Thursday, May 25, 2006

Bush has "full faith and confidence"

With praise like that it must be a Major fuck-up, and it is.
26.5 million vets had their private information stolen as you well know. and so just like any goverenment official who really fucks up, bush is telling them "heck of a job".
Yahoo news - Vets


Scott said...

Pretty messed up that that happened.

I doubt that anything major will happen to him, but we all know that if it was a very high level person he'd either get switched to a different high-paying position or would 'leave to spend more time with his family'.

Kilgore Trout said...

I havent heard exactly what happened, but being an optimist it was probably some guy who needed to catch up on work and it so he took his work home even though it was against protocol and then the laptop gets stolen. Probably something innocent like that but man did that ever back fire. I just hope that the person who stole the laptop doesnt know what they have. I mean it could just be a stupid theif who has already reformated the hard drive and put a new windows on it and thought he was good to sell it for a grand, not knowing what they really had. I mean in the wrong hands that information could be worth billions. So hopefully the person deleted it all not knowing any better.