Thursday, September 08, 2005

a few things to look at

"Governments at all levels failed," said Sen. Susan Collins
hey a republican that I agree with
The letter sent to Bush on august 28th asking for help
firefighters sent to atlanta for training instead saving lives

ny times report, navy pilots
reprimanding navy pilots for saving lives

Canadians got to work before FEMA
theres lots of good videos on this site, might have to add croos and liars to the links. I havent had a chance to check out all the videos yet, nut it looks like theres some good ones.
Once again havent been able to watch it yet but the Charmaine Neville video is supposed to be chilling.

Independent News
Bush in charge of the investigation on what went wrong with katrina, I guess im not the only one who sees the problem with this idea

I think thats good for right now. oh and I have to give credit to because thats where all these sites came from

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