Thursday, April 20, 2006


The Progressive has a nice article about why we shouldn't kill moussaoui, which is particularly timely as I had just gotten into this debate with my father last night. Hes a pretty open minded guy about many issues but theres some things that hes still pretty old school about. he thinks we should drag him into the streets and shoot him because he didnt prevent the attack but then get quite angry when I said, well neither did bush. And obviously Moussaoui had information that absolutely could have stopped it but then again Bush had the means. But anyway this peice makes a good point about how it accoplishes nothing by killing him, and that the only reason to kill him is revenge which is a terrible thing for a nation to kill for, this is something that Tony Soprano would kill for not the greatest nation on earth. that and someone left a comment of, they are suicide bombers killing him only takes him where he wants to be, if you let him livet that would piss him off so much more.

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