Wednesday, October 05, 2005

The Rude Pundit

'Cause, even though, and, c'mon, the chances of Harriet Miers being some lefty
who's been playin' rope-a-dope with George W. Bush since the 1990s are about the
same as Donald Rumsfeld admitting an error, it's a blast to watch conservatives go ballistic
that Bush didn't nominate Johnny Fuckyerrights, a Pepperdine-educated ideologue
who has personally beaten a "confession" out of a "terrorist" and then shoved
aborted fetuses back into wombs after chainsawing down an old growth forest just
to make a single copy of a book on intelligent design that can be sold by
Halliburton at a thousand-fold mark-up to poor school districts forced by law to
teach it. And, what the fuck, he's black.

I love a good rant and this was a pretty good one so I had to post it, heres the rest of the article
Rude Pundit, Bumfight

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