Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Sheehan changed her mind

I keep hearing those who support the war and support Bush say that Mrs. Sheehan has changed her mind about Bush and the War. They are using a quote taken out of context to prove it. This is not the problem everyone uses quotes out of context sometimes by accident sometimes to change the meaning but if the quote is in full then its a transcript and losses its punch. The problem I have is that they can even use that part of a quote against her. I know Bush thinks its the only mortal sin but we are allowed to change our minds. You can be on one side of an argument and realize that you were wrong, really its ok. If you became a pacifist because you lost a loved one, that's ok. To look around and decide if your morals are right from time to time is healthy that means your growing as a person. It really sickens me when people try to attack a Mrs. Sheehan I may not completely agree with the way she's going about this, I believe she could have asked for more than just to talk to Bush but that doesn't matter. She is making her voice herd and for that I have the utmost respect. I've heard some people trying to argue that its disrespectful to the family's of the soldiers how died that believe they died for a cause. I understand that idea but there's two problems, first this is still America and we still have some freedom of speech, and more importantly she is trying to get answers to why her son was there at all. If Bush is able to tell her the truth and convince her that there was a good reason for the war and that it was the only option left then so be it. Then she will have succeeded, she only wants answers is that really such a terrible thing? Do we need to run a smear campain against that? If Bush has been telling the truth all this time then i dont see why this is even an issue, just sit down with her tell her everything that led up to the attack sip some coffee and have a good day. The only thing that makes any of that not the easy solution is if Bush has been lying for the last 5 years and if thats the case impeach him, try him for treason, then try him for 1,800 counts of murder (we have great records for americans killed i just dont know the number of iraqis or id try him with those murders as well). Well mrs. sheehan good luck we support you.

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