Tuesday, October 18, 2005

hmmm..... ideas......

I think we need more political debates in this country. I think that Noam Chomsky Howard Zinn and Jello Biafra should debate against Bill O'Rilley, Pat Buchannon and.. and to be honest I cant think of many big conservatives right now. Maybe 5 people per side, how about a three way debate. maybe throw in some moderates? eh fuck the moderates they just agree with both sides and just wait to see who the winner is on each issue, then they take a stance. I was listening to a few old speeches made by the previously mentioned Zinn, Chomsky, and Biafra. Chonsky is a brilliant intellectual who is able to speak in a way that almost anyone could understand, that is a rare trait. To be confident in your intelligence so you dont always have to prove it. And then there is Howard Zinn who talks about working on the civil rights movement in the first person. He was there He was a professor at an elite black college in the south. He mentioned in one book being upset with another author who put words into the mouth of Martin Luther King, Zinn responded with what he believed King would have done in that same case, He then points out that he was basing his knowledge of King on first hand experience, he worked with King. Zinn also has one quality which is why I prefer him to Chomsky, Zinn is funny at times. He is able to throw in just enough humor to keep the audience intregued. Jello Biafra I want to throw in with the others because while Im sure he is an intelligent man, although probably not on the same level as Zinn and Chomsky. Jello's strong suite is that he was the front man for a band, He is far better than most at firing up a crowd. He is also a very creative thinker, he definiatly is able to look at the world from a different view than most people. Maybe they should just do a tour instead of a debate, I would pay pretty good money to see the three of them on a lecture tour. And lucky for me Cornell is quite close and they would probably stop there. That would be an interesting tour bus right there. I would be more that happy to be a roady for them. Maybe ill e-mail jello with that idea, hes the only one of the three that I bet wouldnt take that much effort to get in contact with.

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