Thursday, May 25, 2006

Damn phone companies

so like many people when I heard about the NSA gettingt the records of almost every call in america with one major exception being Qwest. so I imediatly heard of people switching to qwest, I wasnt concerned because I only have a cell and cant afford the penelties for switching and Qwest isnt available in my area anyway, and Im not sure they do cells. so anyway obviously I wasnt changing. Now I find out that Qwest is owned by the Carlye group... this is just a weird twist. was bush sr not about to convince the board to go along? was big bush concerned about the customers civil rights? (jk) or did he think hey I bet I can get a bunch of those liberals to switch to Qwest by not going along with this program. cheeky monkey.

Bush has "full faith and confidence"

With praise like that it must be a Major fuck-up, and it is.
26.5 million vets had their private information stolen as you well know. and so just like any goverenment official who really fucks up, bush is telling them "heck of a job".
Yahoo news - Vets


Ken Lay and Jeff Skilling have been found guilty in the Enron Bankrupcy trial. Key Lay is guilty on all charges while Skilling was only convicted on 19 of 28 charges. had he been convicted he could have faced 275 years in prison. Ken Lay is facing a maximum of 45 years which seems too short too me but considering that hes 64 years old it should be enough to effectively be life in jail. Lay said that the collapse of enron is the most painfull thing thats ever happened to him, of course he hasnt dropped the soap in the shower yet....
this is on every news site by now, or should be so ill give ya the first that showed up for me.
The Guardian UK
And the blog I first heard it from.
America Blog, because a great country deserves the truth

Civil liberties and other hippy shit

OH this is great, lets bring out an old WWI law that could be read to say that any one who spreads classified information can be prosecuted. Currently the person who leaks classied information is in legal trouble (unless they work for the white house) the person who it was leaked to is safe beause they never had to pledge they would not leak said information. this could get ugly... er

WoPo report

selling off national parks

Is just a bad idea for reasons im not even going to get into, i think they're obvious. If you dont know what they are then go to a park, you'll understand.

Wal-Mart goes green?

Interesting, my contempt for the other great evil has subsided if only slightly. Wal-Mart has decided to go green, they want more efficient trucks, they want renewable energy powering their stores they want renewable fish in the super-markets and other great green ideas. Has Wal-Mart seen the light and decided that they want to save the world? Hell No they realised that more effient trucks would save $300 million dollars a year this is purely a economic/ advertising move. Its good PR to say that your trying to help the environment, although the people who care about the earth are often the same people who care about people and their for are probably like me and simply dont go to wally world.
Thanks to Common Dreams and Mark Morford for this article.

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Dream a little dream....

Huff Post - Kevin Phillips
oh what an image I like the one towards the end, The dems take control of the house bush And Cheny are impeached or forced to resign and the now democratic speaker of the house is now president. and the speaker does not actually have to be a member of the house do it could be basicly anyone, even Bill Clinton? now he cant be elected again, because he has served two terms but can he become president for a partial term if hes not really elected?? not sure but thats probably not who they would choose. but anyway the idea of anyone else getting in by next year is a highly worthy dream.

Good Call Bush (Sr. that is)

From Common Dreams

As Lil' Bush is poised to send our already streched thin national guard to the border we should be reminded of what his father told then nation years ago.

His dad seemed to have understood that when he told the United Nations in
1992, "In the face of today's changes, with the loss of so much that was
familiar and predictable, there is now a great temptation for people everywhere
to turn inward and to build walls around themselves: walls against trade, walls
against people, walls against ideas and investment, walls against anything
that appears new and different. As the Berlin Wall fell, these walls, too,
must fall. They must fall because we cannot separate our fate from that of
others. Our peace is so interconnected, our security so intertwined, our
prosperity so interdependent that to turn inward and retreat from the world is
to invite disaster and defeat."

Thats just too fitting...

wow im way behind

that last one was my first post in almost a week, damn. well Ive been real busy at work and at home I had decided to buy a paintball gun so I spent a lot of time deciding what would be the best option in my price range. yeah only played paintball once but im hooked i really want to go shoot my friends. I also find it interesting that a lot of the people on the forum are like hardcore christains that love to shoot eachother. I suppose we liberals are the more non-violent type so a war type game evne if its safe might not appeal as often. it just seems funny that devout christians and hunting ppl seems to go together so well or many it shouldnt.


