Monday, October 24, 2005

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Blacks Disapprove Of Bush

Polls conducted by NBC have Bush's approval rating with African-Americans at 2 percent with a 2 percent margin of error. What do you think?

Ralph Gorecki,Cabinet Maker"Still, Republican think tanks say Bush can easily turn his approval rating around if he would just take it to the rim more often, instead of always settling for mid-range jumpers."

Sigmund Halvermann,Property Manager"Finally, a guy whose popularity among blacks is even lower than mine."

Sylvia Munsoon,Seamstress"Bush is just lucky this isn't a real democracy, or else he'd be in trouble."

Bush's Not-So-Candid Chat

A televised conversation between President Bush and American and Iraqi troops that was originally presented as a candid chat turned out to be carefully scripted to address Bush's goals for the war and the new Iraqi constitution. What do you think?

Gerald Huppmann,Arbitrator"This would be a major problem for the president if anybody cared anymore about whether or not the things he did were fake."

Rainey Milford,Daycare Attendant"Oh, so that explains the part where the Islamic fundamentalist ran in with a bomb and was single-handedly subdued by the president."

Sean Guidry,Realtor"It just shows that he cares enough to pretend to like the troops. That should be worth something."

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