Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Another Borken Law

So our president has stepped out on the balcony takes in a breath of fresh air then lights up a nice fat cuban cigar, lighting it with the burning corner of the Constitution in his usual manner.
The most recent constitutional law that hes broken, at least to my knowledge, is intentionally signing the wrong bill and then stating as he signs it that hes not going to follow the parts he doesnt like. Thats just great, why do we have laws agian? why do I obey... some.. of them? At least or media trounced on this and showed the good people of america what its president has done. Ok well one newspaper picked up the story. That was the Boston Globe .
Oh shit I was wrong, I had two different recent illegal signing mixed up. I just assumed they were the same, I didnt think you could illegally sign laws that often, but of course bush snuck in under the bar as usual.
Like a week ago he illegally signed the wrong bill into law, which i would say was a minor mistake unless he was directly told not to sign it becuase it was the wrong one, which is exactly what happened.
This signing is illegal because aparently a president can add a "signing statement" in which he states his interpretation of the law. Ok thats a little wierd to me because its the judical branch thats supposed to interpret laws, but anyway the important part is that he said he would still withhold information if he deemed it nessasary in direct violation of the law he was signing. just the latest proof that he has no concern for laws of this land.

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