are peaceful, open-minded, well educated, and reject dogma outright. We’ve never started a war and have never killed others for their opposing beliefs. Compare our record to yours.

I also liked the question before it which was simply your “religion” offends my beliefs which the prophet quickly retorts with, “that’s not a question.”

Conclusionairily, this is an excellent book, it’s a fantastic religion and a worthy read for anyone interested in the Intelligent Desgin debate, even if you aren’t in the market for a new Religion. To those who aren’t happy with their current religion, I highly recommend you give the CoFSM a test drive, if your not satisfied then return it (the religion not the book) at no cost to you, and most likely your old religion will take you back. With that I say ARRGGH to you and your mates, have a great day ye scurvy landlubbers.

BTW: conclusionairily is a word we made up in like 7th grade when we were told we needed transitions for our paragraphs In conclusition sounded lame so we used that instead, the teacher didn’t think our creativity was as important as using real words.

Friday, November 10, 2006


I needed the one version but I thought it might look messed up and I didn't want anyone to missout on this classic pic, so here it is twice.

TFSMIF (thank flying spaghetti monster its friday)

Nothing much to report on the political front, and its friday so I feel like relaxing, I was hoping to post a song called "the Brews" because it was our way to kick off friday nights back at college. It starts with,

"Friday night we'll be drinkin' Manishevitz
Goin' out to terrorize Goyem
Stompin' shagitz, screwin' shicksas
As long as we're home by Saturday mornin
Cause hey, we're the Brews
Sportin' anti-swastika tattoos
Oi Oi we're the boys
Orthodox, hesidic, O.G. Ois

Orthopedic, Dr. Martins good for
Waffle making, kickin' through the shin
Reputation, gained through intimidation
Pacifism no longer tradition"

The friend that I usually started the night off with was usually rocking Doc's and even got an anti-swastika tatoo eventually, a-la the Dead Kennedy's.

Oh and two of the band members are jewish and so this entire song is full of yiddish and other jewish reffernces. They had an album called "white trash, two heebs and a bean" from that you can probably guess the racial make up of the band.

But I couldn't find a good version of it so instead here is NoFX's masterpeice, this one song was an entire album, its the second longest song in punk history. And its here in three parts. The longest was Crass with Sir! Yes Sir! And these guys first started in 1983 when I was 1, they're about to turn 40 and are still a great punk band.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Hell its friday i think i'll go nuts with the videos.
More Nofx im looking for non-live videos so you can actually hear the music and NOFX is one of relatively few bands I like that has a lot of non-live videos available.
So heres a little diddy called The Man I Killed

how bout some Anti-Flag another favorite, their new stuff is pretty much Emo still a good message but lost a lot of the edge, I'm not hating just that they've changed in a direction I'm not a big fan of, maybe they will convince Emo bands to actually have a point instead of just being boring music about how their lives suck, maybe?
anyway heres Anti-Flag with this is the end, for you my friend.

More A-F with the aptly name Die for your Government

eh I'm goin to lunch hope you enjoyed the videos

Thursday, November 09, 2006

America, Fuck Yeah!

Did we seriously just take the house, the senate and for a little icing on the cake get Rumsfeld out in the same day? Holy freaking crap batman. I mean really who called that one? I think my house predictions were almost dead on, my senate predictions were vague enough that Miss Cleo could have spotted them as another way of saying I don't fucking know, but I never even contemplated that we'd get the entire legislative branch AND get rid of Rummy all in one fell swoop. Am I dreaming, did our country finally wake up out of our 5-year hate induced zombiedom? Bush loved taking about mandates well you just got a great big mandate upside the head motherfucker.

