Monday, March 27, 2006

Iraq? thats SEP (Someone Else's Problem)

Thanks george, I mean yes I know that I will personally be helping to pay for this war for years to come, but that doesn't mean that the person responsible for the mess should gloat about it. As resported by any newspaper thats worth a damn Bush stated,
that the decision to bring the last American troops home from Iraq would "be decided by future Presidents and future governments of Iraq"
I got this from The Scotsman by way of my favorite news outlet, Buzzflash. So thank you to both sites.

So Bush expects our troops to still be in Iraq in '09? He has tried to defend it my saying that there will probably still be a few soldiers there. So he's either saying that we wont pull our troops out by then or he's saying what the Iraqis have feared all along that even when we leave we wont really leave. I know I saw an article somewhere talking about bush asking for more money to build bases in Iraq but I cant find it at the moment.

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