Friday, September 02, 2005

Great Idea

This is one of the most impressive charity gestures Ive seen.
A group that has grown in notorioty due to the Cindy Sheehan cause called is getting people to open their homes to the hurricane victims to give them a place to stay durring clean up. Any person able to do this for a total stranger is a hero in my book. I dont have a spare room, Im broke and im probably about 1400 miles away so im not sure how much I can do. I can't even donate blood right away because I did recently and I cant again for 112 days. Im also a big fan of because they seem a bit more realistic when they pick there battles than some othe leftist organizations. Instead of trying to collect donations and send them to people they are simply asking there members to donate to the Red Cross. which is a simple and very effective way to do it as long as your not doing it just to get your name in the paper. The Red Cross is one of the great charities that is not only trying to help, but really does and in many different ways. So to anyone in the area of New Orleans with a spare bed, check out the link above. This isnt a time for partisanship this is a time to help your fellow man simply because they need your help.

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