Monday, March 13, 2006

I love gold... Feingold that is...

Common Dreams reports that democratic sentor Russ Feingold is looking to Censure the president. About freaking time. The Dems are in a tough spot, they know that the republicans lost ground after they impeached Clinton and they dont want to make that mistake. at the same time this isnt the same issue. for starters most of the country was against impeaching Clinton while right now a slim majority are in favor of impeachment if he lied about... well any number of scandals. Theres a lot of people who feel left out in the cold, the republicans have shown where there interests lie and much of the country dissagrees with those views, while the Dems are sitting back waiting for someone to say ok this is the kind of leader the nation wants. The problem is everyone is screaming from every direction with different ideas. The Dems need to stand up and choose their fight and go all in. They need to show that they are not completely spineless. there more to be said but i dont have time, go Feingold.

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