Monday, April 17, 2006

nukey nukey

ok so there are plenty of people claiming that tactical nukes are a good idea and that they should be an option when we att.. i mean if we attack Iran. Crooks and Liars
I think thats spendid, but we need to test the affects of so call tactical nukes, these people claim they are safe and that all of the fall out is contained underground, so of course the soil and drinking water of the area is still destroyed but not much direct fallout. Well I think they should put there money where their mouths are and line em up prior to a test fire. let them stand downwind a little way and see if they still beleive them safe, then give them bottled water from the site to see if there is a massive increase in cancer rates. Im not saying we should kill these folks what im saying is that these are the people who claim they are safe so rather than test them on Iranians who would assume that any bomb is not safe lets test it on people who beleive in the technology. only seems fair. oh and i realise that above ground testing is illegal but so is selling plutonium to India under the same or a related treaty so i dont think they will be able to use that as a reason not to. of course ill feel like a bit of an ass if they all came out ok but then agian maybe the military scientists got it right, being the best funded scientists in the world they might be correct and if so then those folks just got to watch some badass fireworks.
hey its worth a shot

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