Friday, March 24, 2006


ok here goes that damn liberal media again trying to hide their evil socialist leanings by creating a WoPo Blog. And in case you were worried that this new blog wouldnt be facist enough for you than be not afraid, lets look at the latest post. Sorry for calling Correta Scott King a Communist, the day after her funeral. Not thats taking the moral high ground, and thats why the terrorists hate us because our values are pure. If someone dedicates their lives to equality, freedom, and justice then obviously they must be a communist because a democracy cant be any of those things... er wait no thats not it. Its taking the moral stand of only insulting great leaders after they are dead so they cant retailiate, er no Im pretty sure thats not it either. OH now I remeber its the moral elite because hes a republican and as long as you claim to be a christian republican than you can club baby seals in the streets and still be a good person.
By the way, WoPo (washington post) nice job picking a blogger to represent your news company.

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