Fuck a gridlock like so many predicted we're on the express bus to vetoville, Bush is going to wear that veto stamp right out, better get some more ink. But now the pressure is on, well it will be as soon as they're in session. The Dems just took this country, now they need to show what they can do with it, they need to push through value defining laws, nothing hidden, just big bold laws that like re-affirming that no one can be held without a trial, no one can be tortured, habeas corpus is an inalienable right that NO ONE has the right to take away AKA fuck you Bush. They need to demand that a clear concise plan is laid out in Iraq, immediately, again FUB. Any two people can have a civil union by law, and churches or other institutions may grant marriages to who ever they want and those unions/marriages will be recognized by all entities in this country. Domestic spying without a warrant is illegal and anything else is an impeachable offence, we won't try you for the past ones, but no immunity either, in other words if you straighten up we'll let you go but if you do it again we throw the book at you.

If the Dems stand up and kick a little ass then, well it'll all get vetoed but that’s ok, hell its the whole idea, we clearly state what our plan is then this forces the true repedophilican agenda into the open. Every time the president vetoes a bill he's saying fuck you to every person who voted for a Democrat, Oh we better pass a stronger bill about signing statements too, which Bush will approve with a signing statement that this law doesn’t apply to him. We want to force bush and the other republicans to say fuck you to the people as often as possible, sure it wont change much because everything gets shot down, but it will be a constant reminder of who is and has been fucking this country, and I'm not talking about just some good old wholesome fuckin, nah this was like American History X jail sex, they kind where they guy says after words, "I had to get three stitches" its been that kind of fucking, but some how those fear ruphies worked better than I ever though possible, but we seem to have woken up finally, and now we're going to the cops, hope fully the rapist goes to jail, and if not we'll theirs always the lifetime movie style justice for the raped.

Of course if the Dems don't stand up, if they bitch and fight within the party, if they water down their bills because they don't want them to get vetoed well then fuck them too, that’s when I'll dump that (D) from after my name and proudly declare myself a member of the Green Party.

So it’s all up to the Dems, raise your voice, point your finger and grab your nuts cause its on now!

Friday, November 03, 2006

good saying

I was just screwing around looking at t-shirts from Carry a Big Sticker and came across a nice saying from the king of one-liners, Confucius.

Before you embark on a journey of revenge, dig two graves.

they had other good ones too but that was my fav, not nessicarily my favorite to buy and wear but I liked the saying.

Be nice to America, or we'll bring democracy to your country.
War is not Pro-Life.
A picture of the Statue of Liberty with, give me your rich white men

Just go to the link if you want to see more.

I love this Country, I just hate the people running it

Hate is a strong word, and I hate Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld.

the reasons keep pouring in all the time. And I already had a bit of a rant, well assuming that a post titled Donkey Raping Shit Eaters qualifies. So instead hes a song from a political-funk-rapper AKA The Coup

I just watched the video, theres actually a bit cut out of the middle of the song, that explains how he ends up in a party with rich white guys.

Why Vote Against the Republicans?

The Rude Pundit is my hero. The Rude Pundit - Why vote against the Republicans?
This is one of the best things I have read on the internet in a while. Its angry it says the f word a lot and it makes its point. I hope this doesn't piss off his rudeiness but Im'm just copying and pasting the whole article here.

So without further ado here is some rudeness.

Why Vote Against Republicans? Because Fuck Them:America, the good ol' USA, is a country that was brought into existence by groups of terrorists and insurgents aided by foreign powers. Its first rallying document was the Declaration of Independence, a list of reasons why King George III and the British sucked balls. However, no matter what that hand-scrawled Declaration told the colonists, a good many people living in Massachusetts or Maryland could've bottom-lined it for you: "Why revolt against the British? Because fuck them, that's why."

The history of great movements in this nation, of any nation, is a tale of people who are finally, at the end of the day, so fed up with the status quo that all of the rational reasoning mounts and piles up until it all, in essence, comes down to "Fuck them." ("Them" being, of course, whoever the powerful are in a historical moment.) The French Revolution, the American civil rights movement, the struggle against apartheid in South Africa, all uprisings of the average person, through the ballot box, the legislative process, or the gun, against those who are dicking them over. Sure, sometimes it doesn't turn out for the best and sometimes things get even worse (see the media-manipulated Republican "revolution" of 1994 with its dunderheaded motto of "Throw the bums out"), but such is the end result of constant, endless disempowerment of the masses, the unending thrum of voices calling wrong what the people know in their guts is right.

