Friday, April 28, 2006


I went to subway today for lunch, your thinking So what? Well first off it had been my plan to go a local pizza place and get a sub there. But Vincenzos had a line all the way to the door so I lowered my head and walked to the subway in the same plaza. I havent been to a subway in quite a few months. Its a major chain and id rather support a local business. They serve Coke, Im boycotting Coke and all of its products, or at least the ones that I know of. And Today reminded me of the main reason I go to the local sub shop instead of the chain. The taste. Its that simple. there is a strange lingering funk in my mouth that makes me want to run home and brush my teeth. I think it because i tried the new "garlic bread" which is just plain bread with some garlic sauce wiped onto it, yeah i know thats basicly what any garlic bread is but this stuff just looked gross. So anyway the sub was mediocore at best for admitidly a little cheaper than the local places whos subs are pretty damn good. I will say that vincenzos subs are slow, but if you have 5-10 minutes they are so much better. And that is why I dont go to chain restaurants.

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