Tuesday, September 27, 2005

The Protest

I wish i was there. its amazing how little coverage there was in the mainstream media. several hundred thousand people in DC and only one of the dozen 24 hour news networks covers it? c-span did, i was watching it. The raging grannies kick ass.
One sad/funny protester was a story of a guy riding his bike in front of the treasury building, with a portable PA system saying,
"Pay no attention to this building. It is the treasury. It is empty. It has been looted.รข€�

Not to supprising that almost every major news source mentioned the couple hundred pro-war protester that were also there. some of the articles gave equal time to both dispite one side haveing maybe 400 people and the other having at least 100,000 and some estimates as high as 500,000 but I can see why the get equal time... oh wait no no I cant.

I told my sister about wanting to go to the protest and she thought it was ironic that I couldnt afford to go because of the gas prices. shes right there is a cruel irony involved in that. But remeber the important thing is that the gas companies didnt lose any profits this year. thats a relief. I would have lost a lot of sleep if I found out that a few muti-billionaire ceo's didnt make quite as much this year. I can barely afford to drive to work, but the economy is booming? that's what O'rielly told me. so it must be true right?

Wow im still reading from thomas Paine's corner, really good stuff there right now. you should really chech it out.

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