Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Monkey Trial

Here we go, Id been looking around for any new information about how the trial in Dover PA is going, the trial that puts "inteligent design" on the stand. I heard a little about the trial at the start and then nothing. I had not look to terribly hard but I figured a case that could change the way science is taught in this country would be worthy of a little air time. But no we need to find Natalee. Ok so of course the ACLU is to the rescue with transcripts of the entire trial. so heres the link. Intelligent design
I haven't had time to read them yet but I will give a summary when I do. I am waiting to see what the ID answer is to the vestigal apendages and organs, like the apendix. ID does believe in micro-evolution, that way they dont have to disprove the small amout of evolution that can be watched in the world. I think they did a pretty good job of covering there asses when they came up with this.. im not sure what word to use, theory gives it to much scientific credit. well anyway, I gotta get back to work I just wanted to save that link to the transcripts for future reading.

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