Thursday, March 23, 2006

The CBS indecency

Alright I had heard about this show being played at 9 O'clock at night that got a bit graphic. So then I finally got to see it as I was flipping through the chanels at the hotel this weekend and while I hate censorship and i would never have find someone for that I can see where they were coming from it was a pretty lude scene, which I watched at 5 O'clock on fox "news"....

why is it ok to show it over and over again on the news in the middle of the day but too racy to show at 9??? what ever its probably going to be the best publicity that show has ever had. The show isnt even very good if you ask me but then again Im a harsh judge of TV, which is why i dont have one. (ok thats not true I have a tv but its only hooked to a dvd player and an xbox)

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