Friday, April 14, 2006

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Progressive Daily Beacon
So the white house is now up in arms prepping for the latest war, no not the one in Iran it will be at least a few months before we go to lose that one. No this is a war against the media. I dont usually use such terms but what the fuck everything is a war these days. If a holiday can be a war than this is deffinatly a war. We have a war going on against the media. The Media is finnaly asking the questions that some of us have been screaming for 5 years and now the white house is going on the offensive against any media source which dares to point out its lies, even the lies we have all known were lies for a long time. Is anyone shocked to learn that Bush lied about the WMD in Iraq? no but when the media points out with starck honesty that bush knew he was lying the white house still needs to attack. its the only deffence they know, just attack attack attack.

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