Monday, May 08, 2006


The Observer has an exstensive article on Hugo Chavez and what he means to Venezuela, Latin America, and the World at large. Its an iteresting article because unlike most things about him which either vilify him as a dictator trying to take over all of latin america, or else they swing so far the opposite way to where they praise him as a saint come to show us the light. And the reality is as usual somewhere in between the extreames. First off he is NOT a dictator, we was elected by a margin unheard of in american politics. he has around a 70% approval rating, most of the dissent comming from the upper and middle class. He has made the poor his ally by genuinely trying to improve the lives of the poor. And if you have never been to a third world nation then I suggest you do, it will help you to understand why the world dislikes america, and its not because of our "freedoms." This into why the people love him and then shows that he like many leaders are using fear of attack to prompt an expanded military. I didnt get a chance to finish reading but it seems well done.


Leo Wilde said...

Chavez has done alright for himself, and he's bound to do well for Venezuela.

Kilgore Trout said...

I sure hope so, there is a lot riding on that mans shoulders. If conditions improve for Venezuela then it will be the model by which many nations mold themselves, starting of course in Latin America. I hope it works for the people of Venezuela but also so that liberals throughout the world can say, "see that is what we want" We dont want to end private ownership of business but their are things which must be tightly controlled such as energy and water. And my opinion is with a resource like oil, how can anyone but the nation it was found in lay claim to it? Others may profit from refining it and other services but to take that oil and sell it for a profit when it wasnt theirs to begin with is wrong.