Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Back to politics, and science

I haven't been paying as close attention to the trial of Intelligent design in PA as I would have liked. But in doing a quick little research I found a very persuasive argument, one that I had not heard before. Id like to state that while im not a religious man, I have never felt that it is impossible for there to be a god. Maybe there is a god I don't know. But if there is I bet hes(or she) got a great sense of humor, I mean just look at a platypus. I also think that if there's a god then god got bored and created the universe as his own reality show to watch, hey can you blame him, who wouldn't get bored. Anyway the argument I just saw the start of and had to write something about is this. If we were designed, or better yet if we were engineered by this omnipotent being then why do we have an appendix? Why do some animals have vestigial limbs that they don't use? Why would god engineer in things that are not necessary? I would be very interested to hear the counter to this one.
The Article then goes on to name the top ten useless limbs. So here's there list.
10. Wings on flightless birds
9. Hind leg bones in whales
8. Erector Pili, these are what give you goose bumps, or make your hair stand up when frightened
7. The human tailbone
6. The blind fish, but has eyes
5. Wisdom teeth in humans
4. Sexual organs of a dandelion, they reproduce by cloning
3. Whiplash lizard sex, the whiplash lizard also reproduces by cloning and there are no males in the species, but the females try to have sex anyway from time to time.
2. Male nipples
1. The human appendix, useless but if it ruptures you can die, now why would an all powerful god engineer in such a device?

This is an interesting argument and I will be curious to see if it comes up in court, and if it does what ID will have to counter it with.

Lets teach religion in the home and in the houses of god, any religion. It would be a great injustice to the religions to have science teachers teaching about god. For obvious reasons a science teacher is the wrong person teaching your child about the creation story. I would think foe this reason that the religious right would hate the idea of science classes teaching their creation story. oh well whatever.

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