Now, even through the deadening fog of Fox "News" rhetoric, multiple jobs, dying pensions, depleting health care, the waterboard effect of credit card debt, force-feedings of fatty foods, soul-killing reality TV, the entire cultural apparatus telling us we must want more and more stuff and shit, the dead-ends of public debate, government-instilled paranoia, dementia masking itself as religious faith, the unsubtle shove towards xenophobic isolation, an antagonistic corporate media, the vicious street-beating death of American intellectual thought, and Bush-worship masked as patriotism, through it all, man, all of it, we have come to this magnificent moment, frightening and exhilarating in its implications, where we, as a majority, are looking at the ruin and waste that surrounds us, piles of shit that we are told are mountains of gold, and we can finally, in this savage season of 2006, at long last come to say, "You know what? Fuck them."

Fuck them for trying to make us believe that America's acts of mass destruction, its bumblings into conflagration and apocalypse, in Iraq are actually just speed bumps, commas, if you will, on the road to a peaceful world of democratic nations bowing down to blow the cock of American hegemony.

Fuck them for holding themselves up as arbiters of morality and when they were confronted with a simple moral equation, they cast their lot with savages and genocidal maniacs. No, not the embryonic stem cell research vote, you backwards ass anti-science fundamentalist fucks. On torture and judicial rights, where even those who proclaimed themselves defenders of the detained and imprisoned ended up dancing like slut marionettes on a puppet pole in the Oval Office when it came down to actually, say, defending the detained and imprisoned.

Fuck them for making Americans fucking hated around the world, as if we're all ex-Nazis or, maybe more accurately, members of Pinochet's Chilean army back in the day, squandering the real triumph of America as a beacon of rights and fairness. However unreal that image was, it's better than being "that big ass country that tortures innocent people."

Fuck them for leaving New Orleans and the Gulf Coast to die, as if somehow those parts of the country were gangrenous toes that could just be cut off.

Fuck them for telling us we're too stupid or traitorous to understand what it is they're doing in trying to re-make the earth in their image, for keeping secrets in the name of their own security while literally and figuratively selling out ours.

Fuck them for lying to us about so goddamn much, about science, about their own policies, about what they actually, really were recorded saying, about what's genuinely important, like the out of control debt and the melting planet, instead trying to get us to think that, if a couple of guys wanna get married or if some pop singer's tit jumps out of her blouse, Godjeebus will smash the earth with his mighty Bible-club of divine justice.

Fuck them for...well, you know what? Just fuck them.

Fuck them all, all the Republicans in Congress, all members the conservative spooge-bucket brigade, all their corporate masters yanking on their nipple clips and shoving cold cash up their asses for their obeisance, all the liars and sinners and avaricious rats of the evangelical right, and especially all the wads of fuck in the White House. They all had their chance and they fucked it up. So fuck them.

When you walk into the voting booth on Tuesday, no matter where, with that rage burning in you, stab that motherfuckin' punch card, beat the shit out of that Diebold touch screen, and yell, "Fuck them" as you vote them into oblivion.

And if on Wednesday morning it turns out they've dicked us over one more time by hacking the vote, by screwing with the polls, then maybe we've reached a point in this America where it's time to fight or flee.