TPM Muckraker
Hey I agree with Micheal Chertoff, hmm thats odd. Oh I agree with Michael Chertoff from six-months ago, who knows where he is now. at least back then he though that stationing national guard troops along the border would be an extremely expensive and temporary solution to the problem. yup.

Friday, May 12, 2006

Duke Rapists

not the college boys, thats some fucked up shit in its own right but im here to talk about a different type of rapist, whose name happens to be Duke, Duke Cunningham.
Sign On San Diego has a biting peice on Duke Cunningham and his bribery. The shear volume of it sis impressive and pretty well blows all other congressional bribes out of the water.
But as the article points out why I will deem this a rape instead of simply some backhanded bullshit is that you need to remeber that there are reprocussions for acts like this. I dont just mean that Cunningham should spend the rest of his natural life behind bars I mean thats a given. The consiquences as always come back to our men and women in uniform. Duke was taking bribes from deffence contractors and fought to get contracts based on who lined his pockets instead of who made the best body armor. And like always when someone like John Kerry said well hey theres much better options than what you have proposed then Duke goes to the republican playbook and says well your unpartiotic and you support terrorist and dont you remember 9/11? and then after attacking a decorated war hero, Duke who also served in the military, went to the bank and dropped of the check for $500,000 from the defence contractor. I dont normally call for the death penalty but I could see it being justified in this case.

Jeb in 08?

AOL News, Bush version 3.0
actually I love this idea. obviously not because I think Jeb would make a good or even a bad president I think he would be terrible, maybe even as bad as the current one. I love the idea because it would be a cake walk, got from the most corrupt government this nation has ever seen then try to get the people to ask for more of it? The guy in the courtyard of the psych-center that my office over looks thats trying to eat a kickball probably has a better chance of winning than Jeb, and guy eating kickball would also know better than to vote for another bush.
So I support Jeb running in '08 and I think every progressive should be on board, at least through the republican primarys.

99 Tons of AK-47 misplaced

Gun Guys, AK's for Al Qaeda
It was enought to fill four airplanes, 200,000 assult rifles. And wew cant account for them. They were ment to go to the Iraqi Police and Army but instead may have ended up in the hands of Al Qaeda. and why does even 29% of the country support bush? oh yeah cause hes good for security....
Stupid stupid stupid stupid
Im not even mad at bush anymore, hes just worthless, Im mad at the stupid bastards who only get their news from Fox or the bible, which by the way if your looking for good up to the minute information the bible isnt really the best source although its probably about as accurate as Fox when it comes to nuking Iran. In case your one of those 29% that was an insult aimed at Fox news, see the bible is actually NOT a good source for information about attacking Iran and so by suggesting that its better than Fox means that Fox would have to be very bad indeed. But thats an insult not a joke, see I dont want you to laugh or even creapy chuckle I want you to realise that Fox is notorious for inacurate information. They went to court years ago and were told that there is no law saying that news outlets must tell the truth. Fox hear that and ran with it.

So anyway our fearless military just gave 200,000 guns to the people we are supposedly fighting against. they used a private arms dealer who was in trouble with the UN for doing something similar in 2003. Shows what that stupid UN knows they think this arms dealer is shady well we'll show them that the USA knows best and used him anyway. stupid stupid stupid stupid. I would say that they got what they deserved but the guy who hired this arms dealer will probably face no penaltys and knowing bush will probably get a medal for it. No like always its not the incompitent that get punished its the troops who will pay for this mistake, like always it comes down to the working class or the soldiers to foot the bill.


I have to say that im not putting huge stock in this poll just because from what Ive seen the questions were is bush great or horrible? and thats just not good language for a poll like this. Ill throw my party when gallop hits 29% so at this rate im thinkin Ive got about a week or so maybe I should plan on next weekend for the party.

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Nerdiest Bartender Ever

but kinda cool too
This is what happens when you randomly read throught the times...
Just read about these drinks.
What the fuck this guy uses a lazer, like the kind for surgery not the silly pointers, to carmalize the inside of a wine glass then refilling it with the wine. I kind of want to get a class 4 lazer and give it a shot.

um...... K

NY Times has this ground breaking report about how an shockingly large percentage of top soccer players are born in the first three months of the year....
first off who cares?
But then you read it and its actuall kinda wierd and I basicly just wanted to save the link and show it to the psycho-ologists at work. They'll have fun with it.
I liked the theory that soccer fans will be most likely to have kids that are good at soccer and spring is when soccer fever hits its peak and so a child concieved durring the spring would be born in the begining of the year. so soccer makes soccer fans horny and kids are born 9 months after soccer. works for me.

