Tuesday, September 13, 2005

38% approval

Why does even this much of the country still like him? Why don’t the democrats have the balls to start an impeachment trial? Maybe there waiting until after the midterm elections because they assume they will pick up a few seats. The media is doing better than they usually do, the transcript of the press corps going after the press secretary is great, but they still aren’t out for blood. Heads must roll. If I hear the words "blame game" come out of the leader of the free world, the most powerful man on earth again I think I'm going to snap. Blame game is he 12? Your with adults now georgie you can use your big boy words. Accountafuckingbility man that’s the word I’m thinking of criminally negligent homicide comes to mind occasionally too. How come the winners of a war don’t have to go through war crimes trials? and if it turns into a stalemate and we pull out then we didn’t really win so we can have one right? Can we get him for perjury if he lied to the entire country repeatedly but he wasn’t under oath because he's not stupid enough to go before a congressional hearing. How about treason? Id really like to see him tried for treason, I think Id throw a little party. How about a pubic stoning in New Orleans? He'd be thinking, man I haven't been stoned in New Orleans in a while, that might be fun.

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