Tuesday, April 04, 2006

rummy should quit

rumsfeld is about as expert at running a war as a palsey victim doing brain surgery with a monkey wrench. ok i stole that line from the movie Sin City.
Common Dreams
A former general Anthony Zinni has called for Rumsfeld to resign. Rice recently stated that there have been thousands of tactical mistakes made, Zinni counters saying that it was major Strategic mistakes that have cost us this "war." They had been planning what to do if they ever went back to Iraq since the first time we left after the gulf war version 1.0, ten years they planned for it and when it came time to implement the plan. they said nah ive got some guesses that tell me this will be easy all that data and information youve collected doesnt concern me cause i have this gut feeling that this is all going to be just fine. And this is the problem with the evangelical in the white house. he doesnt believe in science or logic or rational thought, he believes in gut insticts that tell him what to do. there are times when your insticts will save your life, but dont count on them for strategy.

of course if rumsfeld quits then he'll just be the scapegoat for every problem and then bush will claim it wasnt his fault cause he didnt know that rumsfeld was doing such a terrible job.

the new presidential motto: ignorance is a virtue

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