Donkey Raping Shit Eaters

Well where do I begin, first I see two top page articles about how some one thought it would be a great idea to publish all of Iraq’s military info on the web to help find some WMD. Plan doesn’t make any sense so far but don’t worry its about to get a whole lot worse. What was included was fairly detailed information about how to build a nuclear weapon. It’s a damn good thing Iran doesn’t have the internet or else we sure would have egg on our face, in the form of a mushroom cloud. This just in, Iran does have the internet, and we (and by we I don’t mean you or I) just gave them a big boost in getting those nukes ready for some Israel bombin’. So who could be some unbelievably ignorant to actually post detailed nuclear secrets on the web…. Take a wild ass guess. Yup our favorite defenders of our nation, who value security over your freedom, yup the Republicans. And so how will this play out, well the NYTimes has an article about it which means that by now Little Green Footballs and other right wing hate sites will be saying that we need to kill everyone at the New York Times because they exposed Republican incompetence, er sorry they’ll say the NYT divulged nuclear secrets by pointing out that they were available on the internet. Its not the fault of those who put them on the net, they were trying to cover their asses by looking for WMD that didn’t exist so you can’t blame them, no in this country we blame the messenger. Its what we do, again by We I don’t mean you or I, well maybe you do, I don’t really know you that well, I mean we spent that one incredible night together in Mexico but I don’t even know your name. When I asked you just said don’t speak…
So after reading that lovely piece of reassurance what did I stumble across next? Oh yes that we are no longer searching for a missing soldier because the Iraqi government told us not to. So Kerry is pure unrelenting evil because he made a shitty joke that he proceded to fuck up and their fore he hates the troops and wants the terrorists to win. Bush goes looking for a missing soldier and is told to stop, so he does. Now that’s strong leadership right there, showing them that he’s the decider alright, and if that solider is tortured to death then that’s just part of the price we pay. Oh and just a few months ago if we captured a torturer then we could have put them up for war crimes but now we can’t at least without indicting ourselves in the process.
So that’s what it means to support the troops ignore them when they go missing and teach Iran (and any terrorist with a computer) how to build nukes. If that’s what we call supporting the troops then shit Kerry should be happy they say he not supportive, not supporting can’t be as bad as supporting like that.

and thank you to trey parker and matt stone, the title is a line from the south park movie.
Bigger thank you to Buzzflash, Crooks and Liars and AmericaBlog for the articles. I would thank the NYT and the Chicago tribune because they wrote the articles that the blogs were about, but I can't view those articles without paying and Im cheap so screw that.

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Election time

Were getting close and the ugliness surrounds us. The RCCC is bombarding us with disgusting ads, Kerry is making stupid comments, Rush Limbaugh being the piece of shit that he is, and everyone involved in campaigning in any form is completely stressed out. Its one thing to have job that has a very high work load, its altogether different when that work is trying to sway public oppinion. The public as a mass is such a strange entity. How much does the public actually pay attention? How manipulated are they by campaign ads or GOTV calls? In the end it really is emotion, do I like this person or not? everything else is just fluff. The Repedophilicans have understood this for a while and have been kicking the shit out of the dems with that little piece of knowledge. Humans are simple, were driven by our emotions, some of us work very had at being objective about the world but in the end, and this is particularly true of human interactions, we are emotional. You probably have at least on friend who is actually a jerk, you know they are and you don't like it but they are still your friend and your not even sure why. Its the same with politics you vote for some one because you like them. When you first hear about them you hopefully look at the issues and their stances, you try to see if their values are similar to yours or not. You might also look at that letter in parenthesis next to their name, and in a rather short period of time you decide if you like them or not. Once you decide, conciously or not, who you like, its almost impossible to change that short of the person coming out as a pedophile, or a total racist or some major breakthrough like that, because any minor issue your going to look at through this lens that anything bad about that opponent is an unfair attack and anything good from the opposition is overblown by the biased media. We all do this, theres no new information in what I just said but its interesting when you catch yourself doing it. Not that it matters I still think Randy Kuhl is an asshole and that Eric Massa seems like a good person. Would I be friends with him normally? probably not, forgetting the age difference, hes a very intense person with a huge millitary background, thats just not really the kind of people I usually surrpound myself with, but the people I do hang out with would have a chance in hell of winning an election for all sorts of reasons.

Another classic post that had no point whatsoever but I liked writing it, hopefully somebody read it and enjoyed it. If not, eh. go below and watch a video or something.