Tuesday, March 28, 2006

POS media

Common Dreams
Ok so the government is blasting the media for being to negative, the media is saying well the situation has deteriorated to the point were we can get to the nice stories except with the help of the military, and even then we have to worry about violence everywhere we go. And so then come one of the few good things that the millitary has done there and no one covers it. This would be the rescue of the three remaining peace activists in Iraq. There was a tragity on March 9th when CPT and green party mamber Tom Fox was found killed, but then there was a triumphant rescue after 118 days captive, which only a couple of news outlets even mentioned and then only briefly.
Well im not going to waste anymore time badmouthing our corporate media, because as much as I love all the bloggers out there, well most of them, we usually arent the primary news source, we're opinions. As much as I hate to admit it we do still need the corporate media, although personaly the only one I supscribe to is The Nation which isnt corporate at all. But my point is that we need professional journalists out there to find and break stories we need to have accountable people telling the truth. which of course leads to the question of what is true? which can lead you down the Orwellian path (its been a few days since ive brought up Orwell) of questioning what is reality? How can we know anything when everything you learn has been filtered in some way or other, sometimes many ways. so what is real? what is truth? is the truth simply the absince of lies? or is it more, is it actively tring to get all sides of the story, is it telling just the pure statisical facts or is it telling the emotion and the drama, or is that just a buch of fluff? i guess that for each of us to decide on our own.

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