Wednesday, April 05, 2006

bush's energy plan

American Progressive
this came out awhile ago but i just want to touch on it agian. bush thinks we're addicted to OIL, agreed. Bush thinks we need to reduce our dependence on foreign oil by 75% in the next 20 years. so far so good. Bush thinks we should reduce spending on helping needy families use less energy, wha? Doesnt that action completely disagree with what he was saying?

First off 75% reduction in 20 years is lame. we could reduce it by 50% before he leaves office if we really want to. but why would he want to do that? Its much easier to talk big and tell the future presidents what they need to do than it is to actually accompish a single decent thing for the good of the country.

So we need to do this to save the environment but to help get this through think of what it could do for our economy. first off all this hydrogen cars, get the fuck outta here. way way to much work so many obsticles to overcome before that becomes viable, well keep working on it but we need a plan for in the mean time. fuel cells? no, worse than hydrogen and some of them still use gasoline, albeit much much less. and there is the problem of carrying around a mini powerplant in your car. So the most blatently obvious thing to do at least untill we can find something better, and no its not hybrids. sure hybrids are a fun novelty, driving around with the engine off is fun, but they really arent that much better than the normal cars, in fact the most efficient cars on the road are NOT hybrids. it had to be over 5 years ago now that VW built a lupo 3 liter, which stood for 3 liters per 100 kilometers, or 78 mpg. that beats the hell out of anything available in this country. and once again its not a hybrid. So what is the miracle solution to all of our problems? vegeteble oil. yup
if your a liberal hippy communist heathen like me then you probably already know about biodiesel. its amazing you do absolutely nothing to the vehicle. the diesel engine was intended for farm use and therefore they designed it to run on veggie oil so that the farmer could produce his own fuel. Then for those who like their engines to rev we go to ethanol, the only downside to this one is that engines might need mild changes, tunning needs to change becuase the fuels have different styciometric ratios. oh and alcohol burns clear which can be dangrous in fire, becuase you dont know its on fire. but cars dont catch on fire all that often. completely renewable fuels with at most minor infastructure changes and money going to american farmers. my only question left is Why Not?

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