Friday, May 12, 2006

Duke Rapists

not the college boys, thats some fucked up shit in its own right but im here to talk about a different type of rapist, whose name happens to be Duke, Duke Cunningham.
Sign On San Diego has a biting peice on Duke Cunningham and his bribery. The shear volume of it sis impressive and pretty well blows all other congressional bribes out of the water.
But as the article points out why I will deem this a rape instead of simply some backhanded bullshit is that you need to remeber that there are reprocussions for acts like this. I dont just mean that Cunningham should spend the rest of his natural life behind bars I mean thats a given. The consiquences as always come back to our men and women in uniform. Duke was taking bribes from deffence contractors and fought to get contracts based on who lined his pockets instead of who made the best body armor. And like always when someone like John Kerry said well hey theres much better options than what you have proposed then Duke goes to the republican playbook and says well your unpartiotic and you support terrorist and dont you remember 9/11? and then after attacking a decorated war hero, Duke who also served in the military, went to the bank and dropped of the check for $500,000 from the defence contractor. I dont normally call for the death penalty but I could see it being justified in this case.

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