Friday, April 28, 2006

mommy, whats a double standard?

So lets combine quotes for a moment (or a close paraphrase), we have bush with "any person or nation the harbors terrorist is as guilty as the terrorists" and then georges mentor Nixon's line of "when the president does it that means its not illegal" and you come up with the utterly perposterios secenario where it would be ok for the US to harbor terrorists as long as the president ok'ed it..... oh wait we have been harboring terrorists since George Sr. gave AMNESTY to a TERRORIST in 1990. this is a person who blew up an airliner killing all on board and then shot what an anti-tank rocket at a freighter. But he was against the communists in Cuba so hes our ally, just like Bin Laden was our ally when he was fighting agaisnt the communists in Afganistan.

here is a more in depth analysis of the hypocricy. Consortium News
And here is a bio on the terrorist in the US Orlando Bosch

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