Wednesday, April 05, 2006

witch hunt time

The Guardian
unfortunatly not the fun kind. this is about going after those liberal bastards at colleges who want to teach their students about the world. those who beleive there has been knowledge gained after the resurection of christ are consperacy theorists. If your not teaching my child exactly what has always been brainwashed into them then you are a sadistic communist heathen that should be burned at the stake.
if you want to see the website that has caused this fuss here it is.
Seriously though a college or university should be a place where ideas can flow, open mindedness and meeting new people from around the world, or in my case from the other side of the state (state school). A college is a place for learning and a place to challenge the ideas that have been presented to you. this makes for an inherently liberal atmosphere. A conservative college would be like listening to bill o'rielly, you can listen to this guy spout off about a bunch of things but then you cant question him. any good professor encourages people to question them and then they will rebutt your question and you question the rebuttal which is whats called a discusion or a debate. I never used to think that something as basic as an educated conversation was a liberal idea but I suppose that these days it is.

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