Super Germs

Common Dreams
Ive had issue with this whole Anti-Bacterial trend ever since it started. Because Im one of those folks who believes in Evolution I think that if a product kills 99.9% of bacteria then that 0.5% that lived were the strongest ones. And in the case of bacteria where your talking about millions or billions of individuals then 0.5% is still plenty to reproduce.
First I was concerned because it creates stronger more resilient bacteria. Then I started thinking about kids that grow up with parents who disinfect everything, how is that child ever going to develop a stong immune system capable of fending off infections? If a child gets dirty and ill from time to time then their body is better off for the next time it encounters encounters that virus or bacteria. This seems so common sence to me that I feel stupid even brining it up. But then I go into the store and try to buy non-anti-bacterical soap and its a challenge. theres fifty dish soaps and one (luckily its cheap) brand that was not an anti-bacterial. It is like any thing else they realized that they could very cheaply add a little chemical to the soap and it would kill germs and people bought it, sales increased so soon every soap was anti-bacterial. Now they are realizing that the anti-bacterial agent is not contained in most sewage treatment plants so that chemical is either returned to go downstream in the next towns drinking water or else it gets collected in the sludge that farmers use to fertilize their feild which is making the bacterial relientcy happen much more quickly. A simmilar thing is happening with medications, weve got fish on prozak in our rivers. so at least they arent depressed.

everyone say hello to the NSA, just pick up the phone and call... anyone

USA Today
Maybe the media is starting to come around and realize that we want hard hitting news. We could go for some good muckraking reporting about now.

So anyway in a move that will probably only be shocking if your reading this on the computer while showering, the NSA may be collecting information about EVERY phone call made in the US. thats impressive just from the scale of the operation. Oh sorry I lied not every call because Qwest had the balls not to agree to sell data to the agency. So they say that they arent Listening to all the calls they are just monitoring every call made to look for terrorist patterns and probably for political blackmail too.

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Might be true

Yahoo News Iraq and Al Qaeda

I couldnt make this shit up if i tried.

BAGHDAD (Reuters) - A purported al Qaeda document published by the U.S.
military may or may not be authentic
but its message that the Sunni Islamist
guerrillas face problems in Iraq could reflect
reality, security experts said on Tuesday.

Ephesis added

So now they are at least honest about making shit up.....
Id tip my hat if I were wearing one so instead an old school Thank You to America Blog because a great nation deserves the truth.
Of course I think even crappy nations deserve the truth, everyone deserves that.

gay marriage

nice article about how the right wing is just a bunch of homophobes.
Majikthise has the article.
I wish I could remeber which band it is that has the song, "Homophobes and just mad cause they can't get laid." a bit long for a title but funny none the less.

War on Contraceptives

Truth Dig reporting on NY Times Article about the conservatives attacking contraceptives. This is nothing new to those of us who have ever spoken to a conservative, but its great to have the media backing us up and exposing what the real right-wing agenda is. Thank you New York Times Magazine for this piece, great graphic too.

Army whores, i mean Recuiters

no scruples at all
Truth Dig, Autism in the Army
this is fucked, our country deserves to be destroyed when we fall to this level.

Best little whorehouse in DC

Truth Dig Molly Ivins
nice article
I just havent been in the mood for writing but theres a lot going on that needs to be talked about, or at least laughed at.

in case you havent heard enough about Colbert

Sun Times has a great article attacking the media. good stuff if a little late.

Monday, May 08, 2006

Secrets For Sale! we got military secrets for sale!

The Independent UK
I got no time to write, think of something witty and put it in a comment.

the world loves us

we have become so hated that the world cup, where riots are par for the course no matter if you win or lose, that they will not allow the US team to have the american flag painted on their bus like everyother team has. this is pathetic. Wake me up in '09 maybe then we can try to change our image.

Thank you to MSNBC for the info.

Of course somehow this is going to be the fault of the liberals for not insulting the arabs enough. or at least thats how O'Reilly is likely to spin it.

