Thursday, April 13, 2006

((danger rambling warning level 4))

so what do I do now? I realise that by becoming more radicle in my political ideas than I help my enemy while helping my cause. If you dont understand this concept then please read the article called the Terrorist Strategy: a quiz, in my links section its right below bush's resume which is pretty good in its own right. But my point is that I dont want the right to become more radical I dont want a civil war I dont want this hatred and tension I dont want to lose friends because of a twit like george bush.
So whats the options?
We could take a step towards center, we could not be the radicles we could be a voice of reason to keep the center strong. this would marginalize them, expose them as trying to pitch anti-american toughts like deporting 12 million people from the country, yes they are illegal but then agian this entire country is aliens, how can we be say to anyone that they cant come because they arent good enough? I also need to point out that these people who try to preach racism under the cover of family values, kind of weird when some one claims to be a christian who I would think would want to follow things like tolernence and such sorta like everything that jesus ever said. this is why there is a war on christians. its becuase if the right can use the media to convince enough people that liberals are anti-christian thenit devalues the mesege when liberals point out that all of this retoric about a christian society is being spouted out by people who have no concept of what a christian is supposed to be. And before people try to say im no expert on christianity i need to say this. I went to church untill i was out of highschool, not every sunday but enough. i went on two mission trips to gueatemala that were some of the greatest experiences of my life. and I am an atheist. I dont believe in god. but that doesnt mean i dont know christianity, at the same time I am no experet by any strech of the imagination. so I am an educated layman at best. I know a bit, i know the general concept I was always taught in church and home was to "be kind to one another" or some thing along those lines. and I always thought that was a good idea which is why im a liberal. Im not sure what beleif in god has to do with accepting good advice have to do with each other but ill take the advice. Like any peice of advice i might think its great advice, it doesnt mean i always follow it. So my point is, how is trying to kick people out of our country good for people? remeber jesus said EVERY man on this earth is my brother. now would jesus kick his brother, his own brother out of his house?
The problem is i think that was a pretty good point. that was only one recent issue but it was an easy one. the problem comes that because i dont beleive in god im not allowed to say anything about religion without being called anti-christian. so wow did i ever get off on a tangent. i think the tangent turned out better than the original. i wrote this once before and then my computer locked up and this new version with the big religious twist was the attempted rewrite which once agian i think is better, it must be a sign from god! he... wants.... me... to... kill... consevatives.... No way god! im not fallin for that shit again. karma is a bitch.

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