Friday, March 24, 2006

red.... something the WoPo blog

In all my months of blogging (yeah not that impressive) ive never seen every blog covering a story like this new racist er blogger at the washington post. I mean its disspicable that a supposed news organization other than fox would align themselves with such hatred speech, not to mention a plagarist. oh wow the article from Daily Kos is simply stunning. please read this article it is a literary kick in the nuts for the Post. after reading that i realise that i have nothing usefull to add. nice job Kos, so ill give you a nice little blurb that AmericaBlog aslo liked.

We should assume the Post hired the best person they could find. The problem for the Post, therefore, is that the intellects and professional ethics of conservative bloggers are so risible that the best person they could hire ended up being a plagiarist.... Ben Domenech is just the example of an ethically and intellectually bankrupt conservative movement, especially its bloggers.

And as is well pointed out in the article, part of why people are so pissed is that this makes all bloggers look bad and they didnt even have the decency to have two opposing views, nah just one right wing nut job. this is why the only paper i read is the Onion.

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