More Good Shit from the land of Kos

Bush's Iraq strategy is so clear, no one has been able to see it

Thank You Dan at Daily Kos

job growth, or not

Daily Kos
Worse job growth in 40 years.

this makes me ill
im not supprised but still a little sickened.

down with tyranny

new blog added to the links
Im a sucker for a good quote as ive said before and I like theirs, "When fascism comes to America it will be wrapped in a flag and carrying a cross" - Sinclair Lewis.
I like it.

I cant write

damn, i know what i was trying to say and this is horrible. when i get into a hurry which is most of the time i dont proofread. I like many people will write something and not like it so i delete then try again and again untill i like what I think i have writen, of course what I think I wrote and what I actually wrote often are not the same. So if you run into something that makes no sence what so ever just try taking out words till it makes sence and thats probably what I really ment. and if its just misspelled then read the Twain quote to the right...

I only had time to glance through the site but the guy is obviously very knowledgeable but I cant quite figure out where he falls politically. maybe hes one of the few who avoids the labels of left or right. I cant really tell just yet.


The Observer has an exstensive article on Hugo Chavez and what he means to Venezuela, Latin America, and the World at large. Its an iteresting article because unlike most things about him which either vilify him as a dictator trying to take over all of latin america, or else they swing so far the opposite way to where they praise him as a saint come to show us the light. And the reality is as usual somewhere in between the extreames. First off he is NOT a dictator, we was elected by a margin unheard of in american politics. he has around a 70% approval rating, most of the dissent comming from the upper and middle class. He has made the poor his ally by genuinely trying to improve the lives of the poor. And if you have never been to a third world nation then I suggest you do, it will help you to understand why the world dislikes america, and its not because of our "freedoms." This into why the people love him and then shows that he like many leaders are using fear of attack to prompt an expanded military. I didnt get a chance to finish reading but it seems well done.

Price Gouging a federal crime...

Sounds like a good idea, but it wont happen untill we unseat the republican majority.
CNN has an article about one Dem trying to make it a federal crime.

Wiki The President

Interesting site....

Saturday, May 06, 2006

I want to go

I want to move south and fight. I want to help organize the exploited of this nation I want people to realize that is the fight its the exploited vs the exploiters this should not be a battle between races or genders. This should not even be a battle between the left and the right what we need is an overthrow of the exploiters. What the world needs is a true class war, we need to destroy the structure of the elite. the best model that I have seen yet seems to be the latin revolutions in Venezuela and Bolivia some may deem the term revolution a bit strong as both were simply elected changes, but that does that mean it was not revolutionary? Revolution can be masive change useing the exsisting system, sure its harder to get the same degree of change and it may take a bit longer but its far less deadly and makes it exponentially more difficult for outside pressure to try to overthrow the revolutionaries because they follwed the rules. This is my dream, not just a few different rich white men getting elected into office that are somewhat less corupt or at least arent as flagrently corupt. Thats a lame excuse for progress. I want real change I want minoritys to make up an appropriate percentage of congress. I want our leaders to reflect our population because the majority of our nation is NOT lawyers. We need people with common sence and a willingness to fight for that which is right. Ok tihis got off topic very quickly because the sad truth is I simply dont have the resources to move right now, Im broke. If I can figure out a way to make this work then I may still become what Ive often dreamed of being. I want to head to where the action is no matter where that might be. I want to stand in front of crowds and scream the fury that we are feeling. I want Anti-Flag, Propagandhi, the Coup and others to be at my rallys I want this to infuse all elements of those of us who feel like we have lost our say in the ways of this government for, by, and of the government. The question of how we lost control is a mute point at this time, we must always study our pasts so we do not head down the same path of corruption as those we are trying to overthrow. Now is the time for action.

Race War?

We have growing signs of a race war to begin in America. The issue of immagration documented and other wise has taken a disturbing turn. It started as peacefull protests but when the opposition realized that whey couldnt stand a chance on a moral or religious stance they went for good ol' nationalistic hate. The inferior mind usually resorts to violence, I need to other example than our current dictator.. i mean president. So if this does become an epic struggle than let us not allow our fellow man stand up to this hatred alone. They have show the left how a protest is supposed to work. This is grassroots activism at its finest. So my call is that if this is going to be the rallying point for the left than so be it. If this turns to violence then I will be that staring back at the white men that I will never call brothers while surrounded by people of every race gender education and orientaion. Then it becomes the struggle that we need. We need a united front this can be that front. We need every sliver of the left to come together to fight against the right which i think we can agree has shown to be far better organized in general. We can over come this ideology of hate. We must call them out for what they are, they are preachers of hate bigotry and violence. and these are not american ideals, these are not christian ideals, these are hardly ideals at all. Some onemade this comment the other day that stuck with me. I cant wait till the day when whites are no longer the majority in this country. Its a simple statement, and at present it is an inevitablity. Imagine a USA with a latino president, a bi-lingual nation, government run by latinos and blacks and imagine even muslims in office? of course there will still be whites too, we aren't gone were just suddenly far more apt to stick up for minority rights. This is a cause I will fight for, i will not risk my life for the sake of a few greedy bastards trying to make money on the suffering of others, but that does not mean there is nothing worth dying for. For I would rather be dead than live in a land where such bigotry and ignorance is condoned. I will not go quietly into the night. I will not surrender.

