Tuesday, April 18, 2006


WOPO report that i found from Crooks and Liars

This shouldnt suprise me, if your willing to lie your way INTO a war then i guess there isnt really any lines left to cross in terms of liying. Now if your trying to get Out of a fight and you slip in a few missrepresentations thats understandable, at least to me, ill say plenty of things to avoid a fight. But what about lying to young adults about sex to try to get them to practice abstinence? Ill start by deffending it with what they are probably thinking. The first would be a bit machiavellian in that its ok to alter some facts or even to outright lie so long as it is to ensure a possitive outcome. or the other option might be that these are religious nuts who dont beleive in science and there for have no qualms about simply making up scientific evedence. Of course if you seriously dont believe in science than you have no right to be teaching people about reproduction. Now comes reality something that many of these fanatics dont understand first off if any of those people being told this crap are anything like me then they would at least say in their heads, hmm. this seems to contradict everything ive been told previously, maybe i should look to see if this information is true. And once they go and find out that your full of shit then nothing you say is goin to mean anything. By telling people that you can get AIDS from tears and sweat which anyone who has ever paid attention knows is bull shit then when you tell them about real problems with STDs they wont beleive that either. they will say well that whole program is bogus so i might as well go around screwin raw dog. by promoting absitnence with lies then you are hurting the chances of these young adults regularly performing Safe sex. because lets get back to reality, in case you havent been paying attention people do have sex from time to time, and seeing as I specificly work with teen mothers I can tell you that they are haveing sex at some rather disturbingly young ages. promote abstinence absolutely it is obviously the safest route but then for the other 98% of people you also must teach safe sex. of course bush has given 170 million dollars to programs that teach abstinence only. those who design such a curriculum obviouslt dont care about helping people they only care about supporting the few "good little christians" who dont do shit but sit in their happy little bubble terrified of anything that isnt another white anglo saxan christian conservative racist homophobic anti-choice pro-gun pro-war anti-muslim terrorist hunting bush lovin proud to be an american even if i have to give up every right i have cause you dont need freedom if your innocent flag wavin american just like yourself, cause everyone else is evil.

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