Friday, May 12, 2006

99 Tons of AK-47 misplaced

Gun Guys, AK's for Al Qaeda
It was enought to fill four airplanes, 200,000 assult rifles. And wew cant account for them. They were ment to go to the Iraqi Police and Army but instead may have ended up in the hands of Al Qaeda. and why does even 29% of the country support bush? oh yeah cause hes good for security....
Stupid stupid stupid stupid
Im not even mad at bush anymore, hes just worthless, Im mad at the stupid bastards who only get their news from Fox or the bible, which by the way if your looking for good up to the minute information the bible isnt really the best source although its probably about as accurate as Fox when it comes to nuking Iran. In case your one of those 29% that was an insult aimed at Fox news, see the bible is actually NOT a good source for information about attacking Iran and so by suggesting that its better than Fox means that Fox would have to be very bad indeed. But thats an insult not a joke, see I dont want you to laugh or even creapy chuckle I want you to realise that Fox is notorious for inacurate information. They went to court years ago and were told that there is no law saying that news outlets must tell the truth. Fox hear that and ran with it.

So anyway our fearless military just gave 200,000 guns to the people we are supposedly fighting against. they used a private arms dealer who was in trouble with the UN for doing something similar in 2003. Shows what that stupid UN knows they think this arms dealer is shady well we'll show them that the USA knows best and used him anyway. stupid stupid stupid stupid. I would say that they got what they deserved but the guy who hired this arms dealer will probably face no penaltys and knowing bush will probably get a medal for it. No like always its not the incompitent that get punished its the troops who will pay for this mistake, like always it comes down to the working class or the soldiers to foot the bill.

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