Virgins Only Dances (if you don't count anal)

Its pretty tough to get your groove on while wearing a chastity belt anyway. Ok you gotta check out this link, Truth Dig: Charity Ball. Seriously the looks on those girls faces is priceless, look at those great scowls. They look pissed that they got dragged there and now there fathers are preaching some shit to them in the middle of a dance, and just to top it off the media showed up to humliate 'em a little more. But right after the pic the DJ spun up the new pussycat dolls song and them girls got freaky on the dance floor. Just nasty shit. I wouldnt be suprised in the least if many of them end up pregnant in highschool after having sex out of spite. And they got pregnant because their parents never told them the importance of condoms, you know that speech, "dont be a fool, wrap your tool" or the lovely, "seriously you dont want no shlong diseases." But no these parents think that forced abstinence is the best policy, apparently forgetting the staple though process of adolecence which goes something like this. Well my friends are having sex or trying to, and my parents say its a sin, so its probably a whole lot of fun and even if its not it will prove my parents wrong for trying to tell me how to run my life, im in highschool, im an adult and ill do what i want. Im not saying its a good stratgy for the kids im just saying how they thing or at least the ones that I knew. So anyway I really hope they dont become children with children because I wont wish an unwanted pregnancy on anyone but it would be a cruel irony if it happens.

P.S. Its early and im simple but theres something kind of funny about a virgin only dance thats called a Ball, hehe. told ya i was simple. Imagine the little girl whos father signs her up for the dance and she looks at him and says, um i dont think they'd let me in.....

Friday, May 05, 2006

what do you say to this....

the largest embassy in the world, 104 ACRES the size of 4 professional stadiums bigger than the entire Vatican City. or as the Iraqis call it, George W's Palace.

Times Online
half a billion dollars....
so is this how we rebuild Iraq?

Peace Take Courage

First off I added this site to the links, but here it is again Peace Takes Courage, I just heard about this site, and it looks very nice. I heard of it because aparrently the 15 year old girl who runs it has been recieving death threats because of a video that she made.
First I felt assamed that I live in a country where folks will send you a death threat because they disagree with you. Although this is nothing new.
Then I saw her site and i felt more assamed because Its really good. This 15 year olds site makes mine and most bloggers look lame. The runs the blog, a forum that looks to be quite active, and has made some 70 flash videos since mid-march! holy shit when does she go to school?
Anyway very nice site Ava and I wish you all the best. I think its too much of a move right out of the conservative playbook but i like the idea of giveing out the e-mail addresses of all those who threatened her.

Cleveland Rocks

Im a little suprised, but theres good news coming out of Ohio today. Sorry to any Ohians (?) out there Ive just had bad experinces in Ohio. But any way the Ohio Courts have upheald that it is illegal to discriminate against gays even for suposedly religous reasons. This might end up at the supreme court which is a scary proposition with the court leaning hard to the right. But then again maybe they will realise that the constitution is really a fairly liberal document and their job is to make sure all other laws are in line with those laws. So a big win in Ohio and a case that could get very interesting if it goes to the supreme court.

Holy Shit Anti-Flag in the Press

Ok so its The Nation, the coolest magazine ever so maybe I shouldnt be supprised. I started reading this article called "Songs of Protest " and was expecting another review of Neil Young and Bruce Springstein and I was planning on being annoyed that like every one else they would ignore all of the great Punk Rockers that have been singing or screaming in some cases about bush for five years now, and then I got to the second half and there it was Anti-Flag, I was instantly reminded of why The Nation kicks ass and suddenly reafirmed why I bought that subscription after hearing about the mag for years. Here is what The Nation had to say about Anti-Flag.

