Monday, October 03, 2005

Inteligent design

here it goes.
Wow, look around on the religious tolerance page, some really good stuff there.
inteligent design is one thing but the idea that the earth and the universe are only 6-10 thousand years old is just really hard to believe, hell some people date the pyramids at gaza as being older than that. The idea that people actualy want this taught at school frightens me.
ok this one starts out pretty crappy but picks up at the end. it gives reasonable rebutals to many of the evolutionists logic. He points out that carbon dating rocks is not accurate, which is why I was under the impression that carbon dating only works on things that were once alive.
this is where the faq's above came from, havent had a chance to look at the rest of the site.

The combination of sites does lead to a good point, something like 99.8% of scientists agree with evolution. that is a powerful statement, this can also be used against the evolutionist in that it shows why there are very few in the profesional world who would be willing to stand up against evolution. Then again if there was strong proof for inteligent design than maybe more than .15% would agree with it.
This is going to be a major battle, the case in PA right now is huge. The whole intelligent design hypothesis seems like it still needs to be finalised a bit before it should be consitered for anything.

Have we ever taught a theory in schools before that was not in agreement with the scientific community?

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