Thursday, April 13, 2006

Easter is almost here...

So it must be War on Easter Time!

For the most part us liberals have way more important things to worry about than a defunct pagan holiday that was highjacked by the christians long ago. We dont care. We are worried about the war(s). We are worried about universal health care, we want the administration held accountable for the untold number of law they have decimated. Liberals want children to be fed.

Nah Fuck all that. I was going to write about how we have bigger concerns than a bunch of so called christians, but honestly I do have a major problem with the likes of pat robertson and jerry faldwell and many others. I have a major problem with anyone who preaches hate. I cannot tolerate it, I have friends who are rednecks and every now and then they say the N words and then they turn and say oh sorry about that. they know better but its ingrained in them. for the most part its just another word to them, its an insult just like mother fucker or anyother strong insult. But anyway my point is that there is growing hatred in this country and a disturbing amount of it is coming from certian churches. This I have a problem with. Religion is a powerful social tool that like any tool can be used for good or bad. The good side of religion is what I thought that whole book was mostly about, things like love your neighbor and helping those in need. non-violence, turn the other cheek and all that. But there is another way it can be used where people teach that because there was a few lines in the bible that can be taken to be anti-gay then we must destroy the gays. which is diametricly opposed to the few lines from the bible that I do know, do unto others....

So bill o'rielly first off I have nothing against Ishtar or Easter but i bet Ishtar was more fun, it was a fertility celebration after all, no easter is fine, hell I might even get dragged to church for it. But I do have it in for certian religious leaders. But then again these are the same supposed men of god who have called for Killing er sorry Assainating a foreign President. So your wrong in that its not a war on christmas or easter or even a war on christianity as many, probably most, liberals are christians. There is a war against fundamentalism. They choose to turn this into a with ou or against us movement, and I for one am against them.

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