But others in Washington are hearing the power chords. For years, Justin Sane,
lead singer of the political punk band Anti-Flag, said it was "left to artists
to make the statements that should be getting put into the public discourse."
But Anti-Flag is no longer shouting from the sidelines. The band's new CD, For
Blood and Empire, features the song "Depleted Uranium Is a War Crime." It was
inspired by an appearance at a 2004 Punk Voter rally in Seattle with
Representative Jim McDermott, a Vietnam-era vet who has introduced legislation
calling for an investigation of the military's use of DU. McDermott is on the
CD, and the band is spearheading a drive to get Congress to act on the bill.
Come to think of it, if a 69-year-old Congressman is heeding the call of a
punk band, maybe it's time to recognize that, with prodding from outspoken and
courageous musicians, the Bush order is rapidly fading and the times, again, are

Moussaoui Trial, the other perspective.

Im too cheap to be able to read the NYTimes article but i like the first line, The most important part about the Moussaoui trial is that it happened.
This is an important factor that most americans dont want to think about. Most of the people that have been detained after 9/11 have not received any trial, many havent even been accused of a crime. This was once a nation ruled by laws. Imagine if China just started detaining Americans for a few years so they could check and make sure they had never commited a crime. Their justification could go something like this, although justification doesnt matter if its illegal.
You know the stats that show that more Americans are in jail by percentage than any other nation so there must be a lot of criminal americans, were just goin to detain them at random and check their backgrounds to see if they have ever broken a law. I hope the US doesnt care but were going to do it either way. Then they have the audacity to say well we finally had trials for a couple of them after four years and we realized that many of them weren't criminals so were just not going to have anymore trials, oh and those who were found innocent yeah that doesnt mean they get to leave that just means that yeah arent arrested or guilty while they are in jail, so maybe we'll stop torturing them. Eh, nah we'll probably still torture them just not as often. Of course this is not quite what is going on because this would turn into a struggle between two superpowers. Im fairly sure that even Bush is not insane enough to attack China, and China wont attack us. This is the stark contrast between my alternate scenario and what is really going on, if China did this to Americans there would be problems, if we do it to Islamics who we are already attacking then there isnt much their government is going to do about it. And yet somehow by shitting on an entire race of people somehow this is going to make the world safer, because obviously if you really really piss people off then they are less likely to retaliate. Er wait hey theres a flaw in that logic isnt there....

Thursday, May 04, 2006


Ive been slaking lately, busy at work and lazy at home. so im trying to get a few posts out there.

A group of lawyers and former government officials wrote a letter to the majority and minority leaders saying that it is there constitutional duty to investigate the NSA wiretapping. I have not yet finished reading the letter so heres the post. tell me what you think of it.

Letter to Congress

Life in jail

Im not going to say much, as im a little late in getting this out im sure everyone already knows about Moussaoui baing sentenced to life in jail, and pretty much had their opinions decided before the sentencing so that the news only said which of the pre-determined emotions would be felt. Personally im very happy with the results, he got what he deserved without becoming a martyr and without our nation sinking to the level of revenge, er well... not into revenge in this case, Afganistan, Iraq and maybe Iran those are another story.

Can You Spell Irony?

So we spend billions of dollars trying to prevent drugs from being grown in foreign countries in order that to reduce the amount of drugs in this country. So why dont we attempt to stop the most addictive substance known to man from being illegally smuggled out of this country? First I should say I dont know that Nicotine is the most addictive subastance known but it is considered the most addictive drug, at least according to a friend that went throught rehab five years ago and has been clean ever since, BTW im proud of you man. But id be curious to know just how much effort we have put into stopping cigarettes from being smuggled out of this country.

Boston Phoenix has the article

Cool Protest

Kvatch's Kommandos
I like this idea, Just take army men add a little tag to the leg saying "Bring Us Home" double stick tape on the base and place somewhere in a public area. So simple but a great visual.

Thanks again to Kvatch for the idea.

Monday, May 01, 2006

Law Day, Bush Style

Thanks you Daily Kos
Theres really no commentary nessasary for this one.

Troops out by ' 08

Oh thats just great. The Age, Troops out in 08
So the Majority of troops will be out of Iraq in the next year and a half. Of course it doesnt actually say they are coming home just that they wont be in Iraq, I just hope this doesnt mean they will be in Ira_ instead. Bring the ALL home before '07.