Tuesday, April 18, 2006

no gore, bad dog

Crooks and Liars
Alright Al you've done some good stuff like durring Katrina and I know the last time you ran you won the popular election by at least half a million votes but please please dont run again. We need the Democrates on a unified front, and im sorry but your not it. If you throw your hat in the ring the smear machine will set it on fire but not before singeing every other democrat around you. The dems need to figure out who is running and im not joking i think the best plan would be to do quiet pre-primarys now and get it narrowed down to maybe 2 or 3 people right now so that we can rally behind those folks. Hillary will run, Feingold should run, he would get my vote if the election were today. The only name that sticks out in m head above feingold would be Obama, but hes going to be in the senate till 2010 if i remember correctly. How does that work? can you quit your post as a senator several years early in order to run for president? well illvote for feingold in '08 and '12 and maybe obama in '16? eh hopefully there will be more than two competent senators by then, but im not going to hold my breath.

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