Tuesday, March 28, 2006

the christian war on Ishtar (easter)

The christians have been destroying a great pagan holiday for way to long. Ever wonder why the symbol of the reserection of Christ was a rabbit that lays eggs? i always wondered as a kid, and then I learned that its named after a spring fertility celebration named after the pagan god of fertility, Ishtar (which is pronounced easter). Then it makes sence eggs are an obvious symbol of fertility as are rabbits for a much more giggle inducing reason. So the moral of this is.. who gives a shit? Im sure Bill O'Rielly is going to try to increase his market of nutzoids but the liberals of the world have way more important things to worry about than people saying happy easter. And anytime someone mentions it then im just going to tell them that the christians should have come up with their own damn holiday and to stop trying to steal pagan ones just cause they're more fun.

P.S. this is where the data came from, ironicly a conservative site. its always fun to beat someone up with their own shoe. World News Daily

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