Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Fox slips the "S" word

American Family Association
who am i trying to kid? I dont really care about some nascar boy saying shit on the air. I think its bad policy but it doesnt really interest me, but at the same time i hate nascar and ill explain why. I love racing, thats my education thats my background and that what i used to do for a living, which is why i hate nascar. Ok that still might not make sence, ok theres a million different forms of racing and i find that the only type that truely bores me it this crap where they go around big oval for a few hours in a car using very very advanced 1960's technology where the out side looks vaguely like a mid-size sedan/coupe. My main love is for the road course, so much more challenge. And finally i hate nascar's popularity simply because every time i used to tell people i was in racing they would say oh like nascar? and then i would have to explain that nascar makes up about 1% of the racing in this country.
Then theres the real reason i care about this issue, i dont like FOX as a company. Ill be honest if this had happend on ABC or CBS or NBC i wouldnt have cared less, but i dont like fox. theres also the point that fox loves talking about "family values" and how we need to protect the children and all this crap so i think they should pulicly appolgize and willingly pay any fine imposed on them.

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