Wednesday, April 05, 2006

DHS pedophelia

first i should warn you that im not feeling well so my already horrible writing might be even worse, srry.
Now we have high ranking government offcials being caught seducing 14 year old girls on the 'net. This is something so obviously terrible that I feel I need to throw out this weak deffence for the idiot. I saw a rather un-official study looking into the people who try to have cyber-sex, this was not really looking at the underage portion just the general concept. They found that most of the "young girls" were guys. And more interestingly many of the guys talking to the "girls" were not supprised to learn they were talking to another guy. This leads me to beleive that many of them dont care who they are talking to because they have no intention of ever meeting the person on the other end. So maybe he just assumed it wasnt really a 14 year old kid and figured it was some other pervert out for a good time. Of course this logic does have a flaw, he asked her to get a web cam, which means he wanted to actually see her which means he probably did thing it was a little girl. damn well I tried to defend him but I was wrong. Hes just a prevert and an attmepted pedophile. or in the quiet words of T-ShirtHell "Pedophiles are fucking imature assholes" if your looking for the shirt ill warn you that im not sure if its still available but i still wanted to give them credit. seriously how stupid can you be? you work at the DHS you should know that the cops are watching the internet all the time, shit DHS is part of the people watching it, and i dont think it even needs to be said that no matter who you are you dont hit on 14 year old girls, unless your a 14 year old yourself and in that case, get off my site, i use bad language.

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